Opening MIFF 2012

"What are we all about Europe, but about America?" - I thought, and decided to write a post-review with a red carpet Moscow International Film Festival 2012. But there was something to see: our fashion outfits compatriots, of course, inferior dresses of their colleagues overseas but at the same time it looks very dignified. By the way, this time the 34th Moscow International Film Festival visited and global star - Tim Burton came to present his film "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter." But we Burton, if a red carpet full of the finest creations of fashion designers Russian ?!

First, who struck my fancy at the International Film Festival in 2012, was the 24-year-old actress Lyanka Gryu. I know this girl in the film "Triumph" (2000), which led us to the whole class to look at the school, but many others it is likely to remember for the series "Barvikha". Leanca was on a black dress on the floor to the bottom with flared skirt and an open back. The dress would look very simple, if not for this scattering shining crystals on the shoulders and a great figure of the actress - looks very beautiful and sexy.

Olesya Sudzilovskaya opted for the red carpet very simple outfit - at first it reminded me of a piece of cloth, belted lace, but if we reject the fantasy, it looks pretty good. Although not great.

A former editor of L'Officiel Evelina Khromchenko very surprised us and came to the ceremony not in your favorite black and deep blue. Very simple strapless dress looks good even in the absence of accessories, except for a thin strap at the waist and in the thick-rimmed glasses that have become the hallmark of Evelyn.

Alika Smekhova in ivory dress with a lot of drapery. Not a bad choice - all in moderation, as the main focus of a beautiful decoration on the shoulder attracts as much attention as needed. By the way Alik looks very good and fresh - a good makeup!

The former "Miss Universe" Oksana Fedorova opted for the red carpet dress a beautiful sky-blue color. I like to dress with a plunging neckline and cut from the hip, but it does not paint a figure Oksana. Blame draping at the waist - they make it thicker.

Nikita Mikhalkov's daughter-Lisa came to the ceremony with her husband Stephan and children. Lisa was very beautiful dress from Alexander Terekhov rowanberry print. The original pattern and play of green and blue shades compensate simple design.

As always, on the red carpet there were lovers of red. Singer Victoria Dayneko posed for the camera in a long asymmetrical dress scarlet hue with a snake in his hand clutch and beige shoes on his feet. I believe that image lacks radiance - earrings or a bracelet with shiny stones would correct the situation.

Zhanna Friske appeared before us in the image of the Greek goddess - a long white dress and high careless hairstyle made perfect ensemble. I enjoy myself Jeanne and her outfit, though this figure could afford something more fitting.

Red carpet - no red carpet, if there are no images in the style of old Hollywood. It is in this ceremony appeared on Anna Azarov. Of course, it is not a pure style of old Hollywood, but rather its mixing with the more modern trends, but the fact remains. Deep purple color, flowing fabrics, luxurious decoration for the unexpected blue dress and hair in retro style created this image of Anne.

One of the most stylish girls Russian Ravshan Kurkova appeared before us in a magnificent white dress Chapurin Haute Couture with a flying pleated skirt and a great decor on the bodice. In this way all great, but if you find fault :) I do not like the fact that this is the decor is not sewn to the cut line - it seems as if he looked.

Very pleased with his manner, and Sati Casanova. Excuse me for not being the most successful picture, but it can be clearly seen in the volume of the skirt and its iridescent color. The whole dress looks very unusual - shades of gray do not often see on the red carpet, and dull the gate - and even more so.

Originality does not hold and the image of Alena Babenko. Apparently, the actress has decided to stand out and put on a hat in the style of Chris Brown and even seasoned her veil. I do not really understand her choice, especially because without this bonnet outfit would look good, but there was nothing to fix.

Catherine Strizhenova straight cut dress in blue and purple. I have mixed feelings about her outfits - maybe should choose the outfit with a dedicated waist to denote proportions of the figure, but on the part of fellow jewelry Katya - a delightful bracelet.

Actress Elena Zakharova obviously missed with a choice of style of dress. Firstly, draperies do not conceal the extra pounds, but on the contrary they are added, and, secondly, the legs should cover - are not in good shape. But very beautiful sandals.

"Red Riding Hood" of our childhood Poplavskaja Ian in a dress the color of mint beautiful. But in addition to the colors in the image of the actress I do not like anything else. In my opinion, a strap and bodice prisborennoe - fashion of bygone days.

Renata Litvinova not change his style and selects retro era dress. This time the choice of the actress and the director fell on a long black dress in the style of the 20s, dotted with sequins. Of course, the image of Renata supplemented as necessary in the 20s multilayer necklace of shining stones. Renata outfit looks good, but the skirt at the dress is not the most convenient - an actress in it a little bit confused.

Another lady in red Olga Budina and its numerous flounces. I myself hardly ever wore something similar, but this outfit has a right to life. The only thing that confuses me is the platform shoes - looks rough. I understand that for women of small stature wants to look taller, but it is worth to replace the platform without a graceful sandals.

Anastasia Makeyev bestowed at the ceremony, accompanied by her husband Gleb Matveychuk. Actress wore a dress made of beautiful purple lace on black lining. I agree that this dress Nastya looks very bright, but I did not abandon the idea that it looks well, very hard. The only way - to get rid of the sleeves.

The daughter of famous parents Andrei Mironov and Catherine Gradova Maria Mironova opted for the red carpet is very delicate outfit that lacked for a complete picture of the fashion review. I will not go into the details, everything is visible - the perfect dress, accessorized in retro style.

Ekaterina Klimova in a dress with a hint of Spanish style, and a fan in hands. Well, quite original image, but I want to once again ease - still black velvet is not the old stuff. Incidentally, the actress appeared at the ceremony, accompanied by her husband, Igor Petrenko, teddy suit with which her dress was a beautiful ensemble. Just noticed that Igor is very aged.

Svetlana Bondarchuk dress LUBLU Kira Plastinina. This time, the young designer tried their best and created a beautiful asymmetrical dress with Basques and beautiful shimmering finish on the skirt. It looks very worthy, but the selection of accessories - it is the handiwork of the Svetlana, who made an excellent choice in favor of large jewelry with turquoise stones and less successful klatchka. In this case, a small plastic case would fit much better.

Maria Kozhevnikova in costume dress type with a cut from the hip. The image of the good, but to bring it to the ideal I have collected the hair at the nape (the hair in retro style would look best) and would get rid of the Chanel 2.55. Of course, this is blasphemy, so to talk about the legendary bag, but as it looks too heavy clutch.


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