Britney Spears. Oh really?


After Lindsay Lohan face of the brand, "Kira Plastinina" will probably be Britney Spears. This pop star allegedly made arrangements with Kira during a recent visit to Moscow. The singer strolled through the capital, visited the Sparrow Hills, looked at the Christ the Saviour Cathedral and walked Moscow GUM. After the tour, she dropped in for tea to the daughter of billionaire Sergei Plastinina. Kira Plastinina was attracted to advertise their brand popular celebrity personifying all stylish, fashionable and youth. The clothes "Kira Plastinina" photographed Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan. Apparently, next to Britney Spears. We agreed there about something pop diva Britney Spears and the youngest Russian designer Kira Plastinina - not yet disclosed.


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