Venice Film Festival 2013

The third day of the Venice Film Festival delighted guests Film Forum the two premiers. The first members of the jury evaluated the work of director David Gordon Green's "Joe", the main role which played Nicolas Cage. In the picture, the actor appeared in the form of a bandit, an ex-con who suddenly for itself takes custody of a homeless teenager, and together the two of them trying to find a way to a better life. The film is presented in the main competition program of the festival and has all chances to become the owner of "Golden Lion».

Further noteworthy exits the third day of the Venice Film Festival.

Mr. Cage has appeared at the premiere of his film, accompanied by a loving wife Alice Kim. The actor made the choice in favor of the classic black suit from Armani, and his wife chose to evening dress of silk olive-colored draperies with Greek-style belt with a fringe. Nicholas and Alice looked very happy and now and then indulged the tenderness in the public eye.

Nicolas with director David Gordon Green, Ronnie Gene Blevins actors and Tye Sheridan, who played the role of a homeless teenager.

Canadian actress Sarah Gadon, we know the film "Cosmopolis" with Rob Pattinson appeared at the premiere as a guest. She posed for photographers in the dress of caramel color, the design of which was clearly inspired by the aesthetics of the 50's. The dress consisted of a bodice in satin lingerie style and lush midi skirts, and as a complement to it, Sarah chose a scarlet lipstick and sandals in pastel shades.

Evening dress gentle caramel color chosen for the red carpet and Alice Bellagamba, a dancer of Italian origin. The dress looked particularly impressive in conjunction with exquisite gold jewelry and lipstick and nail polish shade of warm coral. It seems that on the island of Lido, the summer is still in full swing!

Alice and other brands Dzhiammrini

Dilute all this "sweet" actress Isabelle Adriani splendor in a spectacular black dress with a rich glossy finish. Deciding that his dress with feathers and sequins is not enough smart, bright Italian extended its luxurious image of a diamond necklace, which attracted the attention of

After Nicolas Cage and company left the red carpet, came the high point shooting team of the film "The Canyons", directed by Paul Schrader. This film is known primarily for its unusual cast - starring in it executed a former porn actor James Dean and notorious Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay, who waited more than the rest of Venice, the festival has not arrived, explaining that the process of recovery after a stint in rehab, but Mr. Dean gladly take part in celebrations on the occasion of the premiere. The actor went on the red carpet accompanied by his girl named Standing. The couple looked very modest in their restrained black toilets, but did not hesitate in expression of feelings.

In the absence of Lindsay on the red carpet, the brightest woman premieres became an actress thenyl Houston in a beautiful ball gown smoky-gray color with a floral decoration of handwork. The dress looked very nice and attracted worldwide attention. After all, it is such elegant dresses and we are waiting on the red carpet events such as the Venice Film Festival.



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