Venice Film Festival 2014: Day Three

And we continue to monitor what is happening on the island of Lido, which now runs the 71st Venice Film Festival. Yesterday at the film festival premiere of two films that will compete for the "Golden Lion" - the main prize of the festival. The first came out on the red carpet filmmakers "99 houses", which involved Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon. Unfortunately, the beloved bearded Andrew Emma Stone at this time is not nearly premiere of his presence, so we had to settle for fashionable celebrities outputs smaller caliber. The premiere of the Chinese drama "The Road" was also not rich in familiar faces, but that has not lost its significance.

As true patriots, let's start with an overview of our compatriot Victoria Boni, which has recently become attached to the very festivals. The cause of Vicky at events world-wide, we have not learned, but the fact remains - it is in Venice and have to put up with this. In addition, fashionable image Vicki is not inferior in its beauty finery other guests of the ceremony - Zuhair Murad dress meets all requirements of the dress code demanding activities, including intense garnet hue, glamorous and seductive finish the cut from the hip. To the credit of Victoria also want to say that she demonstrated her outfit with dignity and confidence in his own irresistibility.

Fashion empire heiress Gaia Trussardi Trussardi, of course, went on the red carpet in a dress of the famous brand. I do not like outfits of the same material - Tighting golden fabric reminds me of chocolate blestyashki and looks rather scruffy, rather than luxurious.

Italian actress Elena Barolo demonstrated on the red carpet turquoise evening gown made of lace and decorated with sequins. Outfit even though he was handsome, but not extremely original, but the accessories of our heroine - royally luxurious and unusual emerald ring clutch in the form of oyster shell - were beyond praise.

Kathryn Hahn, who arrived at the ceremony in the company of his friend and colleague Owen Wilson, made a bet on black total-look. The actress was on the floor with a skirt and short jacket draped generously decorated with large crystals and shiny sequins.

Another couple of photos from the premiere of the film "99 housesĀ»:

Andrew Garfield

Michael Shannon

Star Chinese showbiz Zhao Wei, starred in the drama "The Road" director Peter Chan has not changed its long-standing tradition and stepped on the red carpet in an avant-garde creation Vivienne Westwood. Fluffy dress shade of lemon meringue (on both!) Was decorated with contrasting black insert on the skirt and a white belt at the waist. In my opinion, it is too voluminous outfit for such a petite girl like Zhao, and it simply does not "pull" him on the red carpet. This is exactly the case when not a girl wears a dress and dress - Woman.

Another representative of Eastern cinema Lei Hao opted for a classic elegant black dress-columns with payetochnoy embroidery and intersecting belt. The image was complemented by red leather clutch reptiles, which was in harmony with the color of nail polish and lipstick shades.


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