The UN Security Council URGES RUSSIA TO STOP tellin 'UKRAINIAN Tale "

The UN Security Council on Thursday, April 17 heard and discussed a report on the human rights situation in Ukraine, UN Assistant Secretary General for Human Rights Ivan Šimonović.
As reported by Reuters, Shimanovich concluded that information about attacks on ethnic Russian eastern Ukraine was specially distorted Russia to justify its intervention in the Ukraine. The report thus denied one of the main arguments of the Russian side that justify "annexation" of the peninsula the need to "protect" the Crimeans.
According to the estimates of the report, which took 28 pages (.doc), attacks on ethnic Russian and although there have been, but were sporadic and "did not circulate widely, and were not systematic." "These were isolated cases, which were then exaggerated by a biased coverage by some media reports, the aim of which was to spread fear and uncertainty among the ethnic Russian community" - said Shimanovich.
Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, speaking at a special session of the Security Council of the world organization dedicated to the prevention of genocide, sharply criticized the report, calling it "one-sided and politically motivated," and wrote a ready-made conclusions.

He stated that to consider the human rights situation needed in southern and south-eastern Ukraine, where the force subdue those who oppose the present authorities in Kiev, "is fraught with massive human rights violations, especially against the Russian-speaking population." "These steps are fraught with reckless unleashing of this civil war in Ukraine", - said Churkin.
However, such statements, reports DW-World, caused resentment on the part of many members of the Security Council, need to stop pumping Russian propaganda and false telling "fairy tales", which only further escalate the situation in the region.
British Ambassador to the UN Mark Lyall Grant asked the Russian Federation to stop "fantastic storytelling" at the escalation of the crisis in Ukraine, warning that such distortions can ignite an explosive situation.
Representative of Lithuania to the United Nations Murmokayte Raymond said that "the systematic and purposeful propaganda war against Ukraine and its interim management is an extremely dangerous game." Note, that at the call of Lithuania and was convened by the Security Council. "As we have seen many times, including in the Central African Republic, too easy to release the genie of incitement and hatred, but it is much harder to keep it afterwards" - quoted Murmokayte "Radio Liberty».
French ambassador Gerard Aro found that "virtual reality" Propaganda Moscow was broken report Simonovits.
The US representative to the UN, Samantha Power noted that Russia "good professional orchestrates a campaign of incitement, separatism and sabotage of the Ukrainian state," followed by "constant disinformation and propaganda." She called on the UN to continue to prepare independent reports that can reliably refute false claims Russia.
According to the publication, during the meeting of the Security Council, Russia is in solitude. Its traditional ally, China, this time limited only to those described the crisis as "extremely difficult situation" and called for a de-escalation of tensions.

Churkin: Russia does not intend to discuss the situation in the Security Council in the Crimea
In turn, Russia's permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin called on the UN Security Council members to stop using nationalist and extremist forces "in conjunctural interests", warning that the indulgence of them can lead to the "most serious" consequences.
He recalled that at the end of March in Brussels hosted an international conference on the prevention of genocide, during which "indicated the need to protect and promote the fundamental rights of minorities, regardless of nationality, ethnic origin, race or religion." "We call on all countries to effective international and regional cooperation to achieve these objectives, in accordance with the UN Charter," - said Churkin.
Churkin also called "lies and gross provocation" approval Kiev authorities that the Crimean Tatar population faced with the threat of genocide. The diplomat recalled that, in accordance with the constitution, the authorities of the peninsula Crimean Tatar language is attached as the third official language, along with Russian and Ukrainian.
"Representatives of the Crimean-Tatar population reserved senior posts in all ministries and departments of the Crimea, which was not there before. Now the Crimean Tatar population will enjoy the fact that its social, economic and other issues will be solved not only the leaders of Russia, which pays due attention to this, but will do it with the help of Tatarstan - one of the largest, most powerful and wealthy Russian regions. The agreement between the leadership of the Russian Federation and Tatarstan that they will work together, there is already a "- said the diplomat.
During the meeting, the UN Security Council's permanent representative of Ukraine Yuriy Sergeyev asserted that the Tatars and Ukrainians now considered "the most vulnerable communities in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea." According to him, many of them were forced to "flee their homes because of insecurity and violation of their rights and freedoms." "Tatar leaders consider this situation the third act of genocide against their ethnic group over the last century," - said Sergeyev.
Responding to the speech Ukrainian colleagues, Churkin said that Russia in the Security Council, in principle, does not intend to discuss the situation in the Crimea, at least under the rubric of "the situation in Ukraine».
The situation in Ukraine, according to him, will be discussed today at the quadripartite talks in Geneva, which should result in the fact that Ukraine will take the path of normal development. "We want these negotiations ended so that Ukraine has embarked on the path of a normal development to all regions realized that awaits them tomorrow, all ethnic groups have realized that awaits them tomorrow," - explained the permanent representative at the UN Security Council (quoted by "Interfax»).
According to him, then the country could return to the solution of economic problems. "The talks in Geneva, we hope they will take place, we have carefully prepared for them," - said Churkin.


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