Makeup 2014

It is no secret that perfect makeup becomes such only when it is combined perfectly with the whole way. It is not enough to pick up some shades and color as work and business meetings, as well as a coffee bar, club or restaurant. Every event, every time of day, every outfit requires his palette and a special technique of makeup. The Sacrament everyday, business and evening makeup slightly open 3 video tutorials from renowned ARTISTRY, and the images of fashion bloggers will be a perfect illustration of each image.

Love - the best cosmetics. But cosmetics buy easier. (Yves Saint Laurent)
1. The image in the style of Natural


Naturalness and naturalness around never go out of fashion. And at the peak of popularity of pastel colors of the season of spring-summer 2014 the most natural and unobtrusive makeup has become particularly relevant. This gentle and light make-up will be ideal for every day.



Stylish, convenient and comfortable clothes in casual style would be best combined with the most natural tones of makeup. Particularly advantageous discreet makeup will complement the outfits in beige, pastel shades of gray.




Soft, glowing skin from the inside, even skin tone, long eyelashes, light blush, lipstick gentle natural shades - this look never goes out of fashion and is relevant in almost any situation.

Masterfully executed makeup in natural tones are not eye-catching with its brightness, namely unnoticed. Easy to pick out the advantages and disadvantages of hiding, this technique is best makeup emphasize your natural beauty and grace.

2. Saucy makeup style Rock Star


Especially popular among young people daring and vivid images simply requires a correspondingly makeup. All the latest spectacular spring trends, such as translucent materials, leather, studs, high soles of their shoes - will not look harmonious luxury without eye makeup in the style of smoky-eyes or bright shades of lipstick. Complete your bold and brilliant image suitable to the occasion and, along with cosmetics!




In the season of spring-summer 2014 makeup artists offer and feel free to choose the most spectacular and bold shades for her smoky make-up. Luxurious, open look, seductive lips and smooth skin tone - and spectacular makeup in the best traditions of rock stars ready.


As such, you will not go unnoticed anywhere, neither the club nor the bar-cafe-restaurant, or on the streets. And how not to overdo it with bright colors and maximize harmonious makeup - this video will tell.

3. Strict makeup for everyday work


Office dress code would be incomplete without powder, mascara, eyeliner, blush and light lipstick. A little flashy, but quite noticeable and severe makeup for business meetings and work can dramatically change your image and turn it into a real business woman. And for all lovers of suits, jackets, ties and formal style in general, such tips on makeup will fall at an opportune moment.


The main rule is the official make-up - minimalism and understated color palette. Instead of shadows can be used well sharpened eyeliner to add a little powder blush, highlight the contours of the lips - and the base makeup for everyday work is almost ready.


So if you're shopping for women's fashion tuxedo, Barney jackets, shirts ironed or strict dress - do not forget the make-up, respectively, which is the perfect complement to your business image.


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