Emotional intelligence: key considerations for development

In the modern world intellectual coefficient, the so-called I. Q. loses its position, it is replaced by emotional intelligence E. Q. have You ever wondered why with the same level of development and education, some struggle to find work while others confidently make a career.

Why do some people with average intelligence make a lot of money, while others, with honors, barely make ends meet? The fact is, emotions play a key role in decision-making. Many scientists believe that the real indicator of intelligence E. Q., not I. Q., despite the fact that emotional intelligence is impossible to calculate as I. Q.

Emotional intelligence is a fairly complex concept that consists of different qualities: self-awareness, empathy, self-control and relationship skills. Emotional intelligence is a person's ability to interpret their own emotions and the emotions of others in order to use the obtained information to achieve their own goals.

Differently, emotional intelligence is the ability to understand their feelings and the feelings of others, the ability to manage your emotions and responsibility for them. In order to be successful in life, you need in early childhood to develop emotional intelligence

Problems successfully solved by mutual understanding, consensus, compromise, of intuition, rather than through statistically certain logical decisions. The ratio E. Q becomes the new key to success. In the West, not so long ago there was even a fashionable slogan: "I. Q. gets you hired, but E. Q. gets you promoted" ("With good intelligence I. Q you will take on the job, with a good E. Q – advanced-service").

Practical experience shows that the best employees are not those who have the highest I. Q or the most prestigious degree, namely, those who through their personal qualities of succeed.

When a person is having problems at work, often the cause is emotional immaturity, not professional incompetence. It is important to remember that the ratio E. Q is not fixed and immutable from birth, it can and should develop. A high emotional quotient consists of two basic qualities: self-control and ability to "read" other people's feelings.

The main recommendations for the development of E. Q :

— Develop self-control, remember, not emotions, govern you, and you are able to control emotions. The ability to control their emotions does not preclude the ability to give them free rein. It is important to know when, with whom, how and why we could afford it. Learn to endure pauses that are intentionally delayed reaction to the event, during which the brain records the emotions that arise, and you get to control them.

Effective exercises here are breathing techniques (e.g.: deep breath with the breath and slowly exhale with the breath), eye equipment, when from time to time you close your eyes and imagine a pleasant image). Periodically, it is useful to open your mouth, this will remove tension from the muscles of the face.

— Learn to hear the feelings of others. The difficulty is that we often mistake the feelings, taking one after the other. For example, saying to yourself about a colleague: "I hate him", in fact, do you remember the ex-husband who you are still angry and who is like your colleague.


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— Learn to understand the feelings of others. Almost 90% of communication is non-verbal way, through emotions, gestures and facial expressions. Train your visual memory to learn to recognize the emotions of others. There is an excellent method to develop this skill, try to separate picture from sound.

For example, view a TV show with the sound off. This may be strange since we are used to what to pay attention to a person means to see him. It is perceived by the mind and prevents emotional perception. Therefore in the beginning you will be difficult to understand what is happening on the screen, but after some time you will learn to identify the emotional state by facial expression, body movements, tones look. And maybe with time the emotions and feelings of the people around them will cease to be a mystery for you.published



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