Chronicle 1959-1991 (67 photos)

In continuation of yesterday's post about the year 1989-1993 has an interesting collection of photos. It has been only 32 years since the first picture.

March 11, 1959 Leningrad.

1964. Moscow. Tretyakov Gallery

1964. Moscow. Demonstration on Red Square.

1964. Moscow. New buildings.

1964. Moscow. Demonstration.

1964. Red Square.

1964. After surgery

1964. Construction Hruschev time period.

Note: Construction of "hruschёvok" lasted from 1959 to 1985. In Leningrad hruschёvok construction was discontinued in the 1970s. The first projects "hruschёvok" were with tile or slate roofs, but already had a typical layout. As part of the campaign against architectural extravagances, subsequent projects of these buildings were cheaper by flat asphalt roof with a low attic space, usually bombarded with insulating material and having only the vents to the outside (not available for cats, these spaces have become a nesting wild pigeons, sparrows and m. p.). Under the kitchen window brick "Hruschev time period," which has minimum dimensions, there is a specific type of built-in wardrobe closet for food storage. The thickness of the outer wall in the closet is usually a half-brick, in some embodiments of the buildings in this outer wall is a permanent openings. In the cold season cabinet replaced the refrigerator.

1965. September 1st. Irkutsk.

1965. Fasovschitsy. Irkutsk.

1965. Moscow. Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

1965. Shop in Listvyanka.

Listvyanka - a village in the Kemerovo region of Russia. Also there is the village of Listvyanka in Irkutsk region of Russia.

1965. September 1st. Khabarovsk

1966. Irkutsk.

1967. Milkmaid.

1967. Harvesting

1967. 50 years of the October Revolution. Moscow. Red Square.

1970. Odessa. Pioneer in the guard of honor.

1972. Tashkent. Manicure.

June 23, 1973. CPSU General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev visiting US President Richard Nixon. In the United States, of course

Note: Leonid Brezhnev died Nov. 10, 1982. Too many sincerely grieved, not without reason, fear of rapid change. After the death of Brezhnev's funeral to the most country plunged into a somber mourning. All theaters were closed, and on the TV show only ballet and classical music concerts. Mrachnyak was pandemonium. And when then mrachnyaka instead Brezhnev General Secretary was a former KGB chairman Yuri Andropov, many got cold feet is not a joke. ©

1974. Barnaul.

1974. Novosibirsk. The waiting room at the station.

1974. Soviet officials. Now this is called "office plankton»

1974. Construction.

1974. Khanty-Mansiysk.

June 27, 1974.

December 1974. Barnaul.

1975. Students

1975. Lithuania.

1975. Lithuania.

1975. The Moscow Metro

1975. Moscow. A guard of honor on Red Square.

1978. Factory director in his office.

1980. Leningrad.

1981. On some vehicles, hung a portrait of Stalin.

1982. Yalta. September. Weighing on the street in the summer - one of the pleasures of the Soviet period.

1982. Yalta. Beach.

1983. Moscow. Vasilevsky descent. Traffic police went to the Mercedes.

1983. Trans-Siberian Railway. Meeting.

Note: The Trans-Siberian Railway (Transsib), Great Siberian Way (historical name) - railroad through the Eurasian continent, connecting Moscow (before the revolution - St. Petersburg) and the largest East Siberian and Far Eastern industrial city in Russia. The length of the line 9288, 2 km - the longest railway in the world. The highest point of the path - Yablonovy Pass (1019 m above sea level). In 2002, it completed the full electrification.

1983. Trans-Siberian Railway.

1983. Trans-Siberian Railway. In the workers' hostel.

1985. Moscow.

1985. Moscow

1985. Moscow.

1986. Moscow. Newspaper showcases.

1986. Muster.

1986. Moscow. Bird market.

1987. Saleswoman kvass.


May 9, 1987.

1987. Typical Moscow apartment

May 15, 1987. Moscow. ENEA. Pavilion "Cosmos».

Note: after the first manned space flight in 1961, the exhibition, among other things, adorned with a copy of the rocket Gagarin.

1987. Rodd.

1987. 70 years of the October Revolution. Moscow. Red Square.

1987. Moscow. Pool «Moscow»

1988. Moscow. Alexander Garden. Turn to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Note: in December 1966, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the defeat of German troops near Moscow remains of the unknown soldier was moved to the Alexander Garden from a mass grave at the 40th kilometer of the Leningrad Highway (at the entrance to the city of Zelenograd). On December 12, 1997, in accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian post number 1 honor guard was transferred from the Lenin Mausoleum at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Guard carried the soldiers of the Presidential Regiment. Changing of the guard takes place every hour.

1988. Moscow. Park them. Gorky

1988. Working.

1988. Workers.

1988. Soviet paratrooper in Kabul.

December 31, 1988. Moscow. Red Square.

1990. Heated political debate in the street.

November 7, 1990. Last hits.

1991. The last soldiers of the empire.

March 17, 1991. A referendum on the question of whether to save.

August 21, 1991. Moscow.

What happened next, they know everything.


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