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Soon Italy will go on sale a book by Italian defender Marco Materatsii titled "What I actually told Zidane." The style of the book is absurd-mocking in her football player presents his version of what happened quarrel leads 249 possible "options" phrase said Materatsii, for example: "Zidane, what are you doing, you have not lost, but you've already shaved his head," "Ever since Foucault died, French philosophy - continuous sucks ", but, according to commentators, the true phrase he had not. (From news)

A collection of memoirs can be released.
 Under the common name, say, "Bl @ was! Bl @ will! »

Chernomyrdin. "What I actually said to the prime minister."
 Yeltsin. "What I actually did on the plane in Shannon Airport."
 E. Hollyfild. "What I really Mike Tyson bit off» ...

I'm sure you nakreativite bigger and better.

And nakreativili :)

Bastards "Who are we really killed»
 Putin "What really needs to be done in the outhouse»
 Vladimir Zhirinovsky. "What really kavboy Bush».
 A. Ansari. "What am I really doing in this space».
 B.Yahve. Tablet "What I really had in mind».
 Putin "What and how best to wet, and most importantly where.»
 Herzen "Who really is to blame?»
 The Prosecutor General Chaika - "Who Lives too well»
 William Tell ml. "What I actually kept on the head»
 Kirkorov "10 rhyme to the word star or what color blouse fashionable
wear this decade »
 Lenin. "What we drank before the show with the armored car».
 Michael Jackson "How I loved kids»
 Mc'Donald «that in fact you eat»
 B.Moiseev. "In fact, we just Durza Nicky».
 A. Vespucci "What I really wanted to open»
 A. Lincoln, "What I really wanted»
 Clinton "What I actually did»
 George. W. Art. "What I actually»
 George. W. Bush. "What am I really?»
 C. Columbus "What I really wanted to discover America?»
 Yuri Skuratov: "What I actually did two girls»
 Monica Lewinsky, "What I really Bill Clinton soiled dress»
 Chernomyrdin "What am I, in fact, I am, but I am not, in fact, this is not the»
 V. Lenin, "What I really had in mind in 1917»
 Khrushchev. "What I really wanted to show the Americans»
 A.Dunkan "Why I do not like the Bugatti»
 G. Hiddink: "What actually playing the Russian national team"
 Statue of Liberty: "What's really in my hand»
 Abramovich "How I actually got rich»
 I.Grozny. "What I actually did with his son».
 M.L.Dzhokonda. "What I actually smile».
 PёtrI: "What in fact we were in Holland»
 Anonymous "Where we flew 09 \ 11 actually»
 Osama Bin Laden, "What we actually do with all infidels»
 Fanny Kaplan "Where I was aiming for really.»
 Igor Kio "How many women I actually sawed in the ground and buried»
 Ksenia Sobchak, "What I actually do this!»
 Vladimir Zhirinovsky, "When are we fucking around Tbilisi ?!»
 Medved "Who really with a bear?»
 Bill Gates "As actually cook the dish of the 1001 Penguin»
 K.Begemot "How mending primus»
 MV s.r.s. Carlson "How competently balovatso buns»
 Zh.Aguzarova "Mamani where I? !!!!!!»
 Prime Minister Vladimir Putin "What is really meant by the Constitution of the Russian Federation," but no more than two consecutive terms ".
 B. Cthulhu "Actually, I'm still dreaming".
 Khodarkovsky "What's got into the volume of my business"
 Nostradamus "What I meant actually"
 Duncan Mc Cloud "World history, how it was actually"
 Clear Who. "What really was at the beginning". + folklore LJ surfers

Well, to continue? :)


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