Scientists have found that children inherit intelligence from their mothers

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Scientists claim that a person inherits mental abilities from their parents by about 40-60 %, while the genes of intelligence has been detected only in X-chromosome.

Other word, smart people have their own abilities above all mothers, because basically they are responsible for the transmission of genes that affect intelligence.

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It turned out that the kids who got more of the parent genes that have a larger brain but a smaller body size. And those who got more genes from dad, everything is exactly the opposite.

During the growth of embryo cells containing the paternal genes, ensuring its survival. They are concentrated in the limbic system of the brain that control aggression, hunger and sex.

However the researchers argue that the father's cells was not found in the cerebral cortex — the same area where you develop the most important cognitive functions: intelligence, reasoning, planning and language skills.

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Whatever it was, we should not forget that the mental abilities are not 100% determined by genetics. The results of other studies show that mothers play an important role in the intellectual development of children through physical and emotional contact. That is, the relationship between child and mother in many ways affect his intelligence.

The authors of the study say that children who have developed strong trusting relationships with their mothers, show greater persistence in goals and less likely to show frustration when solving complex tasks.

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Regardless of what they say genetics, dads should not feel slighted. Being emotionally available to the baby and becoming a role model, the father contributes to the development of the child as well as mother.

Intelligence quotient (IQ), with which we are born may play an important role, but ultimately this is not a decisive factor.


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