What is the "Beatles" what is their success?

Every year more and more often have to deal with people expressing their frustration in modern rock music. The essence of their dissatisfaction can be reduced to Lermontov "Yes, there were people in our time ..." And as those who completely steals the show "current tribe" is called in the first place, Jimi Hendrix, "Doors", "Creedence" and, of course same, "The Beatles».

For pop music is characterized by all sorts of retro wave: whether dance twist or Glenn Miller Orchestra. Even modern playing rock nrolla inevitably has a tinge of stylization - in sound, style, clothing; not without reason called "traditional". A completely different situation with "The Beatles": the perception of their music does not feel any temporal distance. It is still fresh, as if exists in parallel with all modern trends. All thirteen plus years after "The Beatles" broke up, they remain even without much advertising efforts with one of the most popular bands in the world, quietly going through the ups and downs of competitors "for a day" ... find even substitute their live performances - all over the world on tour dozens of ensembles, imitating "The Beatles».
So, what exactly is "The Beatles" and what is the secret of such enduring popularity? We offer excerpts from the three articles of the Liverpool quartet. The first - of the American Journal of BEATLES - yesterday, today and forever. "Time" - refers to the period of the zenith of the career of "The Beatles" (1967), the second - from the newspaper British Communists "Morning Star" - coincides with the collapse of ansamblin; third (music & quot; border = 0 src = «Beatles - Yesterday, Today, Forever. Journal" THE BEATLES - Yesterday, Today, Forever "Kroudeddi") - dates back to 1973 year.
... Early music "Beatles" different excess tumultuous feelings, but among the monotonous wasteland "rock" is the foundation of this music, only occasionally come across an unexpected oasis of harmony. The biggest commercial success of "The Beatles" - the song "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" - is a standard lyrics on the theme of youthful love, with a simple motif, packed in a standard structure pop songs. Beatles themselves did not satisfy become cliches of sound and youthful verse. Paul McCartney recalls: "We were afraid of the prospect of becoming like those singers who gradually lose their naturalness and end by singing falsely sentimental songs. We believed that people, and we ourselves will be better if the songs will be more reality ».
And over time, John Lennon, chief songwriter group began to listen carefully to all the songs of the American folkpevtsa Bob Dylan, whose works Lennon drew less sullen protest, as the desire to tell all that, "as it is". Gradually and in his songs "The Beatles" were talking about "how it is." In "The Man from Nowhere" (1965), which "do not have their views," and who "does not know where he is going," the Beatles asked: "He looks like a little bit and to us, is not it?" In "writer paperback books "(1966), they mocked cowardly fun haggling hired hacks.

Departure from the platitudes "big beat" became even sharper when the music & quot; border = 0 src = «Beatles - Yesterday, Today, navsegda.files / y-rt.gif» maker McCartney became a surprisingly lyrical talent. In 1965, he sang the most beautiful of his ballads - "Yesterday" - to the accompaniment of a string octet. This success resulted in the birth of the style "baroque-rock." "Raga rock" owes its origins to George Harrison, who, fascinated by Indian music, he studied with sitarist virtuoso Ravi Shankar and introduced sitarnuyu subject to record the song "Norwegian Wood" (1965). Now sitar involved all and sundry.
"Strawberry Fields" with their complex size, free and exciting tonal modulations "embellishment" has already witnessed the flowering of "The Beatles" as musicians. They managed to get rid of the template structure pop songs, make it more flexible, "stretch" it, decorate harmonic palette of colors and new frets cross-rhythms, using classical techniques composers of different eras and styles, from Bach to Stockhausen. They have enriched the sound, widely using string and wind instruments. With the help of arranger and producer George Martin, they entered into the world of cosmic electronic effects, achieving their part by combining multiple records and scroll them back at different speeds. Now that the song "The Beatles" are becoming more sophisticated and relate more complex problems, the group loses the youngest contingent of their fans who are eager to scream and shout, trying to grasp the essence of what we heard. Instead, "The Beatles" were recognized another, more responsive audience. "We suddenly discovered - says George Harrison, - that all those who considered themselves superior to the Beatles, now were our admirers." New audience group is made up of college students, but not only them. "The Beatles" is now recognized and the parents of these students, and many teachers.
Young people feel the art of "The Beatles" bold directness and honesty. They were impressed by the freedom and fairness judgments of four. They look at the Beatles as to their peers, which can always be relied on, because "the Beatles" will tell them what they want to hear from them, will say frankly and openly ...
"The Beatles": prophetic voice
"Memories stretch farther than the road that lies ahead." These words could very well be a classic stitching music repertoire hollnogo time of our fathers.
The band "The Beatles", which took place in Hamburg and Liverpool grueling stages departure from the scene could not have caused a feeling of great regret. Studio recording was for her spiritual abode. Here, led by the skilful hand of George Martin, the Beatles performed their experiments and subtle manipulation, often leads to the discovery.
All they did was a valuable contribution to music. However, it should be remembered and how happy group helped luck and foresight of people directly contribute to its take-off. The sudden rise of "The Beatles" occurred at the very time when pop music was in a state of the deepest depression. So do not be too harsh to condemn unknown "person of" Decca ", which refused to sign a contract with the band at the very beginning of his musical career.
They say that talent, like love, will always find their way. For pop music is not always true, and the Beatles, like many others, had at first encounter variability Sympathies and ruthlessness of the music business. If they wanted to, they are unlikely to ever be created "Sergeant Pepper" and many other things, if it continued to perform in clubs, earning a pittance.
Watching how often excellent record mercilessly "go down into the sewer," I sometimes think about what would happen to "The Beatles", if the success of their first recordings did not give them creative freedom, which they so often used later, ignoring to the dictates of "best-seller lists." Before becoming an artist in the true sense of the word, they had to first become a pop evezdami.
There is no doubt that Lennon and McCartney were the best and prolific composers of the whole pop era, and probably also the whole commercial era, since the means of recording and communication have made possible the emergence of the "stars" in the sense that it came to be understood in the XX century.
Works of Lennon and McCartney sound in a variety of styles and interpretations - from Ella Fitzgerald to the local dance club. Of course, the inevitable and numerous cases of "castration" of their music some tasteless arranger needful cheap cabaret. And it once again remind us of how resilient their music.


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