Advertising on asphalt

Asphalt in the world of advertising has already become an important private media kanalom.V Russia we can only watch silently envious. Despite the fact that the law prohibiting advertising on the asphalt in Russia yet, the city government is actively fighting it, and deputies develop appropriate amendments. Therefore, in Russia so little creative outdoor advertising, like below.

But advertising on the asphalt - a kind of street art that can add piquancy and variety to the dull urban landscape.

Condoms Durex

In Belgium, where the roads are quite a few artificial roughness, bumps and edges on the pavements used in partisan for Durex.

Social advertising of political prisoners

On manhole sticker pasted to Amnesty International labeled "Hundreds of people held in detention for their beliefs in places worse than this.»

Social advertising about cleanliness goroda

Such a large cigarette made from the "bulls" in a statement about the purity of the city: "Do not be a jerk, throw cigarette butts in the trash».

Advertising against vandalizma

Advertising telephone hotline through which is to inform about the absence of a sewer manhole cover on.

Water - it zhizn

As part of the environmental campaign the main street of the Dutch town of Drachten painted blue paint.


McDonald's zebra repainted in yellow and pririsoval her a box of potatoes.

Stationery FedEx Kinko

Indian Education Foundation Aseema

Aseema draw public attention to the problem of education of poor children vivid accounts embedded in the grille over livnevki.

Advertising symphonic muzyki

Advertising on safe vozhdenii

In Portugal, the zebra has become a memorial to those killed on the roads.

Travel YUAR

The original "zebra" was created in India to promote tourism in South Africa.


"Three-dimensional" drawings on the pavement Julian Beever.

Centre fix prikusa

On the billboard orthodontist center Altschul says "Up».

Barber Bubbles

TC Shopping Curitiba

Crosswalk in a barcode advertises supermarket chain.

BBQ Vijay

In advertising sales barbecue Vijay livnevki used to symbolize the old, dirty, grimy grids for meat.

Advertising knigi

Book Maximum Ride, promoted under the slogan "Children who are able to fly," advertised using pictures glued on the road from a great height. So the people stopped at the curb the feeling that now they will step into the void.

Cleaner Mr.Proper

Perfectly clean strip "zebra" in advertising Mr.Proper.

Camera Canon

Parking columns disguised as a camera lens.

Coffee Folgers

For dymyaschaysya installing manholes were used to ferry them bursting out.

Advertising on besprizornikah

Foundation for homeless children to use stickers with the image of his players to visualize the "conclusion" of children on the streets.

Dog food Pedigree

Dogs ran up to themselves glued to the asphalt bowls images, because the images are imbued with the scent of the Pedigree.

Chewing gum Orbit

Asphalt bumps and manholes used in advertising Orbit for analogies with the mouth, from which stinks.


The unique cross-car Jeep illustrated here such unusual places for parking.

The university McKenzie placed on the sidewalk just such an anti-drug advertisements depicting "end of the road" of addicts.

Advertising on savings vody

Stain K2r

"Try K2r».

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