13 science-based evidence that your intelligence is above average

How do I know an intelligent man? There are certain tips that will help to evaluate the intelligence, without resorting to an IQ test. On the basis of many scientific studies, we have identified 13 of the curious features of brainy.

But keep in mind that the tests used to measure the "intelligence", have often been widely criticized for the fact that certain social groups were placed at a disadvantage and for the reduction of the importance of creativity. Therefore, psychologists are constantly seeking new and better ways of measuring cognitive ability.

< Did you take music lessons

Scientists came to the conclusion that music helps children's minds develop in several directions:

• In 2011, the study showed that the test results on the verbal intelligence among children 4-6 years of age rose after months of training in music.

• The study, which in 2004 was headed by Glenn Schellenberg, found that the Six-Year, which for nine months playing keyboards ever taken vocal lessons, showed elevated IQ score compared to children who visited the theater club or nothing to attend.

Meanwhile, in 2013 Schellenberg with a group of colleagues speculated that perhaps, just an increased intelligence of children led to the fact that they are engaged in music. In other words, music education can only enhance cognitive differences that already exist.

< You - eldest child in the family

Older brothers and sisters, as a rule, more intelligent, but it is not caused by genetics, as one study showed.

Norwegian epidemiologists have used records of military control, to analyze how the birth The order of the influences on the health and intelligence. They used data on nearly 250 thousand 18-19-year olds who were born from 1967 to 1976. The results showed that an average first-born had IQ score of 103, and the second child - 100; third - 99 points
. The New York Times reports: "The results of a study published in June 2007 showed that the older children in the family had a small but significant advantage in IQ - an average of three points compared with the next age of the brother / sister. It was found that the difference is not due to biological factors, and psychological interaction with parents and children. »

For this and other reasons, the first-born, tend to be more successful (but not much) than their brothers and sisters.

< You are slender

In a study in 2006, researchers conducted tests on intelligence among about 2,200 adults for five years. As a result, it was found out that the larger waist, the lower the cognitive abilities.

Another study published in the same year found that 11-year-old children who received lower scores on verbal and nonverbal tests, are more likely to be obese at the age of 40 years. The study's authors say that more intelligent children can get a better education and better jobs. Therefore, they are in the best position to take care of their health than their less intelligent peers.

Another recent study found that a lower IQ score among preschoolers is associated with a higher body mass index.

< Do you have a cat

A study in 2014 in which 600 college students participated, found that dog owners are more open love than cat owners. This conclusion was made on the results of the test on personality and intelligence.

But the "cat owner" are leaders in that part of the test, which measures cognitive abilities.

< You have been breastfed

In 2007, it became clear that babies who were breastfed, can grow to more intelligent children.

In two studies, researchers examined more than 3,000 children in the UK and New Zealand. The children who were breastfed scored nearly seven points more in the test of IQ, - but only if there is a particular version of the gene FADS2. (This gene variant was present in approximately equal shares among the children who were there were not breastfed.)

To find out the exact mechanism of the relationship between FADS2, breastfeeding and the IQ, will require further research, the scientists noted in their article.

< You have used soft drugs

In a study conducted in 2012 among more than 6,000 Britons born in 1958, he found a link between high IQ score as a child and using drugs in adulthood.

"In our study, based on a large group of the population, it was found that a high IQ at age 11 is associated with a greater likelihood of using illicit drugs later in '31" - the researchers wrote James W. White, Catarina R. Gale and David Batty
They concluded that "unlike most of the research on the relationship between IQ in childhood and subsequent health", their results suggest that "high IQ score during childhood may encourage the adoption of elements of behavior that are potentially dangerous to health (such as excessive alcohol and drug consumption) in adulthood. »

< You - left-handed

Left-handedness was associated with crime, and researchers still have not figured out why a little more left-handers among criminal groups.

More recent research links with left-handedness "divergent thinking", a form of creative thinking that allows you to come up with new ideas. At least among men.

Journalist Maria Konnikova in his review published in The New Yorker in 1995, wrote:

"The right-handedness is more pronounced in men, the better they cope with tests for divergent thinking.

The left-hander proved to be more adept at combining two objects in order to form a third. For example, using pole and tin to make a birdhouse. They also excelled in the grouping of lists of words in the maximum possible number of alternative categories. »

< You have high growth

A 2008 study at Princeton, which was attended by thousands of people, found that high growth winners get more points on IQ tests among both children and adults.

The researchers write: "At the age of 3 years, when more training may not play a role, and throughout childhood, taller children are much better at cognitive tests»
< Do you regularly drink alcohol

Evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa and his colleagues found that the British and Americans, who received higher scores on IQ tests in childhood, often used alcohol in adulthood, compared with those who had a child less than high intelligence.

< You're politically liberal

Kanazawa led another study found that the person to the left of the political spectrum, so it is wiser.

Among the thousands of American adults, those who scored higher on IQ tests, most distinguished political liberal.

< You will soon learn to read

In 2012, a study which was attended by nearly 2000 pairs of identical twins in the UK, found that a child who has learned to read early, usually scored more points in cognitive ability tests.

The study's authors believe that early mastery of reading skills improves verbal and nonverbal abilities.

< Do you have high anxiety

A growing body of research suggests that anxious people are smarter than others.

For example, in one recent study, researchers conducted a questionnaire survey among 126 senior students, who were asked to indicate how often they experience anxiety. They also noted how often meditate on the situation, aspects of which they are upset.

The results showed that people who are prone to anxiety, were in the lead in the tests on verbal intelligence, and less anxious person cope better with tests on non-verbal intelligence.

< You have a good sense of humor

In one study, 400 students passed the psychological tests that measure the ability for abstract reasoning and verbal intelligence.

Then they were asked to come up with titles for a few cartoons. The results are verified by independent appraisers.

As expected, the options proposed by the smarter students rated as more ridiculous.

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