Russia, Ukraine and Belarus received a collective anti-award "Fossil of the day"

Fifty million ninety three thousand two hundred forty eight

Climate Action Network decided to give an anti-award "Fossil of the day" on the last day of U. N. climate talks in Lima (Peru) the triumvirate of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The anti-award is given daily to the delegations of those countries which are most destructive behavior in the negotiations. Three countries have in fact blocked the negotiations on the rules in the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol. At best, these rules will be agreed and will come into effect only after U. N. climate talks in Paris, which will take place in December 2015. And given the statements of the representative of the Russian delegation Oleg Shamanov during the first week of talks in Lima, may be blocked also in Paris.

Observers accuse Belarus of the delegation missed the first week of negotiations and did not participate in the negotiations under the ADP, although the block joined in willingly. The Ukraine criticized the fact that she traded for the right to sell "hot air", which nobody wants to buy. And Russia is that she openly blocks the process of approval of the rules for the second commitment period of the KP, not even being a participant in the second period. In addition, criticism is heard also in terms of the information closeness of the Russian delegation, which communicates with the press and observers.

"Decent" end of the negotiations, nothing to say.



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