Britney Spears New Year holidays (11 photos)


January 3rd singer was hospitalized. About 8 o'clock in the evening to the house of Britney drove an ambulance, according to TMZ. As it turned out, did not want to give Spears sons Jayden James and Sean Preston ex-husband Kevin Federline, despite the court order and the contract. Broke a terrible argument.

Together with ambulance to the house of Britney Spears in Beverly Hills approached several police cars, fire, also reported that over the house of circling helicopters. (Straight third world, I swear). To clarify the circumstances Britney was taken to the hospital the famous Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. In short, what exactly happened in the house of the singer is still unknown, the guards and doctors stayed inside for about three hours, and then taken out on a stretcher Spears, the singer could not go alone in the car. Around the house Britney established special shields to protect the singer from the paparazzi (as we have seen, did not help). To the hospital and arrived Kevin Federline, children, meanwhile, were brought home to the Pope ...

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The house of the singer and the hospital began mass pandemonium journalists, paparazzi onlookers. Reporters from the leading tabloids tried to bust interview ambulance, OK magazine quoted one of them: "We are very interested in her mental state and we believe that it is under the influence of drugs." Us weekly published the words of an eyewitness: "It is strapped. She then laughed, then cried, recalling psihbolnuyu ».

Doctors Cedars-Sinai left Britney Spears on the mandatory 72-hour psychiatric examination in a psychiatric ward, respectively. "We are seeing the patient constantly monitor it. Enjoying the behavior of people who visit him, and if he does not pass "something" visitors "- said the representative of the hospital. After research psychiatrist analyzes Britney sent for further study - the purpose of the doctors to find out "whether the singer to harm themselves or others."

A day later the magazine «Life & Style» makes a sensational statement, according to a source close to the family: "Her blood test just came back, and thank God he is clean. There are no traces of drugs or alcohol. " The scandal is gaining momentum in the press appear first reports that Britney is simply crazy, once the incident was not the result of drugs or alcohol. Policeman office said it would not be set up against Britney is no charge: "She's in the hospital for their own sake».

The representative of the Los Andzhelevskogo Court Scott Gordon, however, still brought bad news for Britney - sons singer placed under temporary sole custody to Kevin Federline. Spears are not even allowed to meet with them, to the following court orders. January 14 held hearings on this issue.

January 5 doctors Cedars-Sinai early release of Britney Spears, so to speak, "under his responsibility", thinking that the patient is able to independently control the situation. The singer immediately went somewhere on his white Mercedes, and later she was seen with her last boyfriend, who, as we expected, turned out to be the paparazzi)).

January 1 paparazzi shot Britney house, they were able to shoot in the windows Jayden James and singer herself. Boy with his brother spent the new year my mother, who brought them to him on Thursday.


January 3 in the morning Britney do their own thing, there were no signs of trouble


The news of the hospitalization Britney immediately spread around the world, near her home happened pandemonium, there even was carried live


The police tried to protect the Brit from sources all ills - paparazzi - did not work.


climbed in the car ...


Emergency room doctors are trying to hide from the paparazzi Brit bed sheet


frames, with their feet tied to a stretcher Britney became especially popular


Eyewitnesses reported "She then laughed, then cried»


January 5 early Britney Spears left Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in his car in which she sat on the underground parking.





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