Breast milk with pesticides or As fake research

Public organization spoils the blood concern "Monsanto", the world's major manufacturer of GMO seeds and related pesticides. The weapon of men – common sense and independent research.

In the US, much attention is paid to issues of GMOs and pesticides. Now in the center of public attention the scandal with the discovery of glyphosate in breast milk. Glyphosate – the herbicide used to control weeds, especially perennial. In terms of production ranked first in the world among herbicides. In Russia known under the trade names "roundup", "Glitr", "Tornado" and "Hurricane."

A team of scientists from Washington State University (VSU) headed by Dr. Michelle (Shelley) McGuire held a joint with Corporation "Monsanto" study allegedly proved that the breast milk of American mothers are no traces of the pesticide glyphosate, which handles the crops of GMO crops. But a careful study of the results of the study do not stand up to scrutiny. Environmental organization Sustainable Pulsе the points examines the weaknesses of the study.

Without going into detail about the methodology and accuracy of measurements, McGuire said that a study she conducted in conjunction with Monsanto, gives a "good reason to believe that glyphosate does not accumulate and is not contained in human milk".

The results of McGuire and "Monsanto" is directly contrary to the confirmed results of experiments carried out in Germany in early 2015. According to these experiments, in the milk of German women contains glyphosate at 0.21 to 0,432 nanograms per milliliter.

Press release on the results of the study McGuire, Monsanto and Covance Laboratories contains not so much information about the methodology and the results of the measurements, as trying to refute the results of pilot tests conducted by public organizations Sustainable Pulse emmasaries ("Moms of America"), – proving the existence of glyphosate in breast milk.

Family McGuire and Monsanto Family Macguires long and works closely with Monsanto. Mark McGuire, the husband of Dr. Michelle McGuire, head of the veterinary Department at the University of Idaho. He was actively engaged in scientific promotion of growth hormone for cows under the brand name "Posilac", which produces all the same "Monsanto". This product has earned itself a bad name. The Supervisory authorities in the EU countries and also in Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Argentina refused to sell at "Polisac" because it increases the risk of development of clinical mastitis in cows causes a decrease in fertility and deterioration of the General physical condition of animals.

Mark McGuire is also a close friend of Dr. John Vichyni, adviser to Monsanto, scientific Affairs food safety.

Research Mark McGwire sponsors the Gates Foundation (bill and Melinda gates Foundation) that strongly – particularly in Africa – is promoting GMO crops and developed pesticides, including glyphosate.

Dr. Shelley McGuire – the official representative of the American society for nutrition – an organization that has contributed to many major conflicts of interest. They advise companies like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, The Sugar Association, The National Restaurant Association, Con Agra, McDonald's, Kellogg's, Mars and many others.

In 2014, the year the "Mothers of America" and Sustainable Pulse published the results of its experimental tests, showing that in breast milk contains glyphosate. After a few days, a senior medical researcher, Monsanto Dr. Dan Goldstein got in touch with Dr. Shelley McGuire, whom he met through her husband. Goldstein was desperately looking for data you need to save the main product is Monsanto's "roundup" (herbicide based on glyphosate) – from public desecration.

From that moment Dr. Shelley McGuire began to help Monsanto achieve its goal: to find bezpovorotno breast milk.


Osbor press releasetimer it's time to analyze a press release the University of Washington the McGuire group.

Press release University: researchers at Washington State University found that glyphosate, the main ingredient in the herbicide "roundup" does not accumulate in maternal breast milk.

The answer is Sustainable Pulse and "Mothers of America": this bold statement is based on rezultatah experimental tests with the participation of 41 women, conducted by Monsanto, which sells more than all of glyphosate in the world.

Press release, Voronezh state University associate Professor School of biological studies at VSU Michelle McGuire led the research. For the first time his results have been independently verified by accredited third party organization.

The answer is Sustainable Pulse and "Mothers of America": This accredited organization Covance Laboratories, who for many years worked closely with Monsanto, being a kind of contractor for Monsanto, which soothes the world positive studies of genetically modified plants.

Press release VSU: "the study of the organization "Mothers of America" fundamentally erroneous," said McGuire, a member of the Executive Committee of the International society for research human milk and lactation, as well as the representative of the American society of nutrition. – "Our study provides strong arguments in favor of glyphosate in human milk no. The results of the "Mothers of America" to be confirmed, and not consistent with the published rates of safety and are based on tests to verify the content of glyphosate in the water but not in human milk.

The answer is Sustainable Pulse and "Mothers of America": For conducting experiments "Mothers of America" used accredited laboratory Microbe Inotech. As a result of experiments conducted on industrial standards, they, like the German colleagues, found glyphosate in breast milk.

Press release VSU: According to independent examinations of the safety of glyphosate, carried out by scientists in organizations such as..., no apparent effect on the reproductive health of glyphosate is not okazyvaet.

The answer is Sustainable Pulse and "Mothers of America": it Turns out that Dr. Shelley McGuire of the dangers of glyphosate are competent experts from the world Health Organization. Recently, the who declared glyphosate is a possible carcinogen. Professor Christopher Porter, co-author of the report on this subject published by the International Agency for research on cancer (IARC) under the who recently confirmed the conclusion of IARC and said: "Glyphosate definitely genotoxic. I have no doubt about that".

Press release VSU: In the study, Maguire and her colleagues took the tests and urine of breast milk from 41 lactating women living in cities (or near them), like Moscow, Idaho and Pullman (Washington state). This is a very productive agricultural region, where farmers routinely use glyphosate.

The answer is Sustainable Pulse and "Mothers of America": in view of the statements of Dr. McGuire that breast milk samples will be provided by "Monsanto" from the Bank of breast milk in VSU, we would like to have the option to follow the delivery of these samples. Whether they took these women along with the urine? It also remains unclear when they took these samples: in the last twenty years or more before the herbicides with glyphosate began to produce?

Press release VSU: Samples of milk and urine were examined for the content of glyphosate and its metabolites using the methods of high-precision liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry optimized for this task.

The answer is Sustainable Pulse and "Mothers of America": given the fact that a month ago, McGuire and Monsanto, it seems, had puzzled over the development of the methodology, we believe it is unlikely that their method, which is never told, has sufficient accuracy.

Press release VSU: the Level of glyphosate in the urine was either zero or negligible, which can be neglected – said McGuire.

The answer is Sustainable Pulse and "Mothers of America": more than 90% of Americans in the urine contains glyphosate. Not Dr. McGuire to say what to neglect and what not.

Moreover, "Mothers of America" require a formal retraction and apology from VSU for hints on what the "Mother of America" was trying to announce breast milk unsafe. "Mothers of America" has made clear, reporting on the results of the experiments, "firmly believe that breast milk is still the first choice for mothers and certainly prefer it to the ingredients from genetically modified soy mixture. We just urge all mothers to choose organic food. This is especially true of meat, dairy, oils and grains that are treated with glyphosate as ossaudio agent before harvest. published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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