5 principles of a correct choice of red caviar

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How to choose high-quality caviar.

1. Before getting to our table, high quality red caviar takes a long and serious process. First, the ROE removed from the fish and sorted for ripeness, then the eggs separated from the connective tissue and films through special sieves, is then to be washed with boiled, cooled water. After this caviar is salted and canned.

Red caviar and useful properties would be inseparable if all the eggs were held proper cooking, but this is only possible in special plants, and the poachers do not have such conditions, and process caviar in absolute hygiene using only they are aware of the formulation of conservation and salting.

Therefore, buying such a valuable commodity, it is very important not to collide with dangerous fake.

Counterfeit caviar can contain a dangerous preservative – methenamine (E239), it is added to the eggs to prolong its shelf life. Methenamine is not so much harmful yourself much a product of its decomposition is formaldehyde.

In an acidic medium and under the action of enzymes, methenamine decomposes, forming toxic substances. After only a couple months of storage, E-239 is completely converted into a quick-acting cellular poison, formaldehyde (formalin).

Accumulate, it can affect the nervous system, liver, kidneys and has a negative effect on eye health. Beginning July 1, 2009, the urotropine, as a preservative in the manufacture of red caviar was banned. The legislation was approved preservative which is sodium benzoate and sorbic acid (VCU). Was also developed and approved for usethe VAREX.

Some businesses prefer to work on it, according to TU (technical conditions). Since these preservatives are more forgiving than methenamine, in the technology of salting of caviar has increased the percentage of salt to 4-6 %.

Quality fresh salted caviar can try the production of fish, or having made it in place of frozen raw materials (eggs in the ovary). Not every vendor will take the responsibility to drive in a safe and sound soft salted from the Far East to the mainland.

2. There is a difference between caviar of the sea from the river, called so by way of fish production.

Fish are spawning in the river, feeling the proximity of fresh water. As long as the fish is in sea water, its appearance does not change, the meat is firm and elastic, the scales are silver (called "silver"). Accordingly, the ROE of this fish is tender, fatty, grain will be nice to burst in your mouth, without any special effort. This caviar is considered the finest.

Once the fish gets into the river, changing its appearance: grows hump in males starts to deform the jaw, the meat becomes soft and when cutting very easily separates from the bones easily pull apart the fibers, but may even be so soft that a fish called "pastatas".

Such fish to processing enterprises is considered to be second-class citizens and not fit to be salted and smoked balyk, and can only go in the retail sale of frozen, or in preserves, snacks. Thus, eggs from such fish raw as well would be of low quality:the shell of the grain it becomes more rigid and firmer in the mouth will be unpleasant to roll in balls. Although the appearance of this caviar looks very nice: large ripe kernel of the same size.

Three. Still there artificial caviar, which is made from protein products: eggs, milk, gelatin, flavor and color give using dyes, fish flavor and other food additives. In

we recommend that read the labels, compare the price. Real caviar is not cheaper than 2000 rubles per kilogram today, on the eve of holidays even more expensive.

Proteinaceous artificial caviar the color similar to this, but the egg shell is more rigid, and difficult of bursting.

These eggs are somewhat transparent, they can see the dots, so-called "eyes", and they burst at the slightest touch. Quality red caviar crisp, solid, no mucus, without any plaque or film of blood clots, slightly fishy smell.

The smell of vegetable oil or rancid fat suggests that the eggs were subjected to questionable procedures. For full credibility, throw a couple eggs into the hot water, fake caviar will dissolve in it.

4. You can easily get a low-quality product in large networks, offering eggs on the weights at a low enough price. Especially in the period of ongoing promotions and super deals. There are many different manipulations, and switchgear to reduce the cost and expired product to result in the presentation (to wash with potassium permanganate, dilute with vegetable oil, for example)

5. So, caviar it is best to buy "shock freezing" — it does not contain the preservatives that are added in the course of conservation!!!

Frozen eggs can be stored up to 2 years from date of manufacture in special food containers at t -18°C, what would the ROE has not lost its form and taste, it is important to approach the process of defrosting (defrost).

Rules for defrosting (thawing) caviar is simple, but it must be followed exactly:

  • move the eggs from the freezer to the refrigerator as to the correct defrosting temperature should be increased gradually, with only 1 ° per hour.
  • for the best displays and preservation of taste, add in defrosted eggs vegetable oil and mix gently
  • store the defrosted eggs in the refrigerator can be a very short period of time, but it is best to eat it immediately.
Under these rules you will receive a product of decent quality.

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