Makeup Britney Spears

Doing does the hard way through the thorns, peerless pop princess - again a star. She coped with all the difficulties, changed attitude to life and continues the relentless movement only forward!

During the years of his career, Britney Spears has experienced both ups and downs, but could not change his usual make-up. Yes, it is make-up. After all, no matter how varied style of her clothes, the color and the absence / presence of hair on the head, as well as her personal life, but one thing remains the same, only slightly mutating and it is "something" - make-up.


Today, Britney Spears walks of life firmly, because she found the strength to take a crucial decision - to love yourself again and regain the love of the fans. It is fully ready to please their fans by returning the deserved title of one of the main stars of modern show business.

Today we look at the face of Britney, to be exact makeup inflicted on him, because it is really worth it. How could I make a superstar Britney Spears from the very beginning of his career to the point it almost peak? We will see now.

1. Physical Britney makes me ambivalent, because it can be a memorably beautiful and inexplicably ugly. I do not understand what's the catch, but apparently Britney really hostage image of pristine beauty with a sweet voice, and sexy movements. Britney in the photo below does not cause earlier emotions, because it is far from being a young girl and all her energy just sunk sunk into oblivion. Make-up is the same, but are completely different.

2. Make-up is not bad enough, and Britney in this photo I like. Fortunately the underlined brown eyes and bright shade of lipstick (shine) - this is the perfect make-up for the pop princess.


3. What is a "tacky" Vidocq Britney. "Blur" makeup, strange haircut and tired eyes - this is not good. I do not like this Britney Spears, although it is not gold piece to please everyone.


4. Here it is quite another matter. Still, the beautifully styled hair a lighter shade, a nice view and, of course, the dazzling makeup truly work wonders.


5. Fashion makeup for the time today looks ridiculous and stupid. I believe that the blue shade totally in harmony with the color of the eyes of Britney, so extremely negative impression and a make-up is simply impossible to watch. And about hairstyle, I generally keep quiet ...


6. Daring and energetic Britney I like little more than a quiet and peaceful. Watching the photo, which make up actually playing a role (all attention hairstyle), involuntarily recall the early clips of Britney. What a pity that time is not to go back and the singer will never be the same again ...


7. Delicate make-up and glamorous look. I think Britney is a very kind and vulnerable people, so I hate that it had to go through so much humiliation. Make-up is very nice and enjoyable.


8. The image of the whole insanely beautiful, and just a fabulous makeover. But still spoil the lens. I think brown eyes - a Brit advantage that it is not necessary to hide behind artificial flowers.

9. Fascinating make-up! Everything is counted to the last detail, because as we can see make-up perfectly in harmony with the color of the dress and a suitable singer. I note smile Britney ... she's gorgeous!

10. Something strange on the neck ... And like everything. Makeup unusual color lip gloss, which is somewhat different from the usual.


11. Personally, I am against such experimental solutions. I do not like such a make-up on Britney. Probably the thing in the shape of the eye of the singer, which differs slightly pubescent outside corners.


12. The ideal makeup and hair color delicious! Pleasantly surprised by the fact that Britney may be so beautiful. But all that is put on Britney I do not like.


13. And with dark hair Britney is not lost, though once I could not imagine that singer brunette. Make-up is the same as when the bright color of hair, and he looks well. Britney blonde and brunette Britney practically the same as the color of the hair is not particularly affect the singer. Still, I give the palm to Britney-blonde, because the light - its color.


14. Blue shadows were clearly popular in the 90s. Again, Britney They do not look.


15. Do not really like the hairstyle, and makeup somehow not impressed.


16. Pretty! It has long been realized that Spears are hats, well, then I'm convinced of this once again. The only thing that causes a slight confusion, since it is wide eyebrows that Britney just spoil. Himself flawless makeup.

17. Of course, I understand everything, but you need to paint the hair roots, especially if you - a public person. As for makeup, then it would be better to choose a lipstick lighter.

18. Again, the blue shadows ... do they not hide, do not hide. Note that underlined his lips pretty good.


19. I like the make-up, which is not something stereotypical, and very different from the usual.


20. I just love this image of Britney! And why today she prefers to him? I do not understand ...


21. Hats - is something that looks great on Britney. I, of course, like everything in her head, but with the makeup went slip. Or I pick?


22. Standard makeup. Radiant smile dilutes bored way.

23. Today, Britney was. Not to say that it has become some kind of horrible unattractive woman, on the contrary, with the advent of the new man she was much prettier. Still visible to the naked eye, there are still those disadvantages that must be removed. Good luck, Britney!



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