Creative billboards with meaning

We are constantly talking about new technologies, about the non-standard advertisements and interactive. But we want to remind about such a familiar, not very fashionable, is actively being dismantled in many cities as the billboard format. Customers have forgotten that to be creative design, and the support does not matter.

Television channel TV3: Law & Order

Natural dyes Berger

The magazine «The Economist»

Social advertising "tailgating»

Advertising underwear Calvin Klein

«Penline Stationary» - a strong tape.

Science World

9000 Rethinking glued dazzling glass "diamonds" on the billboard conference "Treasures of the world of science." It dramatizes the fact is that compared to most other gemstones, diamonds are not such a rarity

CNN: Stories With the Full Background

International Film Festival in Calgary

Shavers BIC

Advertising the film The Day After Tomorrow

Waterproof mascara Max Factor

Shoes Woodland: «Climbing shoes».

Very sharp blades «Martor Solingen»

Restaurants Oltimer

Resort Mammoth

Anando Milk - superhuman abilities

Social advertising on road safety.

During the rain starts billboard "bleed».

Hair Trimmer from Panasonic

Donatos Pizza: Steaming Pizza

Advertising movie Kill Bill 2

Systematics Peter Walsh

Avera Health: The smoking billboard

Coop's Paints (Advertisement insurance company)

Natural hair dye Koleston Naturals

Fitness center Zhangbei


Gym Powerhouse


"Guys, pray for rain.»

YMCA: Basketball billboard

"The back seat is safer. Fasten »

Mixer Siemens

Silberman's Fitness Center

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