The worst advertising (41 photos)

Topic "krovischi and dismemberment" creatives used irrespective of the category of promotional items: milk and advertisements can be found scattered on the part of the child, and horror television advertising can be seen bleeding man with six knives in the chest. But already in the public service animal protection and public safety and health intimidating factor - one of the most popular methods.
Advertising against smoking

Slogan: Tear off the hook.
Children's Defense Fund: Porcelain boy

Social advertising of cruelty to children. Tagline: You can lose more than your patience.

Autumn collection of clothes Superette: Fence

Advertising plays meaning of the English word «fall» (1. autumn, fall 2), as well as scandalous, but not new to the fashion-industry idea that only the deceased wear the best clothes. Slogan: Be caught dead in it / Let death find you there.
The remedy for a sore throat Mebucaine: Roth horror

The idea of ​​announcing prints show "horror mouth» (Mouth of Horrors), which offered a visit to avoid taking Mebucaine.
Tools for pipe cleaning - Chicken

Social anti-AIDS advertisements

Before AIDS, we are all equal.
Cinemas Utopolis: «Free Willy»

Tagline: Reality is shit. Go to the movies.
Magazine Chronic'art: Monster

Internet exposes all our perversion?
Children's Health Fund: Creek

Social advertising on the rights of animals: Seal

Do not treat others as you would not want to treat you.
Organization of labor protection Worksafe Victoria: sign

Do not ignore the requirements of technical safety.
Social advertising against fur

Advertising against domestic violence: insults

Dance company River North: Spine

Dance company River North: Heart

Advertising Festival The Roy Awards

Art for 30 seconds to seize the eyes of the audience.
Painkiller Nycomed: Agony

Art Museum Tamayo: Heart

Art Museum Tamayo: Hands

Advertising donation

Fitness Magali's: Rebirth

Slogan: We are bringing you up to the limit that you feel alive again.
Photographer Erwin Olaf (Erwin Olaf): Royal Blood

Playstation: Fingers

TV channel 13th Street: Knives

Advertising on the protection of sharks: Soup ears

Advertising on the protection of sharks: Paris Hilton

Advertising agency «Milc»: Do not kill the dream

Internet campaign Milan RA «Milc» against the reduction of advertising costs during the economic crisis. On the prints depicted the severed heads creatives. Slogan: Do not kill the dream.
Self-promotion agency of the Italian Der Doctor Guerrilla

Slogan: Need an idea?

Slogan: Need a hand?


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