There are three levels of "emotional literacy"

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The first level is the user level
To people with this level includes most of the current population in developed and developing countries. People who are looking for what will give them emotions, and often pay for it. The main driving force of the consumer society – a search that will produce emotions: the next fancy gadget, megatrainer film, trendy clothes. All of this is in the eyes of the consumer, the value of exactly this, how many emotions it can give.

And here lies another deceit. Emotions and none given. And they themselves give nothing. Emotions only take. Any emotion is a surge of energy. The person experiencing the emotion, spending her own energy. Human nature is such that the surge of energy one feels euphoria and happiness. That's why emotions are so attractive. Mired in the most people spend their whole lives in search of what activates them Energobank. Their whole life is some sort of mental Masturbation – you will find a sensitive point in the psyche, and exploiting it to the full energosistemy, disease and death. With the help of drugs or alcohol, or emotions caused not by the substances. Just like the rat from the experience with brain-implanted electrodes and a lever, giving the discharge to the area of the brain responsible for euphoria. On one arm she pressed it to his own death, forgetting about sleep, food and reproduction. If the people – pronounced a consumer, he spends the emotions of not only energy but also money and your time and the energy that he spent to make the money.

Emotions – a very tricky thing. One of the tricks of this defect is that in addition to splash of energy they provide the feeling of fullness of life. They do not give the very fullness of life, but only feeling! Hooked on these people, can lead a very monotonous life not to realize themselves, to suffer from it, and therefore by all means to cheat yourself to the emotions, to feel really alive. To the extent that to bring themselves to full exaltation or tantrums out of nowhere. With hand, firmly hooked on the emotions and stimulating their appearance, looks just as unfunny joke, to tears and crimson face pour with laughter over their own joke to convince everyone that his joke is actually funny, and infect them with his laughter. Surrounding just such a confused shrug and avoid reacting so violently. However, the most sensitive of others see that this forced, induced reaction, they are unconsciously trying to hide a whole heap of internal problems and a very boring life. The clinical case depending on the emotions presented by people seeking any emotions indiscriminately. Those who can't live without scandals, tears and drunken fights, and generally without any disgusting adventure on his fifth point. The most striking example of such disgusting omnivorous emotions of the personalities represented, for example, in the movie "natural Born killers", as well as in numerous base series.

Emotion is what lies at the heart of consumer society. Seeking joy from outside, from the material world. The joy of feeling the fullness of life, the feeling of status, matching fashion and progress, their awareness of what is happening in the world. What emotion is the hook that pulls money out of the wallets of billions of people. That created the economic "miracle" of China, but in fact a monster ulcer on the body of the planet. Then, why Chinese children are now suffocating in the poisonous smog. Because the manufacturers want to experience the joy of profits from the sale of their cheap Chinese goods, ignoring all possible environmental regulations of disposal of waste entrepreneurs to experience the joy from the profits of resale, the adults and children in countries where these products deliver – experience the joy of their acquisition and possession. Western child is happy – Chinese choking.

Modern man thinks it's okay to experience emotions constantly, and strive to receive them. Wanted emotions – go to the movies, where with the help of 3D, powerful bass and a giant screen, it will knock. Most people appreciate the entertainment content that is still raised by the volume of emotion. You pulled a lot – it means the content suitable. In General the whole entertainment industry is built on the principle of pumping money out of people the maximum amount of money by the excitation of strong emotions. Brighter, faster, louder!
It is the hype about the imaginary value of emotions and the easy availability of what causes them, makes people "vegetables," and slaves. People hooked on "cheap" emotions, there is no motivation to move somewhere and to achieve something, including to fight their slavery. Unknown to them the joy of victory and creativity, not to mention true joy. They chew the cud emotions, hetrygypeerow thanks to the news media, fighters and cash, or a soap Opera, the gossip about the lives of "stars", friendly gossip, family fights, food in bright packages, fairly flavored sugar, flavor enhancers and flavorings, and in General consumerism. They have enough of this base drug. They don't know what else. "Why Tahiti? We are well fed!"

The second level of "emotional literacy" – the level Creator
Emotions should never be the goal, should not be readily available, and should not be bought for money. The level Creator is when positive emotions are not the goal, but only escorted active human activities are its side effect. Work on yourself, work over the world. Accompany physical labor, creation, creativity, and results. At this level, the person receives joy from the process of constructive activities and on achieving real results. From what he has given the world or something worthwhile. And no matter what a few clicks downloaded a TV series and not sliding with lumpy couch, watching a series for series, forcing a strained emotions. Or the fact that day after day firmly stuck in the news feed of social networks, clock rotoblade the mouse wheel in search of what you will find in it the response and pull from him at least a trickle of energy in the form of emotions.

Discipline itself is a skill not to be subjected to the temptation of obtaining easily accessible emotions, ability to put emotions purpose. It is focusing on constructive action, on the incarnation of the real goals. Not to eat half of the cake and enjoy him, and to follow the diet, exhausting training and, consequently, to enjoy then the numbers on the scales and the reflection in the mirror. Not to make your loved one scandals with tears and get emotional discharge, coupled with the deterioration of relations and constructive and calm to talk and work together on problems. Do not drink half a litre of brandy now and a few hours to enjoy the sensation of the absence of problems, and to tackle those problems, and then rejoice in their actual absence. Avoid going to the movies, restaurant, bowling, and to use this time usefully and then be happy with the result. Not yelling in anger at the child, samoutverzhdayas in his account, breaking it, and years of consistently and patiently to educate, and to rejoice that raised a decent man. Not to put a game on the computer and kill time in it day and night, rejoicing in achieving virtual goals, and to achieve something in the real world, to improve the world, and to be proud of and enjoy then those victories. Not to buy some junk consumer stuff, which suddenly wanted, and save up for something really serious and need.

Here is an important point: if a person is active, but not primarily for performance, but for received from her emotions, it is not only the Creator and the consumer. This happens when a person does something to assert himself in his own eyes or in the eyes of others. "I do (have done), then I'm good (successful, fashionable, righteous, interesting, living a busy life, hardworking, good lover, good father, grateful son). I have to appreciate, love and respect. I deserve it". A similar approach is just complicated patterns of consumption.
Envy others and pity for yourself. Here's what else the person is struggling with self-discipline. Jealousy that others get impressions and positive emotions, "live life to the fullest" and he, poor thing, to limit myself in everything should, and every day turn into dull gray days so that when something to and something to achieve. And he was immediately reminded of the phrase "Life is given once", "Live every day like the last," "Life in order to enjoy", "Enjoy every day" and other nonsense. And the man, self-pity, blown away. Goes to the fridge, a bar, a computer, a movie, etc. And in fact, what he is jealous? The fact that "living a full life", in fact, consumers, under the guise of "receiving impressions and emotions from life" is actually foolishly squander their energy. He's feeling sorry for themselves? Because it does not itself spend. Here it is, the essence! He is jealous of others and feel sorry for themselves due to the fact that he had not milked energy! I mean, yeah, the degree of perversity of this whole scheme?

Next time will choose between self-discipline and envy with pity, remember what you are going to be jealous, and feeling sorry for yourself. Because others are more dairy cows than you!

Another frequent delusion is that the person is tired or in the negative, seeks for positive emotions as a way of relaxation. And that negative or tired condition often serves as a pretext to cancel the self-discipline. They say, it is necessary to relax after the day! And trying to get off the alcohol, go and buy yourself a bottle and try to lose weight – box cakes. Because they have stress, and it should be removed. So. "To relax and relieve the negative" and "positive emotions" – this is not the same thing. To relax and relieve the negative – it's an independent conclusion itself into a neutral state. Through breathing techniques, meditation, quiet walks, etc. and attempt to exit the negative state by a positive emotion is an artificial function of positive, not requiring conscious effort and work. This tumbler. The man is bad, but it is not enough that is not working because of your condition – reduced level of love and high level of aggression to the world, it doesn't work even over by the state. He just goes and buys/uses the fact that switches it to positive emotions. As a result, no relaxation, no lifting of negativity does not occur. There is just stimulating the emanation of the energy in the form of positive emotions. And the main problem here is that this energy Yes in the right direction! To solve these problems, because of which man was in the negative. Working, for example, a person unloved and boring work. Suffering. Does not implement itself. But all the free time spent in search of emotions, that is what will give him the illusion of fullness of life and draw energy from it. Buying stuff, watching stuff, doing stuff. And every next day he again goes to unloved job that produces stuff and nonsense for others. It's a vicious circle of junk and rubbish in the nature. Because of their energy and time are not saved to pursue no-nonsense, self-discipline traded on a short-term "joy". They all continue to suffer. 90 percent of the current produced by the civilization of goods and services – stuff and nonsense, the only purpose of which is to evoke emotion, feeling of fullness of life. And all those who made it, trying to forget and hide from the awareness of the meaninglessness of their activities, via stuff and nonsense produced by other. And whether in their hearts a true love, not emotions, they have the conscience not allowed to make stuff. Whether in their hearts the true joy – she would not be allowed to consume it.

Positive emotion always establishes a pattern of behavior that led to its emergence. And if it was the result of affirmative action, the person will be assigned to the desire to do them again. If emotion was the result of an act of consumption, in the future people will be inclined to continue to call it consumerism. Sakharnova children with sweets, pulling toys and experiences, parents will be able to grow only the consumer, not the Creator and founder. The user with a very primitive motivation. The ceiling of the motivation of such a person will all the same consumption, only more intense, expensive, prestigious and fashionable. Such people are often able to only dream about material things. And to achieve that only. Because they taught, and they learned the pursuit of positive emotions through consumption.

The third level of "emotional literacy" – the level of true joy
True joy is exactly what the people over and over again trying to arouse emotions really are. Not knowing that she was not called nor consumerism, nor with the results. This is the original, powerful, causeless and unconditional joy many felt in childhood. A permanent state of inner glow, when the whole world seems incredibly bright and full of wonders. The as tale, sense of magic, penetrating all existence. Intoxicating spring in the soul at any time of the year, the inner sun at any time of the day. This is what it misses everyone, and that people are still trying to find in the outside world. And Yes, there are those who know that outside this joy does not find anything. But they are few. But even less those who know that joy is not only not caused and are not interchangeable positive emotions from anything, it is still NOT COMPATIBLE with them. For a person in a state of true joy, any emotion is a nuisance, swiftly knocks him out of this state.
What is true joy, really? This state of overcrowding in energy, which are so numerous that it is without any stimulants and effort constantly poured out into the world, changing it for the better, Shine to others, heats them, materialized help. In adulthood, this is achievable only if there is a strong connection with the Source, that is, with the Creator. Connection based on intense unconditional love. A simplified temporary version of such joy arises in the soul when a person much someone falls in love (in the case that it is primarily love and not passion). In childhood this condition is present, or when the same connection, either at the initial large energy reserves that have not yet dissipated.

If you have ever felt this condition, remember it. Really, in detail. And tell me honestly, did you not feel the difference between him and the surrogate, artificial, exhausting "joy" caused by anything from the outside – consumerism, activities, relationships?

Jean-Paul Sartre there is a great phrase: "the man in the shower a hole the size of God and each fills it as you can". The hole would be, and it will tear, will be insatiable and not stykemain no consumption, no emotions, while the man does not fill its Creator. And when he's going to fill Them, the more there is nothing to fit. Either the Creator, or emotions. They don't fit together and are mutually exclusive.

No, the third level of "emotional literacy" should not be passive ascetic, celibate. This plenitude of energy and will not allow him to sit idle and bored. A man in the end is able to do and get from life experiences and benefits significantly more than any operating on emotions. And in that moment, when emotional will burn out, "calm down" and then the rest, a person with true joy, it will be interesting to continue to live and act. But to maintain a state of true joy, he must not allow himself any emotions. Neither positive nor especially negative.

Any emotion, both negative and positive – is a clear sign of giving the excess value of anything, it is a sign of lack of inner humility and the low level of love, first and foremost divine, unconditional. Negative emotion is an internal attempt to change what caused them. Experiencing a negative emotion a person does not agree with the existence of what is causing the problem, and using emotions he, himself not realizing it, attacks the root cause of it, at the same time trying to distance ourselves from this cause. This is pure aggression and the renunciation of the universe. The result of this is often a gain factor that caused it. As long as man has not learned the lesson and will not reconcile internally. Positive emotions – this is an internal attempt to consolidate and perpetuate what caused them to keep intact, and to make his arm. But, in the end, it is also aggression. Because the world is changing everything. And the inner desire to such "mummification" of anything is to try violations of the laws of the universe, that is an aggression to the universe. The result of strong positive emotions about something is often the disappearance of the offending factor. I think we all remember the legend that much to enjoy anything dangerous because because of this you may lose your object of joy.

Emotion – extremely unconstructive waste of energy. But it still half-troubles. Due to the fact that they are out of balanced and humble state, they break connection with the Source. First, the information. That is why the person who is "on the emotions", off intuition, and the brain chooses the worst options possible, those are in a calm state he would never have chosen. And secondly, eager and energetic connection, which greatly reduced incoming energy. Emotional man lives largely on its energy resources. Which are very rapidly spent, because he gives a lot of energy, pouring with emotions. And then come sickness, depression, apathy, unhappiness. A person does not happy. And he doesn't understand that this is not the world became gray, and he himself began to rejoice there is nothing, it is empty.

The extent of their own dependence on emotions is easy to check. Imagine that you have planned for the weekend something very nice for you. To go on a long-awaited concert by your favorite artist, or finally to gather in a good place with friends, something that you should definitely bring a lot of positive emotions. Here you are at the last moment to confront the fact that the weekend, for whatever circumstances you will not be able to go. With a strong dependence on emotion "consumer", you're definitely in response to flashes of anger, disappointment, resentment or irritation. "Creators" for it to respond more or less calm, but they strongly beat out from a relaxed condition to the failure of their activities, as well as any interference to their actions. Such people often get angry and offended when they interfere with business.

In General, almost always negative emotions arise from the fact that the world has deprived man of positive emotions in the present, or destroy his plans to obtain them in the future. Examples of this schema weight. Broke up with someone you love is suffering because of the joy you felt with him no longer, it was canceled. Someone criticized your work, it means you are deprived of the ability to feel joy and pride in their work and for themselves. Car broke down – you're mad for spending money on its repair, because the money you could spend on a portion of pleasure itself in the form of regular consumer stuff.

It is sometimes difficult to isolate this circuit from the circumstances of life, it happens to be well veiled, but if to be based on the fact that the life of modern man as a whole is a pursuit of positive emotions, you begin to see the diagram more clearly, almost in each event. And here it is here, in this moment, when one understands the full scale of this race, its perversity, futility and destructive for him and for the environment, and the degree of ingrowth in his own life-there is real awareness. And start to watch your thoughts not just as the games of the ego, and how perturbations of this entrenched in the soul of the octopus – programme extrusion of man power by training your emotions emotions and experiencing them. Program submission, fill his life these surrogates happiness, destroys true joy. And, knowing this, begin every thought to consider in the context of the desire for emotion, to get this, you entangling network, the light, and to untie its knots, to shake off these fetters.

Emotional men are weak. First, it is emotional, because it is weak, and can not control myself. A huge number of factors can bring it out of balance, out of mind. And secondly, he is weak, because emotional, because by itself, emotion is a huge vulnerability which is used by all energotamir and manipulators – from partners in a personal relationship to the "vehicles" of propaganda and any egregors (pendulums). An emotional person is a puppet and cash cow for any force, able to calculate his reaction. The more powerful his positive admiration of anything, the deeper into his subconscious enters that information which he shoved with emotion. The people, which encouraged the cultivation of emotional people – a people of slaves, requiring only "Bread and circuses". And now that almost all of humanity. Remember the wise folk tale about a Blackbird and the Fox. Fox is a wholly – owned consumer requires from a Blackbird feed her and water, threatening otherwise to stir up the nest. When it is fed and watered, it begins to demand to make laugh. And when I laugh – requires to scare. And in the end still is making problems. Earlier people mostly knew and felt that emotional consumerism is a perversion. This evil has always existed, but in the last couple of centuries, it has evolved to monstrous proportions. Early man was more busy with their own survival, and excitement was inherent for the most part. In adulthood, people were not before. Charge joy was only an attribute of the holidays – festivals, merrymaking, in rare work-free days. Adult representatives of mankind the polls in the primary had the second level of emotional literacy. On the first level was full of children and idlers, alcoholics, anti-social elements. But they are not contributed to the spread of this Vice. The main connoisseur and distributor in all ages have been the aristocracy who have lost faith. The aristocratic stratum of society – people with initially high energy (anyhow aristocrats who were never born) that they do not have to spend for survival on a daily hard physical labor in the field or at the factory. And those who have lost faith, lost self-control, and began to get carried away by emotions and ways of retrieving it from yourself. A lot of energy, a lot of free time, little faith, and here we are, about whom is written in the epigraph to "Eugene Onegin": "And live in a hurry, and feel in a hurry". That is the person with a majority of the first level of the "emotional literacy". Add to this the throngs of creative heralds of emotion, like an alcoholic Yesenin (and those in every country at all times was a lot), and get thoroughly formed the fashion of the moment. Remember at least one classic literature, mentally normal, not alcoholic, not the addict, not Takasago for every skirt, not duelist. Enough of these comes to mind, right? We were taught morals and ethics in the works for the most part emotionally unstable personalities. Hammered into his head that the emotion is normal. And that all these sufferers deserve triple of respect for their suffering. Only silent, that their suffering was from the lack of faith, and of the fact that they rushed to the winds.
Now, thanks to scientific and technical progress, on the first level of "emotional literacy" sitting almost all the inhabitants of the developed countries, with rare exceptions. This is the reason for the immaturity of the new generations. Thirty years, forty years, fasting selfies and photos of food to instagram is overage emotional addicts. And the younger the generation, the worse this situation is, and the stronger the relationship. What is already one heard around the world, the subculture of emo, in which the emotions were considered as absolute value. The energy that formerly went to the birth and upbringing of children, work and creativity really need the benefits, now goes to the emotions. In consumer society, declining birth rates and increased age at which having children, because children have neither the time nor the energy. Everyone is busy earning money to spend on stuff that will evoke emotion and will suck energy. The rat presses the lever, forgetting about everything. The man did not move, does not create, only consume. And finally, we have the portrait of the typical, boilerplate consumer: through patient, childless, obesity and depression. But with the gadget, which he captures a loved one and what he is going to eat, digest and excrete. As Pelevin wrote, now "Man – "wow!". Indeed.

The artificial environment of production and consumption of nonsense and stuff to stimulate emotions and pumping the energy does not exist. It's not just about the money and not in power over the world. It's just the fact that people – intermediate "energosfera" between the planet and those who need energy. Link to energy which build up a monstrous amount egregors. The planet is deprived of not only that from it extort material resources. From it, through the people, shaking a dreadful amount of energy without returning it back. Modern man – consumer is not only in the material sense. He switched off his back Energosvyaz to the planet out of her. Go to any on the street and ask him when the last time I caught myself thinking that he is madly in love with the Earth? I caught myself thinking that Earth is his true mother? And you-you have that thought caught? Meanwhile, she loves us. Every atom in our bodies given to it, every cell it nurtured. Every drink of water and piece of food gives us exactly what it is. And in General the fact that we haven't erased from her face shows that she loves us. As any mother loves her child. But we forgot about it completely. And all of our energy and attention to give artificially created "milking machine". Humanity is like an overgrown spoiled brat who sits on the neck of an elderly mute mother, living with her under one roof, not working, drinking, getting high, does not get out of computer games, and thus insults her, takes all her money, and beats nearly to death. And she continues to love and tolerate. Yet. But patience she was very little.

And this useless idler to exhort that him mother to take care of. Because caring without love is impossible. And he does not love her. He forgot what it was, he loved her long ago in childhood. And now he's completely disconnected from her, he got mired in their vices. Play "trifles", considering them the meaning of life. He was obsessed with the emotions, forgetting about real feelings, about true joy.
Humanity does not really care about the planet, yet again learn to love it, remember this feeling. But it does not remember, while his attention was forcibly enclosed in an artificial environment of production and consumption of things, entertainment and content, as well as self-development within this environment. Not remember until you stop chasing emotions. Until you move out of town or at least do not learn instead of Sunday bowling to leave on the nature. Not to foul another place bottles and plastic containers, and to switch to the planet, to feel her, to give her his attention, energy, and most importantly – love. And only then people will Wake up to a real concern about her.
And it may sound blasphemous, but the list of the two main commandments given by Christ, expandable to three. Between "Love God above all" and "Love thy neighbor as thyself" must be the commandment to "Love and take care of the Earth more than yourself."

I will not detail to think about those forces who benefit from the emotional humanity. On those who collect "harvest" of those who is "drug dealer" of the idler. The less mentioned about those and think, the less they affect you. I can only say that those definitely were not up to its doctrines the subject of these commandments as the primary goals of humanity. About such we can say in the words of Vladimir Vysotsky: "light – darkness, there is no God".
Understanding the lack of value of the emotions of the consumer and the Creator, the realization of their aspirations to them, and removing them from your life is a prerequisite for gaining true joy, and that's the only real way to get out of "the matrix", disconnect from "the system". No matter how you "disconnected" differently, no matter how changed their diet and lifestyle, no matter how shunned some of the technologies, all this will be useless, unless you live the emotions and the desire for them. All of these techniques is faux, a sedative for "cash cows".
Only when emotions are disconnected, you will no longer buy and consume something that you actually don't need because you generally won't experience the need. If the new iPhone does not bring you joy more than the one you are already experiencing, you are not going to buy it instead of your still functioning old cell phone. If a piece of cake with TRANS fats and dyes will not raise you up above that which you have so constantly present, you will not become this piece is. If the movies in theaters longer you shake the more powerful than a new piercing to tears by the love from the touch of a hand against a green grass, you are going to watch these movies. People of the "third level" due to the state of inner unity with the world will never put themselves and their self-determination in the first place, it acts primarily based on the needs of the world, based on the needs of all life on the planet.

People aware of the falseness of values, emotions, and even more so in a state of true joy – useless consumers. They don't buy stuff in the pursuit of five-minute surrogate happiness – they are happy, and it the state of anything external does not. The society consisting of such people will produce and consume at times, and even tens times less than the goods and content, because they will simply not need. And will decrease the demand will decrease and supply. Accordingly, the problems of dwindling resources, environmental disasters and global warming will be solved automatically. This is the only and natural way of civilization out of the crisis. The only way to save life on the planet, including humanity. There are no other options.

And the first step to this output and the formation of such a society is debunking the myth about the value and usefulness of emotions. To let people know that emotions does not give, only take. True, real joy, real happiness, real life, health and future.


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