20 songs for the New Year's mood

New Year's time - the most magical time of the year. Counters filled with gifts, streets are decorated with garlands, Christmas tree and the house appears. But because of the endless bustle, you can not have time to experience the magical atmosphere of the approaching holiday.

Therefore, Website for you chose 20 songs, which create the impression that a miracle somewhere very close. There are many songs and we were unable to include all. So we offer you to share their favorite Christmas tracks in the comments.

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! This song did not have any relation to any Christmas or the New Year holidays. Sammy Cahn and Jules Styne even wrote it in Hollywood incredibly sultry summer of 1945. Caen wrote about it: "I told Jules Stein:" Why do not we go to the beach or a refreshing swim? "And he replied:" Why do not we stay here and do not write a winter song? "I sat down at the typewriter:« O on the street so disgusting, but the fire is so delightful, And since we have nowhere to go, even if it's snowing, let it snows, it snows let ».

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Happy New YearPervaya future version of the hit was called not serious - «Daddy Do not Get Drunk On Christmas Day» («Dad, do not get drunk on Christmas"). As a result, a beautiful melody decided not to exchange jokes and lyrical thing to do. But the song is not as lyrical as extremely sad.

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Mr. SandmanIznachalno in a song written by Pat Ballard and performed by the group The Chordettes, on behalf of the lonely girl I was requested to Mr. Sendmenu (ie Sandman) send her a dream of an attractive young man. But soon after its release Ballard decided to rewrite the text, calling the song «Mr. Santa »- thus became a famous hit Christmas single.

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Magic MomentsKogda upon a time the song was played in the advertising of coffee, and it started to turn just before the New Year. Naturally, it has become synonymous for many with this holiday. This song is not about Christmas and about the New Year, but it is about magical moments, which are full of these two holidays.

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ZimaKogda hear the song, the legs themselves start to dance and sing along with the first word starts the executor, because everyone knows the words.

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Last ChristmasEto another composition, which is associated with the New Year holidays, but nothing in common except the name with them has not. «Last Christmas» executed on behalf of a guy who continues to be tormented by unrequited love for a girl left him. Instead of Christmas chorus author I could have mentioned any other holiday: New Year, Easter and Thanksgiving. Meaning «Last Christmas» this would not be changed, although the popularity of the composition would probably have suffered.

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Jingle Bells RockEto one of the variations on the theme world's most popular Christmas song «Jingle Bells». The composition not only ranks high in the music charts, the increasing popularity of the song has brought its inclusion in the soundtrack of many films. In particular, it was played in the "bun", "Lethal Weapon" and the second part of the movie "Home Alone».

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The Forest Raised a Christmas Tree The words of one of the most popular children's Christmas songs were written by Russian poetess Raisa Kudasheva more than 100 years ago - in 1903. A couple of years they have been set to music by Leonid Beckman, scientist-agronomist by training. Beckman has composed a song for his daughter, greatly shortening the original. It is noteworthy that the agronomist-composer did not know musical literacy, so tune recorded by his wife.

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Jingle BellsSamaya popular Christmas song. In the original song Jingle Bells had a different melody. It was first published in 1857 by American composer James Lord Pierpont. It was called «One Horse Open Sleigh», and the melody of it was harder - more reminiscent of classical pieces by Mozart. Someone redid the text and melody of Jingle Bells to the version that we all know to this day unknown.

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Have Yourself A Merry Little ChristmasIzvestnoy this song became after the execution of Judy Garland in the 1944 film "Meet Me in St. Louis." Although the performance is the most popular version is Judy Garland, we decided to include in its list of New Year's faster version of Ella Fitzgerald.

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Three white konyaVoobsche fact, this song is not only Christmas as a winter - a holiday in it is just a word. But as the movie-musical, loosely based on the story of recycled Strugatsky "Monday starts on Saturday" was a New Year's Eve, and the song itself is associated with chimes and other fantastic attributes.

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We Wish You A Merry ChristmasEtot popular carol known in England from the XVI century. This is one of the few traditional Christmas carols, which refers to the celebration of the New Year.

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Winter WonderlandV beginning of his career dreamy «Winter Wonderland» performed primarily orchestras and, strangely, firmly stuck in all the Christmas collections, although the composition itself is no direct mention of the festival.

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Here Comes Santa ClausEtu wrote a song popular American singer Gene Autry. One day, he took part in the parade Santa Claus in Los Angeles, during which the audience shouted: "Here comes Santa Claus!" This inspired to write a song that is a favorite of the audience afterwards. And, despite the fact that the performance is the most popular version of Elvis Presley, we offer to listen to the excellent performance of Doris Day.

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Rockin 'Around The Christmas TreeNesmotrya the adult sound, Brenda Lee sang this song when she was only 13 years old. Later this song became the soundtrack to one of the New Year films - "Home Alone."

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Rudolph The Red-Nosed ReindeerPesnya about the most famous reindeer of Santa - Rudolf, who, according to legend, was a red nose. A good tale by Frank Sinatra brings Christmas mood could not be better.

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If it had not been zimyPesnya by mother Uncle Fyodor know and love both adults and children. Initially, the text of Yuri Entin was slightly longer in the two verses, but as a dynamic and ever cartoon Uncle Mother Theodore could not sing, had to be cut.

Five minutV that distant 1956 sweet voice of the young star Lyudmila Gurchenko fun sing "a song about five minutes," flew over the airwaves over the entire country.
Since then, none of the New Year is complete without this song.

Carol Of The BellsEta song is an adaptation of the Ukrainian folk song "Shchedryk", has become known in the treatment of Ukrainian composer Mykola Leontovich. Nikolai Leontovich was working on a familiar version of almost all his life. To date, the American choirs, professional and amateur, sing it work as a carol for Christmas. It is truly a small miracle of Ukrainian, who conquered the continents.

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