Facts about the legendary «The Beatles»

August 29, 1966 in the park Kendlstik in San Francisco happened to one of the most frustrating and disappointing events of the 20th century - the legendary "Beatles" gave their last concert, ending his song Little Richard «Long Tall Sally». In fact, the collapse of the official group of all time occurred in 1970 when Paul McCartney released his first solo album. But the crack, even more unofficial appeared at a time - in August 1966 - when the "Beatles" took a mutual decision to no longer perform live. And, the truth soon after the last tour of each of them was engaged in the affairs.

Paul McCartney began to compose music for the film «The Family Way», and then went for a vacation to France, Spain and Kenya, John Lennon first went to Germany, and then moved to Spain to star in a film by Richard Lester «How I Won The War "and George Harrison with his young wife flew to Bombay. It is noteworthy that 1966 was the first year when "The Beatles" was released not two, but only one album («Revolver») and two singles instead of three, one of them - «Yellow Submarine» - was taken from the already finished album - trick to this group have never resorted. Soon their manager Brian Epstein had to deny the first wave of rumors about their decay. But, alas, in November of the same 1966, John Lennon met Yoko Ono, which further aggravated the situation as a whole and has served as a catalyst for deepening the same "crack". We are, in spite of the sad date, decided to recall the most interesting facts about the most religious group.

1. None of the band members did not know musical notation.

2. John Lennon at the peak of Fame announced that the Beatles became popular Jesus Christ himself. And it is extremely perturbed by this radio KLUE from a small Texas town held a public burning of share plates and other symbols of the famous group, which was attended by most of her listeners. Now, the most interesting and mysterious happened the next day, when the building of the station struck lightning, after which all the equipment has been put out of action, and its announcer fainted.

3. All four Beatles, being British, married Americans.

4. Paul and Ringo were left-handed.

5. «The Beatles» were the first group that has placed his drum set in the foreground of the scene. The debut happened in their native Liverpool. And after Pete Best fans almost knocked over, jerked on the scene, this course was canceled.

6. John Lennon's aunt always loved to repeat the phrase: Guitar - a good tool. However, it is not suitable for making money. And, becoming extremely rich, John bought his aunt villa, which has a marble wall with her favorite quote.

7. harmonica, which sounds in the song «Love Me Do», John Lennon stole the summer of 1960 in a music shop of the Dutch town of Arnhem.

8. When Paul wrote song «Yesterday», professional musicians accompanying him have called the string quartet composition - semitaktnym non-square building and stated that music in general because they do not write. And after recording the other band members began to doubt whether it is worth to include it in the album, and even insisted that the song did not let separately. As a result in the British charts it entered by singer Matt Monro, who released their version of the hit. In other countries the song was released as a single and everywhere soared to the top ranks of the charts.

9. During a tour in Hamburg Beatles had to use strings of a piano club, as for the purchase of normal strings did not have money.

10. «The Beatles» were the first in the history of who printed on the back cover of the album lyrics of all the songs.

11. Album «Please Please Me» was the only one in which the authorship of the songs is referred to as «McCartney / Lennon». All subsequent already represent standard «Lennon / Mccartney».

12. John Lennon five times more likely was the lead vocals in the band's songs, than Paul McCartney.

13. For his first album, each of the Beatles got to 29 pounds.

14. The composition «Girl» was the first in the repertoire «The Beatles», which was released in the USSR. This happened in 1967.

15. The National Anthem France Beatles was used in the introduction of super hit «All You Need Is Love».

16. After graduating in 1967 composition «Penny Lane», Liverpool suffered serious losses due to theft of signs on the houses. As a result, it was decided to write the name of the street and house number directly on the walls of buildings away from sin.

17. Last joint Beatles photoshoot took place in 1969. August 22, the quartet of musicians, as well as Yoko Ono, Linda McCartney, Shepherd Marta and two donkeys posing in Tittenherstskom Park.

18. Before the first large-scale tour of «The Beatles», the company «Baskin-Robbins» invented and launched a special ice cream «Beatle Nut».

19. In the song «Hey, Jude» you can hear the exclamation PolaOh, fucking hell! .. It was too violent reaction to the wrong chord. But John insisted that the phrase was left in the original recording, and only slightly muted.

20. To sit at the school desk Ringo Starr - one of the objects of pilgrimage - you have to pay five pounds.

21. At the beginning of the song «Yesterday» called «Eggs» (Scrambled Eggs). And so, for example, sounded the first line: Scrambled eggs, oh my baby how I love your legs.

22. Each of the members of the legendary quartet has its "own" asteroid named after him. These asteroids are adjacent to each other on the serial numbers from 4147-th to 4150-th.

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