Whose actually southeast of Ukraine.

I suggest every westernized Bandera and "commentators" before blather on the theme of Crimea, etc., remember that the entire South-East Ukraine - RUSSIAN.

Kharkiv - Russian city. It was founded in 1630-ies. There settled by Poles who had fled from the right bank of the Dnieper Little Russians. Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich built a castle and founded in 1656 the Kharkov province. And here some Ukraine?
Sumy was founded by Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich at the latest in 1655. The king allowed the refugees to settle there, the Little Russians, Poles who were killed. And here the Ukraine?
Poltava was in the XVII century the center of the pro-Russian Little Russia. For this traitor Hetman Vygovskyy (something like the current Klitschko and Yatsenyuk) attacked the city and sold its inhabitants into slavery Crimean Tatars. And here the Ukraine?
Dnipropetrovsk was founded by Catherine II in 1776 and was called Ekaterinoslav. And here the Ukraine?
Lugansk was founded in 1795 when Catherine II founded on the river Lugan ironworks. To work on it in the Luhansk come to live come from the central and north-western provinces of Russia. And here the Ukraine?
Kherson was founded by Catherine II in 1778 for the construction of the Russian fleet. Construction carried Potemkin. And here the Ukraine?
Donetsk was founded by Alexander II in 1869 during the construction of a metallurgical plant in Yuzovka. And here the Ukraine?
City Nikolaev was founded by Catherine II in 1789. At this time, there is a ship built Potemkin "Saint Nicholas." And here at Ukraine?
Odessa was founded by Catherine II in 1794 on the site of a fortress built a little earlier Suvorov. And here the Ukraine?
Chernihiv - one of the oldest Russian cities, it existed in the early 10th century. In 1503 he became a part of Russia. In 1611 it was destroyed by the Poles, and seized the territory from the Russian. But in 1654 he returned to Russia, Chernigov and since then it has always been a part of. The question is: where are the Ukraine?
Simferopol was founded by Catherine II in 1784. It was built on the site of Potemkin Suvorov military camp and near the Tatar settlement. And here Ukraine, will not be able to say no scientist.
Sevastopol was founded by Catherine II in 1783 on the site of a fortress built earlier Suvorov. Build the city Potemkin. And here the Ukraine?
Mariupol was founded in 1778 by Catherine II. She settled there Greeks - migrants from the Crimea. And here the Ukraine?
City Kryvyi Rih was founded by Catherine II in 1775. And here the Ukraine?
Zaporozhye was founded by Catherine II in 1770 and was called Alexander. And here the Ukraine?
Kirovograd was founded in 1754 by Russian Empress Elizabeth. It was called Elizabethgrad. And here Ukraine, as, indeed, and the Kirov?



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