16 rules of makeup, which turned out to be myths

Modern girls know millions of different advice on how to choose and apply makeup. However, not all these recommendations are actually useful.

The website decided to debunk the most popular myths about makeup that we still should not believe.

Myth # 1: Red lipstick is not for everyone.

In fact: It is a lie 110 %: red lipstick is absolutely everything, the main thing — correctly to pick up its color.

Myth # 2: you need to throw away Mascara when it dries up.

In fact: the shelf Life of mascara is 3 months after first use, as it is a cosmetic that is the easiest way to get the infection in the eye. With time mascara becomes an ideal environment for the emergence of bacteria that can get into your eyes.

Myth # 3: If you omit a brush for applying mascara in a bottle a few times, you can get rid of lumps.

Actually: So a tube of mascara hits the air, which reduces its service life. Just dip the brush in ink and roll it a little.

Myth # 4: Wash off makeup before going to sleep is optional.

In fact: During sleep our skin regenerates and becomes more fresh and hydrated. If you leave makeup on overnight, your pores will get blocked and this can lead to dehydration or infections.

Myth No. 5: it Cosmetics has no expiration date and can be used until it finishes.

Actually: no, No and no again! Most cosmetic products have a shelf life and storage, and manufacturers always indicate it on the package with a special sign. After this period begins from the moment you first discovered a particular product.

Myth # 6: makeup Brushes can not wash if they only use you.

In fact: Your brushes come in contact with lots of surfaces and products. The longer you avoid cleansing brush, the more bacteria accumulate on their fibers. It not only threatens diseases of the skin, which is important in the first place, but also greatly reduces the shelf life of the brushes themselves.

Myth # 7: Cosmetic products do not spoil.

In fact: If you don't store cosmetics properly, it will deteriorate much sooner than the end of its shelf life. For example, some cosmetic products should not be left in a dark and warm places.

Myth # 8: Waterproof mascara can be used daily.

In fact: If you are not at risk to be caught in the rain and you have no need to use waterproof mascara, we advise you to use the normal. At the end of the day you will need much more effort to remove the mascara, excessive rubbing of the eye will make the lashes more weak and brittle.

Myth # 9: Moisturizing cream easy to replace the primer.

In fact: in Addition to hydrating primer smooths the skin. In addition, the cosmetics applied on top of primer, will last much longer.

Myth # 10: the Concealer should be applied before you apply tone.

In fact: on the Contrary, it is recommended to apply first concealer and then conceal the remaining flaws with a concealer. So you don't use more product than you need, and your makeup will be less severe.

Myth # 11: concealer to soften the skin.

In fact: Modern tonal resources contain many useful active care ingredients and UV filters and components that protect the skin from adverse environmental conditions, but also nourish and moisturize it throughout the day. It is important to find the vehicle right for your skin type.

Myth # 12: the color of the eyebrows should be 2 shades darker than the shade of hair.

Actually: Follow this rule only if you have blonde hair. Brunettes should avoid dark eyebrows: they make the face more rough.

Myth # 13: to increase the lips, need to draw the outline, he for the line.

In fact: This technique is good to use for photo shoots, in real life is increased in this way, the lips look unnatural. Try to put bright sparkly eye shadow or powder on a "tick" of the upper lip and a light gloss on the centre bottom lips. Thanks to the play of light, the lips will appear larger.

Myth # 14: Dark eyeliner enhances the eyes.

Actually: Dark eyeliner in the style of smoky eyes really makes the eyes more expressive, but the wide black arrows create the effect of deep-set eyes, and, as a result, the eyes appear smaller. To enlarge them, use a light shadow and eyeliner for the inner eyelid.

Myth # 15: liquid Foundation can be applied to the eye area.

Actually: makeup new generation do not contain alcohol, therefore, does not dry the skin. They can be applied to the area around the eyes and not be afraid to emphasize fine lines.

Myth # 16: Blue shadows — a relic of the past.

Actually: Latest makeup trends indicate the opposite: in fashion blue, turquoise and azure shades of shadows. For day, easy enough to blend or dilute the blue a different shade — for example beige. If you apply the blue shade all on the top lid, swipe over eye shadow black eyeliner — this will dilute the image and add charm.

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