Victory Day. Song of life

In March 1975 the poet Vladimir Kharitonov turned to David Tukhmanov proposed the creation of a song dedicated to the Great Patriotic War. The country is preparing for the 30th anniversary of the Victory in the Composers' Union announced a competition for the best song about the war.
Just a few days before the end of the contest VG Kharitonov gave his poems co-author. David Tuhmanov very quickly wrote the music, and the song managed to convey to the last audition competition.

But no part of the song "Victory Day" is not occupied. Not only that, listening to the song causes painful, sharp reaction senior colleagues D. Tukhmanov against the song sounded very harsh statements about what immediately became known to the Radio and Television.
The reason was in music and its author. Poet V. Kharitonov was a veteran of the war, the songs on his poems back in the 1950s, wrote laurelled composers (Anatoly Novikov, Muradeli and others). And David Tuhmanov was a young author, known only by pop hits.
In those days, all the music determined state policy leadership of the Union of Composers, ie mainly very elderly. Age 30 years or so was considered more immature. According to the leadership of the Union of Composers, as well as television and radionachalnikov, Tuhmanov could not match the status of the author of the song a national scale.
Although D. Tuhmanov has created hits "last train", "These eyes on the contrary", "White Dance", "Song about a shoemaker," "I love you, Russia", "Gutsulochka", "My address - the Soviet Union", " What a Wonderful World "and many others, no titles and regalia, except for the Moscow Komsomol Prize, he was not. And because he is a professional composer with a diploma and wrote three dozen popular songs, but in 1973, with difficulty, was admitted to the Union of Composers.
There was a second "minus" - the music of the song "Victory Day" were heard syncopation and elements is not the tango, foxtrot not. As a result, the song was banned. The song did not miss the air - either on the radio or on television.
Some of the former chiefs of the Public Broadcaster, who now talk about how they became "godfathers" of the song "Victory Day", in fact, were the censors, who did not miss a song on the air. Without air the song as if did not exist. [Source not specified 343 days]
The first performer of the song "Victory Day" was Leonid Smetannikov. He performed on the set of her show "Blue light" on the eve of May 9, 1975.
Only in November 1975, in a concert dedicated to the Day of Police, Lev Leshchenko (actually deceiving television guide) sang "Victory Day" live on TV. The audience immediately took the song and "Victory Day" was performed again - to the "encore". After that, the song began to sing the whole country.
"Victory Day" has long existed in the form of a march, which is performed by an orchestra of many countries.

- 04.05.2005

Now the song "Victory Day" is considered to be the anthem for the veteran soldiers.
But it turns out, her fate was not easy. The song could all be forgotten in dusty archives. If, then, 30 years ago, the singer Lev Leshchenko not literally dragged it through the artistic council ...

- Leo Valerianovich that it's still a strange story with a song that did not recognize, but which has become one of the most popular and the most patriotic?

- An amazing story ... Once I was approached by a former editor of the radio station "Youth" Eugene Shirokov: "There is a very good song, but I'll just warn you - it hudsovet hacked to death." - "Why?" - "I guess it was not necessary to Tatiana Sashko (wife, songwriter, composer David Tukhmanov) to perform. I think that if you rewrite it, it will pass. " But then, without artistic council it was impossible to get on the air!

I went on tour in Alma-Ata. Here and I decided to sing "Victory Day". It was the end of April, everything is ready for May 9. This was the first night. Since then the people was something incredible! Hall got up, crying ...

The same evening I called and asked to leave Tukhmanov song for me. But it turned out for the concert in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Victory it is already selected for the shooting of TV, "Ogonyok" - by Leni Smetannikova. He sang it on May 9. After that ... it "closed" permanently. Including in my performance.

- How did it revive?

- 10 November, the day the police, we come to a rehearsal. I ask that you sing? I list, and, "if you will allow me," Victory Day ", because the police also did not stand aside when there was a war ...". After the rehearsal, I was approached by all the militia leadership and asked to complete the concert was the song. Editing for the buck: a disaster, we took off ... After the concert was broadcast live on radio and two central channels.

No one was removed. The next day, after a speech the song became a bestseller. A Guide to TV was forced to push her in 1975 on the "Song of the Year" as one of the best ... So one performance and decided the fate of the "Day of Victory».

- Why it is still banned then? What could find fault?

- And anything distinct and pronounced! Like the rustic speech for the occasion. Someone did not suit the execution ... And the people was simple, all these "wise" stupidities did not penetrate, but simply fell in love with the song, took her soul. And it turned out that there was nothing against it can not be helped ...

- Why are you now taking the festival of patriotic song?

- We do not focus our attention on the fact that the festival "This is my motherland!" - Is a patriotic song. This is a festival of songs about his native land, love of country, family and the expanse of native culture. Maybe it's not cool, but imagine more than 450 songs sent us - and young people and the elderly. Songs and Labour, and love ... When I was at his concerts offer young people (and in a hall full of it!) To sing all happy to sing "Hope", "City Flowers" and the words know! I still believe that the songs bring up man. Therefore, I took the festival, though not as universal as we would like. But ... in seven regions of hundreds of thousands of people were listening to the right song!

- You hope that the festival will solve the problem of patriotic education of youth?

- I do not cherish any illusions. But I am convinced that you need to patriotic songs played on the radio and television. Songs change their rights. That I can assure if four times to show the film "The Cranes Are Flying", the youth brand will change the view that such a war.


The words written by the poet-soldier

One day after the military parade on Red Square, at a reception in the Kremlin on the occasion of May 9 Leonid Brezhnev told the author of the words "Victory Day" poet Vladimir Kharitonov: "We will not, Volodya, and the people will sing your song."

Rights proved Brezhnev: as Kharitonov, the Victory did not tell anybody!

"The song as it turned back the clock. Although was written three decades after the war, it seems that it is her we won, "- he told us a long time friend of the poet composer Vladimir Shainskiy.

Vladimir Kharitonov went to the front in the early days of the war. He survived all that befell the soldier. And the most expensive among his many awards was the frontline medal "For Courage".

He was a very humble man. Simple and mentally able to say the main thing - the victory, about the motherland, love. During the years of literary work Kharitonov has created more than a thousand songs, including "My address - the Soviet Union," "What a Wonderful World", "Tell me, Cherry," "Russia - My Motherland", "Do not cry, little girl," "Stop music »...

They, too, have experienced their poet: the people still love them and sings.


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Composer: David Tuhmanov
poet Vladimir Kharitonov

Victory Day, as it was far away from us,
As in the fire extinct melted crayon.
Were vёrsty, burnt, in the dust, -
This day we could for hastening.

Victory Day
Smelled gunpowder,
This holiday
With gray hair at the temples.
It is a joy
With tears in his eyes.
Victory Day!
Victory Day!
Victory Day!

Days and nights at open-hearth furnaces
I did not close the eyes of our homeland.
Days and nights of hard fought battles -
This day we could for hastening.


Hi, Mom, we do not all come back ...
Would run barefoot in the dew!
Half of Europe marched, half of the Earth, -
This day we could for hastening.



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