Popular songs of Arcade Fire

and involved in the group Arcade Fire, reported that on September 9 will be released fourth album. Prior to this release date was not announced, to speak only about the year 2013.

In honor of this exciting event, we offer you a selection of 8 most popular tracks group.

8 took the track «Wake Up» c debut album «Funeral». The track is the most buoyant in the album, but the album itself is quite grim. Album «Funeral» critic Z Lundy (PopMatters) called "both painful and extremely beautiful, theatrical, and at the same time a sincere».

«Wake Up»

In the song «Wake Up» recorded a cover of Joe Legend.

7 place goes to the track «Rococo» from the album «The Suburbs». The track is very agile and lively, as does the staff. This group is a little distracting from the generic concept of rock. They often appear in the streets, experimenting with sound that can not but rejoice.


6th place goes to the composition «Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)» c album «The Suburbs». It is an academic track, where there are electronic music, there is the inclusion of classical elements, singing in two voices, powerful and bright female vocals. This song will appeal to many.

«Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)»

5th place goes to the track «No Cars Go» - the only track on the second album «Neon Bible», has entered into our selection. The album, which topped the Canadian and Irish charts, and according to the magazine Q Magazine became the album of 2007. Very cheerful and merry joy left composition within each, by intertwining polyphonic singing, classical music and rock sound.

«No Cars Go»

Beautiful instrumental cover of Maxence wrote Tsiren, French composer and pianist, who knows a lot of people on a cover of the song «Where Is My Mind» The Pixies, used in the movie "It's Kind of a Funny Story»

«No Cars Go (Maxence Cyrin)»

4 took the song «We Used to Wait». This song is also a track from the last album, about which one critic said: «The Suburbs, however, did not repeat past mistakes: it is now clear: Arcade Fire are still able to make grandiose statements, but - so that there remains a feeling, if on their shoulders - all the burdens of the world. " The song gives hope for a brighter future, a combination of rock and electronics in one package, it's very cool. Not a complicated rhythm, colorful vocal soloists make this a very popular song. As they say, all genius is simple.

«We Used to Wait»

I recorded a cover of the American singer Claire Barson.

3rd place goes to the composition «Rebellion» from the album «Funeral». This debut album topped many charts, and in the ranking of one of the magazines' top 200 albums of the two thousandth "album« Funeral »confidently took the second place, losing only« Kid A »Radiohead with the tireless Thom Yorke.


A cover version of the song recorded on the young British artist Benjamin Francis Leftwich, whose debut and only album in 2011, entered the British charts 50 albums.

«Rebellion (cover Benjamin Francis Leftwich)»

2 took the song «Ready to Stars» to the band's third album. A lively and interesting track that fits into the album, about which the lead singer Win Butler said: "This is not a declaration of love and not anathema: the letter from the suburbs" (album dedicated to the childhood memories of a suburb of Houston).

«Ready to Stars»

1 place. The most popular was the song «The Suburs» with a self-titled album. It could not happen otherwise, because this album caused a stir in the music industry, winning all possible and impossible charts in Canada, Belgium, Ireland and the United Kingdom. The album topped the Billboard 200 in 2011 and won a Grammy in the category "Album of the Year».

«The Suburbs»


What can you expect from a band that every album made an incredible step forward, and even won a Grammy last? Learn 9 September.


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