Mini Britney Spears

Britney Spears appeared parasite in Las Vegas. Double singer, the new "Mini Britney" is going to put on a show as part of the competition with Britney Spears. It was learned that the show Mini Britney satisfied at the same time that Britney Spears.

Sources say that Mini Britney (Helen Gant), opens onto a large stage with a show program in Beacher's Madhouse in Em-Em-Gee Grand Hotel on December 27 this year. That same night, Britney Spears made their show at Planet Hollywood.

The difference in height of 30 centimeters - not the only difference between the girls. Significant difference is their earnings - Britney is going to earn 310,000 dollars for the show ... while Mini Britney earns almost $ 310.


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