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Stunning art Julia Sudakova how due to the end of unlived psychological traumas, negative emotions continue to visit us year after year, until we learn to live.

Often in our lives takes place so that we give up halfway their emotional trauma. After the divorce, women often switch to a new relationship, or find an outlet in children, religion or art. Losing some opportunities in life, she tries not to think about it, to forget, to transfer their attention to something else, consoling himself with the numerous "but».

Losing a child (....., getting rid of the child), she leaves all his emotions and focuses on prayer and awareness of the causes of the incident.

When there is something traumatic in life, we begin to look for reasons and to facilitate exits or tried to forget. But the pain and trauma will not go away, they remain deep within us and prevent the feeling of fullness of life and joy. And in a particularly gloomy days we think about how it could be, if not ....

Due to the end of unlived psychological traumas, negative emotions continue to visit us year after year, until we learn to live with the pain of the background - "Well, it so happened, this is my cross and I bear it to the end».

In addition to internal dissatisfaction and depression, unlived emotions form the events in our lives. They are looking for an opportunity to incarnate finally fully to the woman they lived and let go. And each new flight of a woman in pain returns again to this circle.

My close friend lost her baby during childbirth. It happened in the Soviet era. Weep and mourn was not accepted. For a long time it was kept in the hospital, where she could not get rid of their pain. She spent five crazy days in the hospital, watching the happy moms who feed their newborn babies. She just pressed their emotions.

Coming out of the hospital, waiting for her normal life without consolation and sympathy, without the possibility of being left alone and just realize what happened. She even showed her dead child. Time helped hide the pain deeper. And a year later, she became pregnant again. All the 9 months of pregnancy, she went wild stress, fear and anticipation of disaster. As a result, a baby boy, who began to seriously hurt.

Next pregnancy - again emotions of horror and fear. A daughter, who almost died in infancy. Children of her severe pain and were weak. All 7-10 years, their mother was growing up in fear. Can you imagine what kind of life ?!

Another case
A woman meets a man, falls in love with him, begins to feel his heart. And then he offers to give up and disappear. Yet any one year, it will have to wait and believe that he will return. It will not build relationships with men, worthy men, which could create happiness. Why is that? Past relationships are lived not yet.

When some kind of pain finds its end, still unlived - our consciousness will scroll it up as long as it does not find a way in reality.

That's why the fears that we have carefully distilled off from itself, often implemented. We do not live them, we run from them, but our consciousness tends to harmony and freedom from fear - so they are again and again we catch up.

Unlived emotions as nedosmotrenny film unfinished poem. Our consciousness is forced to go back to it again and again to finish the job and settle down.

And in this case, the ending of consciousness any better than dangling (even on something good) scenario.

Unlived emotions of parting with a man
It is the eternal fear of being abandoned. Moreover, it can work in a vacuum.

Before marriage I was 6 years old dating a guy. I had him very strong feelings, but he was completely unpredictable. He would disappear for two months, then come back as if nothing had happened. During this time I was going crazy, I did not understand what was going on calls and messages he did not answer. And so it happens all the time, until one day he was gone forever.

Everything was as usual, but he never returned. A year has passed my expectations. And after a while I got married. But the horror of parting unlived reflected immediately on my family. As soon as my husband was going to go somewhere, I began hysterical. I started to cry, I felt bad, but I knew that he needed to go. And every time, he still managed to get away, I could not find a place for himself. But all the pain and horror were not addressed to him. And only after a while, I began to live what was left halfway into the distant past. After that, my hysteria abruptly ended and I began to ask myself husband go for a walk, when I wanted to be alone.

Unlived emotions from the loss of a child
Whether it is getting rid of the child or the loss of - an eternal fear for children, guilt, overprotection, voltage control or, on the contrary, indulging them in all the weaknesses. And then, and another negative impact on a child's life.

Unlived emotions from the loss of valuable things
It is an eternal search for it, and the inability to live in the present, enjoying every moment.

My mother once lost is very important for her diamond earrings. It took seven years, but until now, when it comes to the kitchen (she often left jewelery out there), and she has a free moment, she begins to explore cupboards and drawers in search of these earrings, wailing and nervous, a million fifty-fifth time asking I do not see I need them.

Unlived emotions from the loss of an animal
Fear of the other animals, the eternal sadness at the sight like dogs or cats, a sense of melancholy on the type of the other happy relationship with animals.

As we left unfinished script inside - our peace will never be absolute. There will always be something to pull from the inside and cause worry scratch. Therefore there are key moments in life that you need to live up to the finals.

What situations necessarily have to live?
divorce (separation);
the death of her husband;
getting rid of the child;
loss of a child;
the death of a loved one;
death of a loved animal;
loss of important things;
own illness and relatives;
shameful situation from the past;
rejection of any situation;
unrecognized emotions (unexpressed love or gratitude);
does not pay his debt (mental, moral or material).
We reserve the "tails" unlived not only pain, but also unlived love. And then we send similar people and learn to love us again and again.

How to live a situation from the past?
Firstly, it is necessary to remember. Often our consciousness displaces particularly painful situation from memory that we had the ability to live at least at the minimum speed. And when we gain strength to live it - suddenly the memory returns.

Often psychotherapy sessions on customers remember from the past such traumatic situations that would seem impossible to forget. But a wise mind is just forced to do it. When memories of the situation - return to her emotional colors, return it pain you have frozen inside.

Look at the pain (emotions, sensations):

How big it is?
Do you have the power now to live it?
How much time do you need to live it?
How should we live it so that it came out of you?
If you feel that the injury is very large, then most likely, you do not deal with it. Think about the visit to a psychologist.

If unlived emotion fit into the framework of your ability, you give yourself the opportunity to live it. It is necessary to afford otgorevat, sobbed, and even their emotions Provo. Give yourself a chance to get to the end of the script, to live all the fears and purified from them, open love and ease.

In psychology, there is such a practice, when we bring any fear until the very end, and then he leaves. Then comes the calm and confidence.

In Chinese culture there is a wonderful technique for relief from pain. If there is a feeling of pain somewhere in the body, it is necessary to pay attention to the pain, consciously bring it to the limit, and then she leaves.

The same applies to our emotions. We need to live to the end, go through the most terrible fear in their minds and let go of the situation.

Someone has to do it gradually, because the mind is not ready to live all at once. And can someone in one psychological therapy to release the pain and allow a situation otgorevat hour.

How is it done?
Give yourself time for mourning.
Choose a day or several days, you will consciously live their emotions about a situation.

Consciously, pay attention to this.
Let it be sincere. Someone will cry quietly by the window, wrapped in a blanket. Someone will cry and roll on the floor, someone will howl in the pillow, while others will growl and beat everything.

If you need words that connect them, too. Speak all that remains trapped and locked. Phrases can be all sorts:

"Please forgive me ...»
"How could you!»
"I was so hurt. Oh, how it hurts me !!! »
"I love you ...».

Some phrases you want to cry more than once, but dozens or even hundreds of times. So this emotion be sharp and clamped. Just repeat these words. With each repetition of the emotion will come out, and then come tranquility.

Try not to focus on one idea for too long and logically move on, no matter how scary it was.
For example, if the situation is related to the parting, the first woman may experience stress and just in 30 minutes just cry - "How could you!". After making process comes the fact that he still did it, and it happened, then the next, logical thought - "I am now all alone. I'll never love ».

Even 20 minutes a woman may be in the process of accommodation of his loneliness. And then despair is replaced by fear - "What am I going to do ?! How am I going to live ?! ».

She lives the fear of life without a man. Next berth her emotions when she took to be another life, comes another fear - "I will be hard! I can not take ».

For a while, it will be in this. But when the emotions come out and she feels that she is actually able to stand and then there may be involved totally unexpected realization - "But in fact, I really need. This will bring into my life this is! »

Thus, a woman in a logical chain comes to love. This is a rough diagram. And usually living each stage takes a little more time.

After each stage of the residence ask yourself the question - "And then what?»
If you live in fear, then go to him and ask - "What will happen next?»
For example: "I am afraid of losing their jobs." After that, you represent that you have lost it, live, and terrors, and then ask yourself: "Now what?»
And so continue on.
Some of you are living in fear of their reach accommodation fear of death. And pass through it is perfectly normal and natural. Full life begins only after overcoming the fear of death. As long as you are afraid of death, you will not live. The fear of death takes the colors of life. I spent training "Living death experience", after which the lives of people becoming more conscious at times, appeared the true values, and to find time for the most important.

Time mourning and lodging for each day should be limited. There is a risk - a deep plunge into the emotions and launch processes of self-destruction. Maximum stay a day - 2, 5-3 hours. After that it is necessary to take a walk, do chores or children. The process will continue to stay inside.
The first day is the most difficult, because at this time released the maximum amount of pain. By the second day it becomes much easier and safer.

Sometimes after a day of mourning for our mind wants to get into the habit of shell and nothing more to feel. We must understand this and consciously keep those emotions. They live, we will to the state of emptiness, light and love.

Once the situation is lived inside will be relaxed. The first signal that the mourning process comes to an end - a state of emptiness inside. For some, it will be unpleasant and even a little bit wild, because the vast space within us all the time was filled with pain. Now that there is a void, so you can choose what to fill it. You released your soul "vessel" in pain.
You can send to gratitude and love, because it is the best inhabitants of our souls that we have to build and protect. You can fill this void God and holiness. The choice is yours, but it is necessary to be filled, because of the law of similarity, if we do not fill this place with something new, be attracted to energy, similar to the past.

Thank your situation for the lessons she brought, look how she taught you to love and accept. Recognize its value.
If you see yourself in excessive emotionality and mild hysteria, obsession with negative emotions, weak heart, if you are pregnant - in this practice have to go very carefully, clearly limiting itself in time in order not to go deep into their grief.

For those who are afraid to go to the emotions, have a great practice of "therapeutic writing". This practice is described on the website. In "therapeutic writing" we go through all the emotions of the group, ranging from anger and fear, and ending with love and gratitude.

This practice is effective for those who have a fear of releasing emotions at will. A huge number of girls from our project have already adopted therapeutic writing as an important tool in the arsenal of his work on the other. I myself write them often because they do not always have the ability to shut down a long time in the room and otrydatsya.

In any case, the emotion Unlived need to finish. It does not matter which way you do it - working with a psychologist, weep in a closed room, or writing a letter.

Then she leaves your subtle body, leaving room for a new, important and valuable!

Psychological Secrets of Successful Women:
The poor need to stay to the end and release the fear, resentment and disease. Only then will you have a real chance to avoid them later in life. After all, you have already lived this experience, why do you in reality?
I wish, on the contrary, you should never examine the way into his head. Never let you enjoy your dreams in your head for too long! The biggest period of enjoyment thoughts - 2-3 seconds, then you have to drive them away from you and do business. And then our minds will want donaslazhdatsya, watch until the end, doprozhit. And for that he will have to create it in reality, because you do not give it to reach the end in mind!
Try to live emotions as they come. Then your life will be brighter and richer. You will feel alive and real.

Not pickled pain - learn to live it in the moment when it comes, then you will avoid many diseases distrust people, closed and a broken heart, which prevents embodied our dreams!
Do not hide love, because it is sometimes too late to say important words! Love, the sense of life - and in sorrow and in joy, because it is often a great pain later reveals to us the divine and unconditional love ...
Yulia Sudakova


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