9 factors such as emotions control our life

You know, when my emotions especially about yourself let me know? It's not a tricky question, especially if you are a woman, then the answer is obvious to you is PMS. Those wonderful few days a month when you feel everything at once when you do not want to meditate, but instead there is a desire someone, to put it mildly, “to beat” :). At such times, I try to constantly remind myself that this is temporary, and there is dark chocolate, orange fruit and to rest.

Once my favorite author Eckhart Tolle I read his version about the nature of PMS, men's understanding of this question always intrigued me :). So, in his opinion, in this period we women feel all the pain that we have caused men for not only this and our previous lives, but the collective pain of all women in the world have suffered for the humiliation, inequality and injustice manifested towards him by all men. Here you have a spiritual explanation :). That is why at this time in women show such intolerance for the male spirit :).

But thinking creatures, if you think that this article is only for women, then you are wrong. Today I was with you I would like to share my thoughts about human emotions experienced by both men and women. And let women's emotions during PMS, there are nuances: the moon intervenes, the collective female pain, hormones, etc., however, the mechanism by which these emotions accumulate in our body and how the emotions experienced in the past predetermine our future, it is the same.

I have, incidentally, is a collection of theories about PMS, which helped me to understand what this wonderful phenomenon, and taught me to appreciate this gift, but more on that another time. Today, the relevance of PMS for me was manifested in the following: at the right moment, when I began to find a black cloud, depressed mood and desire to beat the dishes :), I drew a documentary called “Emotion” (“E-motion”). Never cease to be amazed how everything is stunningly arranged, when we are in harmony with the universe the order of the signs we just roll in... at the right time and the right hour appears like just what we needed. For me today it became this documentary.

And have you seen the movie “E-motion”? It is not new, so, probably, many already had time to look in English-speaking countries. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend you, however, in Russian I have not found.

The film presents the opinions of experts from different branches of knowledge about how emotions can control our lives. Most of these experts I was already familiar with, or simply heard about them or read their books, but it was very interesting to see how the filmmakers have collected amazing various theories and explanations in one logical and have an incredible sense whole. I want to share with you several expressions, the thoughts and discoveries that I have learned from this film, as well as my thoughts and understanding of this topic.

1. The film begins and ends with the following phrase: “Every morning when you raise your head from the pillow, remember that you already have everything you need”.

This is one of those phrases that just will be hard to forget, especially when deep down you absolutely know that it is the absolute truth. The more I simplify my life, the more rid of unnecessary material things, the more I fill it with significant events and emotions, the less I expect to get out of life, the deeper and better my life becomes. Wake up in the morning – that is happiness and the inner peace that we all seek, is within us. Thus, we actually already have all that we need.

2. Our subconscious 95% of controls our activities. All the actions and decisions that we take, and the relationships into which we enter. all of this is predetermined by our subconscious. What controls the subconscious? Emotions.

In the subconscious stores all our memories and past experiences. But we remember them not as facts that happened in the past, instead we remember them at the time. We associate childhood memories, for example, with my mom's delicious pies, if it's good memories or unfair treatment and abuse by adults, if they are negative memories. Every important fact in our life we remember at the time. Thus when we remember something, with this life event coming all the emotions experienced. For example, when we see cakes, we buy them, because I miss my mom.

And that is incredibly interesting, our body, flowing through these emotions, does not understand, they are real (that is, based on the event occurring in the “now”) or unrealistic (i.e., based only on the memories, thoughts of the past); and therefore, whenever we are visited by these emotions, our body feels like it's happening to us in real time. So, something bad and negative that has happened to us many years ago, our body can survive again and again, every day, to respond to this by changing its chemical composition, as if it protects us from real danger.

Dr Joe Dispenza cites a stunning example about the Gazelle that runs away from the lion. Her body is included in the incredible stress regime, the release of adrenaline, which allows the Gazelle to fly like a bullet and run away from the predator. And in 15 minutes we can once again see the calm Gazelle, which eats grass on the lawn; the stress gone. Differently we work, people. We learned to think. And with this ability it is our curse, because at any time something in the world can raise our emotional memory, be it a word, a smell, an event, a sound, forcing us to relive events that have long past as if they were happening in the present. So, we are depriving themselves of the opportunity to be “calm Gazelle”. Here is the difference: Gazelle lives in the present, we often throw ourselves into the past.

3. We are all energy beings, emotions are also energy. (Hence the title “e-motion”, that is, emotions = energy movement.) Emotions can get stuck in the human body, and if not to release them, they can lead to various diseases, including malignant tumors and other “incurable” diseases.

I found it very interesting how Don Tolman explains that in ancient Egypt, people knew only one disease – “chaos at the level of ‘atomas’”, then there is chaos at the molecular and atomic level. Also, one expert pointed out that 80% of diseases arise in man from stress, and another said that the reason 90% of all pain that a person experiences – from “stuck” on a molecular level emotions.

4. We believe that our emotions and feelings determine what we really are. And it is a profound mistake.

Here I presented Tolle, who would say that our ego wants us to think :). You've probably heard people tell about themselves, about the history of the past: “I am what I was made life.” I know people who have no friends because when someone betrayed people who do not have children because their own childhood emotional hurt, people who have unbearable negative, because in their family one of the parents possessed the same character... So, we, the people, there is always an excuse, a reason, the history in respect of any actions, whether we realize it or not. We have a past, isn't it? Not quite.

For myself, I understand the following, one thing is when we travel through life and gain knowledge, we meet people, get hurt, get burned, mistaken and so on. It's quite another when we are in life drag emotional baggage. People who can't let go of the emotions from the past, live in the past. In this case, we're talking about the thoughts that uncontrollably dwell in our subconscious in the form of emotions. Thus, when we consider the question of who we are as individuals, there is a huge difference between

  • we are a knowledge Bank, which is burdened, and help us to move forward, and
  • we are our emotions that often paralyze, drain and do not allow light to go through life.
5. Since emotions are energy, the place where they are stored, that is, the unconscious, is also the energy, which has its own vibration.

If our subconscious is full of negative emotions, such as anger, resentment, revenge, envy, fear, insignificance and others, then it acquires a certain negative vibration, which by the laws of physics will always strive to find a similar vibration subconsciously. That's why touchy, vindictive or aggressive people have the same friends, talk to them more dramatic events occur, they attract negative people like magnets. Also, if we have a bad day, then this day is “preposterous”. At the same time, there are the lucky ones, who are naive and kind like children, but with them, nothing bad happens. We each have our own energetic vibration.

6. In order to change our mood, situation and personality, you need to determine what emotions are stored in our subconscious, to feel them and let go.

One of the experts in the film compares to the healing process for getting rid of emotional baggage from the bow, which consists of many layers. If we begin to clear our subconscious from emotions in layers, releasing them one by one, we will be able to get rid of the illusion itself, which, as we think we are, we become truly ourselves, who we always wanted to be.

Each expert in the film has their own ways and methods to get rid of negative emotions, however, the meaning of the process is reduced to one and the same: to detect, to feel, not to resist, to survive and release. I remember when I was doing yoga, and the teacher in the process of meditation said “and now you let go”, I hated it. The fact that the fact that we sit in the years and decades, not easy to let go, often we have internal resistance to do it. But if you are familiar with the feeling of incredible lightness in my soul when you talk with someone who knows how to listen (with a friend, parent, psychologist or hairdresser :)), then you know that “let go” is absolutely worth it :). And this is possible because we are masters of our fate, not our subconscious.

7. “Feel and be present” – teaching experts, which means “feel and be in the present”.

This is amazing advice. I'm sure it's all in the practice. If without any preparation, we decide to delve into the subconscious, we can go crazy. As Tor Norretranders notes, our unconscious is 1000 times stronger than our consciousness, so it need to be careful.

Always have to start small, that is, in the moment. For example, you are driving, made a mistake and yelled at you. Don't yell in response, and feel how your body reacts. What is happening at the moment? Whether you want just to remember you before someone yelled, and you were terribly hurt? How did you feel as a child, when you cried parents when you were innocent?... Notice what is happening, observe your reaction with interest, observing where you want to divert the subconscious, and then release. Was an emotion, you “ate”, and let him go in peace. So again you will become that lucky Gazelle, who chews grass in the meadow :). It is 100% lives in the present. From the incident with a lion she has gained knowledge that is useful to her in the future, but she let go of emotion, fear and anxiety. If the Gazelle after the incident was in a constant state of stress, thinking about what Leo her last time almost got caught, it would have weakened not only morally, but also physically, and therefore, the second meeting with a lion she wouldn't have survived. Here's the wise Gazelle!

What are we doing when someone yelled or wrongly, have called on the street? We bring it home, where broken children, or bring it to work, yelling at subordinates, or carry within ourselves, buried somewhere in the depths of the subconscious :(. And so I want to be happy Gazelle!

I think that when we learn to live in the present, when we understand how to respond to actual negative emotions, then there can be one of the following: either we will be ready to start working with deep and painful emotions from the past, or we need to do something in respect of past emotions will disappear by itself. In the latter case, it happen because we thought from the past will be already unimportant, because we live in the present where everything happens “now”. And the other option – is in itself a miracle.

8. The reality that we see through the lens of our emotions, is not “real.”

Here everything is simple. You know, as one and the same person can react to the same situation differently depending on the mood he's in? At us the child may spill juice. One day we will produce a small impression, but the other day this episode enough that we began internal hysteria. So, the reality is one and the same (wet dress), our relationship to it is different (to go in and change or yelling at the child and go crazy itself), that is, our view of the situation different.

If our emotions can incredibly change our vision, represent the part of reality that we don't notice because of the fact that are influenced by these emotions.

Where we direct our attention – and there goes our energy. Hence all that we do is consciously change the reality by changing our perception.

9. “Life is not what happened to you, and how you decided to react.”

I noticed that the way we choose to react will influence not only on us (on our mental and moral health), but also on the people around us (even our Pets). When I began to work on yourself, if you can call it that :), I began to notice that the world around me began to change. My friends, relatives, acquaintances, and neighbors, all somehow felt my vibration and joined in, being on the same wavelength with me. It's so incredible, sometimes I can't believe it, but it's absolutely true: by changing myself, I changed the people around me.

The filmmakers use the famous saying of the Persian poet Rumi, this quote I've used on my blog, but she's so brilliant that I want to repeat it again and again: “Yesterday I was clever and wanted to change the world, today I am wiser, so change yourself.” What an amazing statement! For myself I know what I'm feeling is unreal revolutionary :), I have a keen sense of justice, and I often want the world woke up and saw what I see right now. But it does not happen. Qualitative changes can occur when they come from inside, otherwise all our actions create only noise, suffering and chaos. Modern world is ruled by a madman, only watch the news, you can be terrified, if you imagine what emotions the unconscious control of our rulers. And if you remember that the unconscious determines our actions 95%, then everything becomes clear.

Here are these emotions, thinking creatures. If we want to lead a conscious life, we will certainly need to make friends with them, and they need to know without alienating or rejecting. And then, as in real life, if some emotions are precious to us, they are positive and can have a positive impact on our lives, then we can consciously decide to keep them. All other emotions are just thoughts of the past, pieces of “stuck energy” that you need to let go, to have a place for other impressions and new emotions from the present.


Source: thinkingcreature.com


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