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A selection of different according to the degree of creativity of social advertising.

Drink, smoke

not drive!


Advertising against abortion

Advertising against the cruelty of the authorities

State Police Colorado: crumpled billboard

Patrol of the US state of Colorado has placed the bulk billboard simulating the effects of a car accident.

Smoking causes an unexpected end

Advertising in the middle of the book. Caption: If you smoke, statistically your story is over 15% ahead of schedule.

Your speed = number of days in the hospital

Interactive Billboard in the United States, showing the effects of exceeding a speed of 25 miles / hour.

Do you like snow? Try to sleep on it

Advertising in the United Kingdom to help the homeless.

Help feed the homeless

Advertising Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Australia

Smoking kills more than an accident

Canada has established a car-lined high cigarette to tell that smoking kills more people each year than road accidents.

Is there a better way to build a career

Advertising service employment in Germany.

Billboard with blood. Not to drive in the rain.

When is the rain - there are red streaks at the child as a call to reduce speed.

Check gas

Advertising in Ukraine.

Advertising against trafficking

"If you pay a prostitute - you finance trafficking." Advertising Agency: Mikado Publicis Luxembourg

Prostheses for disabled

The Indian organization is engaged in the development of prosthetics for people with disabilities, including the creation of complex artificial foot with a polyurethane skin.


Do not hide domestic violence

Open or not to open? Advertising Agency: DDB Shanghai, China

The warming is killing polar bears

Advertising World Wide Fund for Nature

Closed straw

Cholesterol does the same thing with your arteries. Be careful what you eat!

Smokers look just

Prevention of major cardiovascular diseases

It is better to prevent than to deal with this.

Child abuse

"Stay on our side. Report on violence! »

Save paper

Mouse Pad - advertising against breast cancer

"Massage the chest to identify at an early stage cancer».

Do not lose control of himself

Advertising in the Czech Republic, against violence against women.

Amnesty International - Hung

Advertising on buses from the German human rights organization.

Do not hide the violence!

Advertising Agency: SERVE, US

Advertising, which reacts when looking at her

"This happens when no one is looking" Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Germany

Beaten women in buses

Social advertising against violence against women in Indonesia.

Skin cancer

"Reduce time in the sun is easier than to cut out skin cancer. Take a free cream against sunburn »
Advertising Agency: Cooch Creative, Australia.


If you see an open door - call and let us know until someone does not become a disabled person. Advertising in China.


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