Creative Billboards

Advertisers - the most creative people in the world. And what they do not come up to draw attention to goods and services! Some of their ideas to surprise and delight, some - shock, disgust others, and some even can be considered a full-fledged art objects. No matter what feelings cause this or that advertisement, the main thing that it noticed - that is the purpose of advertising specialists. In this post a selection of the most unusual billboards all over the planet.

Superkreativnaya advertising the film "The Day After Tomorrow" with a hint of the disclosure of the plot.

A billboard advertises the second part of the movie "Kill Bill". Viewing children under 17 unless accompanied by parents.

3D-billboard for the film "Gulliver's Travels»

Advertising trimmer Panasonic is using wires

Paint Berger: natural colors

Advertisement British edition of the magazine The Economist: in billboard mounted sensor that reacts to people passing underneath. The lamp lights up at the right time - if a person has a brilliant idea, as in the comics.

"Failure is not worth the distance»

Advertising Calvin Klein underwear only works in rainy weather

The same principle is at the site of the billboard of German Playboy, only here and the inscription: "Guys, pray for rain».

Penline - very sticky tape

Billboard advertising the conference «Science World», «encrusted» 9000 artificial stones: diamonds are not so rare

International Film Festival in Calgary: only the best movies make you cry.

Razors Bic

Waterproof mascara Max Factor: one eye, I made up a conventional ink, the other - waterproof Max Factor. Normal ink has not passed the test of rain.

A giant billboard on shoes Woodland - advertising footwear for mountaineering.

The German manufacturer of razors Martor Solinger shows the acuteness of the goods - billboards scattered around the dismembered bodies of pigeons, they were very careless ...

Advertisement restaurants Oldtimer

Ski Resort Mammoth

Optical illusion in advertising milk Anando, after a glass in which you opened superhuman abilities. View impressive.

Advertising channel Discovery. In celebration of the "Shark Week" television office turned into a giant shark.

Social advertising project on road safety: "Rain changes everything. Please continue to move in line with the weather conditions. " As soon as it starts to rain, the poster boy begins to bleed.

Advertising pizza, which comes from the steam. It looks very appetizing.

But these billboards supermarket chains Bloom not only the original look and smell delicious - grilled steak and blueberry muffins. Mmm!

Another "smoking" advertising - the social project of a network of clinics Avera Health

The joint project of the manufacturer of paint products Coops' Paints and insurance company groups Nationwide: immediately evident that the paint is a good and reliable insurance company.

Natural hair dye Kolestone Naturls: color "hair" model varies depending on time of day and it looks natural and naturally.

Creative billboards Coca-Cola

Advertisers benefit from the building under construction was used to advertise the gym Powerhouse

Another social projects related to safe driving: "The back seat is not safe. Fasten your seat belt, "... and then fly out like a slingshot.

Advertising fitness center

Advertising powder Ariel in action: from a distance you can see the stain on his shirt, but the closer you get, the faster the stain disappears and becomes visible inscription with the name of the powder.

Headache tablets Tylenol - help even when the head is splitting.

And then carry bird to her nest of chocolate bars Nestle - are they delicious!

Action could be anywhere. "Transparent" with advertising billboards Sony Playstation.

The world's first billboard of real chocolate, weighing 390 kg was created by the production of chocolate products on the occasion of Easter Thorntons in London in 2007. It consisted of 10 chocolate rabbits, 72 eggs and 128 chocolate slices, but was eaten three hours hungry passers-by.

Well, everything is clear: advertising Heineken and a giant hand reaching out for a bottle of beer

Your teeth will be as healthy and strong, if you brush them with toothpaste Formula

Billboard-arch from Adidas, on the occasion of the World Cup in 2006

Billboard car Chevrolet Aveo, created from 20,000 odnopensovyh coins was pulled greedy passers in just 30 minutes

Again PSAs about safe driving. The inscription on top reads: "You can make a convertible out of any car," and post above: "Failure to comply with a distance behind a truck can make a convertible out of any machine».

Very interesting billboard McDonalds made on the basis of hours of sunshine: the time depends on the poster, you can choose a cake, hamburger, a cup of coffee, etc. Everything is done for the convenience of the client - that he long wondered at the cash register.

Advertisement "Imodium" - everything is clear without words

Advertising series "Law & Order" on channel TW3


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