Income Lindsay Lohan

You can forget about the little red-haired cutie from "The Parent Trap", a charming girl from the sun "Freaky Friday" and "Mean Girls" and of promise dramatic actress of "Georgia Rule." Lindsay Lohan had "not the cake." But even if youth, freshness and a good reputation does not return, the lack of popularity of the 27-year-old actress is not complaining. However, the popularity of this highly specific nature - shabby appearance, drug addiction and scandalous antics Lindsay did not discuss only the lazy, blind and deaf resident tundra, which has not yet been conducted online.

We are far from condemning the girl's bad behavior (but for the pro ... anny talent and acting potential, perhaps, would be worth!), But we wondered how Lindsey earn money on alcohol, drugs, court costs and subsequent rehabilitation clinics.

This show, baby!

A few days ago it was announced release of a new reality show Lindsay Lohan on the cable channel Oprah Winfrey Network. Filming is scheduled after the release of the Lindsay Rehab. The show will show the daily life of the actress, her struggle with alcohol dependence and the return of the lost positions in an acting career. We look forward to exit the show in 2014, and are wondering what this has in the life of Lindsay that she is ready to lay her Oprah $ 2 million fee.

Million for Bunny

The fee for a reality show yet exists only on paper, but the bank account Lohan pleasantly warms million dollars from Hugh Hefner for the shooting for the cover and candid photoshoot for the magazine Playboy. When you have nothing left to earn what's left - a demonstration of his own body. Especially after all the scandals, Lindsay, nude photography is already causing no more emotion than the performance of the choir. Lohan has once again try on the image of Marilyn Monroe, but unlike the legendary Marilyn's best friend Lindsey became not diamonds, and Photoshop.

It is rumored that one of the customers was Prince of Brunei Haji Abdul Azim. Billionaire Lindsay paid 100 thousand dollars for the fact that she met the New Year with him in London.

Fashionable War

Relationship with fashion Lindsay extremely tense. It all started with the fact that cooperation with Lohan to create a new collection in 2009 was the nail in the coffin of the fashion house Ungaro. The result of their collaboration was named one of the worst collection in the history of fashion and the online retailer Net-a-Porter refused to sell clothes from this collection.

But, as can be seen in the fashion industry is not fashionable to learn from the mistakes of others, and fashion brand DNAM Lohan also invited to create and present the collection "6126". Which resulted in a new grandiose scandal - Lindsay sued 1.1. million dollars, allegedly for having not received a penny for the development of the collection. But to earn extra money without tension did not work - DNAM rolled out a counterclaim by as much as 5 million., motivated by the fact that by his behavior discredited Lohan company, resulting in a collection of failed commercially and brought huge losses. Stored popcorn and watching the development of events!

Cast act

Sometimes Lindsay still remembers that she is an actress. More precisely, the filmmakers remember this, but she is sober enough to accept. One of the last works Lohan was in a TV biopic about Elizabeth Taylor with ambiguous name «Liz & Dick». For this role, Lindsay did not have to sober up - Taylor is shown as a woman having sooo serious problems with alcohol. In general, the film was on TV quite quickly. Lindsay seriously falls short of regal charisma and femininity Taylor, who did not leave her even in a drunken state. If watching this movie, it was only for the sake of charming Grant Bowler as Richard Burton.

It is preparing to premiere next film Lindsay - low-budget picture of Paul Schrader, "The Canyons". Judging by the trailer, the film promises to be quite interesting. The plot revolves around money, sex, power, and satiety in the Hollywood Hills. Partner Lindsey is a person who could compete with it in terms of scandal - pornoaktera working under the pseudonym of James Dean, which account for more than 1,300 films.

We do not know whether to consider this film Lindsay Lohan source of income, because it is rumored that her fee was only $ 6480, but is still waiting for the world premiere of August 2nd.


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