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Thousands of photographers working around the world, capturing daily events, places, people and animals, producing hundreds of thousands of fotografiy.No only a few are known globally for many, many years, duplicated, used in modern culture and modern fotoikonami called.

Most often, unfortunately, the status of religious acquire a particularly terrible and shocking photos of wars, disasters and terrorist attacks, but the world is full of good, and therefore the pictures glorifying love, joy and happiness, as are world-renowned and active replicable. Including in an advertisement.
The site has collected in this material are two dozen of the most popular photographs of XX and XXI century. Some of them are appalling, and some fill the heart with warmth. But each of them - a symbol. The symbol of the era, a symbol of the event, a symbol of humanity in all its diversity.

Partizan-geroyGuerrillero Heroico

Photo Ernesto Che Guevara in black beret recognized as a symbol of the XX century, the most famous and most reproduced photograph in the world. It was made March 5, 1960 in Havana during a memorial service for the victims of the explosion of the ship La Coubre, its author, Alberto Korda, then the official photographer of Fidel Castro, said that at that moment he was shocked
expression 31-year-old Che, on which were written at the same time "absolutely adamant" anger and pain. Thus Che appeared in the viewfinder, the photographer is only a couple of seconds after the hot Fidel speech (which were first used the famous words «Patria O Muerte»), and then stepped back into the shadows.
The photo was rejected by editor in "Revolution," and this upset Korda, convinced of the strength of this work. He cut the picture, print it in several copies, one hung up at home on the wall, and the rest given away to friends. Since this all started. By the way, Korda never asked for payment of royalties for the use and reproduction of this picture, but it was against the commercial use of the image of Che. Especially in the advertising of those products which Comandante would never have supported. Alberto sued, for example, agency Lowe Lintas and Rex Features, when they began to sell with this picture vodka Smirnoff. He won $ 50,000, which immediately donated the Cuban medicine.

It looks like the photo in the original, but in a world where it is more commonly known cropped version without palms and foreign friends.

Albert Einstein

On the day when this photo was taken, Einstein turned '72. March 14, 1951 he photographed almost all publications, and he was very tired and annoyed. UPI photographer Arthur Sasse (Arthur Sasse) was one of the last, and he tried very hard to convince Einstein to smile. But the greatest minds of the twentieth century instead show pictures language.

In 2009, the original picture mischievous Einstein was sold at auction for 74 thousand 324 dollars.

Winston Churchill

The most famous photograph of one of the most famous and revered British politicians was made with a rather amusing circumstances. As you know, Churchill never parted with his cigar, including the photographs. And when it came to shooting the photographer Yousuf Karsh, he was not going to change myself. Yusuf at first delicately put to the Prime Minister an ashtray, but he ignored her and the photographer had to say "I'm sorry, sir," and to get Churchill cigar.

"When I got back to the camera, he looked as if he wanted to eat me," - later recalled Karsh, author of one of the most expressive portraits of all time.

Afghan Girl

National Geographic Magazine in 1984 set out to trace the genetic pathway green eyes, which began in the days of Genghis Khan. In the course of research and collection of material to the project "Green Eyes" photographer Steve McCurry photographed an Afghan girl who, as it turned out 17 years later, the name is Sharbat Gula (Sharbat Gula). Snapshot frightened beauty Refugee wide-eyed in 1985 became the cover of National Geographic, and after some time became a world-renowned symbol of the Afghan conflict and the suffering of refugees worldwide. Now picture even called "Afghan Mona Lisa».
By the time the National Geographic team still sought Sharbat, it was about thirty, she returned to her native Afghanistan and never before the meeting with the NG had not seen this picture and did not know about his worldwide fame.

Raising the flag on IvodzimoyRaising The flag on Iwo Jima

One of the most famous photos of the Second World War made February 23, 1945 Joe Rosenthal (Joe Rosenthal). Six soldiers of US forces hoisting the US flag on Mount Suribachi mountain, the highest point of a very small island in essence, that the battle was conducted for more than a month.
Interestingly, the time printed on the picture was not the first flag raising at this point. Gore was taken two hours earlier, and it was then placed on it, "Stars and Stripes". But the flag was small and it was decided to replace the more significant. This point also sealed Joe Rosenthal photograph ensured that not only the Pulitzer Prize itself, but also to prove the existence of the Marine Corps, the effectiveness of which is then questioned.
Three of the soldiers photographed and then died in the fighting on the island, which lasted a month and three days after the flag-raising. And three of the survivors in the United States have become celebrities because of this image. The flag survived and now kept in the museum of the Marine Corps, torn and battered.

The volunteer-loyalist at smertiLoyalist Militiaman at the Moment of Death

The picture of Robert Capa (Robert Capa), made by September 5, 1936, has long been a symbol of a bloody and ruthless Spanish Civil War. It depicts an armed civil militia, falling back after a fatal shot to his opponent. Photo very emotional, dramatic, recorded terrible moment - so it instantly became popular, but at the same time doubts of society. And now almost no one doubts that the iconic picture was staging.
Firstly, he was not on the battlefield, and a few kilometers away. And secondly, who died tragically at the pictures in the open field, and then identified Federico Borrell García was actually shot in an attempt to hide behind a tree.

Gen. Nguyen Ngoc Loan executes a Viet Cong prisoner in SaygoneGeneral Nguyen Ngoc Loan executing a Viet Cong prisoner in Saigon

And this picture is not staged, and for more than 40 years, people look at the infinite penalty Viet Cong Nguyen Van Lem General Nguyen Ngoc Loan. Photographer Eddie Adams (Eddie Adams) recorded the events of thirteen wars, but his most famous photograph of the remains made by February 1, 1968. For which he then also had to apologize.

The picture is instantly shattered by newspapers and news agencies, we talked about everything in the United States, many with reproach and indignation - too afraid of what is on it.

Eddie insisted that it was not a planned frame, it was something like a reflex, and he did not even know that it took until the film showed. And showing, I realized that this can not be hushed up. But he later wrote in Time: «The general killed the Viet Cong, I killed the general with your camera. Photos are still the most powerful weapon in the world. People believe it, but the pictures lie, even without such intention. They - only half the truth. Photo not say, "What would you do if you were this general at the time and place on that hot day when you caught the so-called bad guy after he blew up one, two or three Americans? '" < br />
When General Nguyen was still alive, Adams has brought him and his family an apology for the irreparable damage inflicted on the honor of General this photo.

Strike Strike

Another world-famous photograph of the Vietnam War is far less ambiguous, as the previous one. It is a symbol of terror and suffering of innocent people falling "under the hand" with the military. A photo captured South Vietnamese photographer, Nick Ut, shows people running from the napalm, who poured the South Vietnamese armed forces in the village. The logical center of the composition - a naked girl who screams in terror and pain. This nine Kim Phuc, she had a terrible third-degree burns on his back and the back of the legs, and she tries to escape.
Take a picture Nick grabbed the girl and took her and the other wounded children in hospital. Doctors were convinced she would not survive, however after 14 months in the hospital and 17 operations Kim Phuc became practically healthy. Photographer constantly visited her in the hospital and after discharge, until the left Saigon after three years.
Kim is alive now, she dedicated her life to medicine and assistance to child victims of war. Sometimes she gives interviews and takes part in a talk show: "Napalm - it is the worst pain you can imagine. Water boils at 100 degrees, and the temperature of napalm from 800 to 1200. Forgiveness made me free from hatred. I still have a lot of scars on the body, and I feel a lot of pain almost constantly, but my heart is pure. Napalm is strong, but faith, forgiveness and love which is stronger. We generally would not be wars if everyone could understand how to live with true love, hope and forgiveness. If the little girl in the picture was able to ask yourself, can you? »

Man and Man

Photo symbol of opposition to the force of arms and strength of the human spirit. A single man left front of the column of tanks near Tiananmen Square in Beijing during the riots in June 1989. In his hands were two ordinary plastic bags, which he shook the tanks when they stopped. The first tank attempted to drive around the man, but he again stood in his way. After several unsuccessful attempts to bypass its tanks killed the engine, and the commander of the first spoke with Assertive peacemaker. Then again, I tried to overtake him, and the man again stood in front of a tank. Four of the photographer captured the moment, but the world-famous photo became the picture Uaydnera Jeff (Jeff Widener), a longtime banned in China. The man did not manage to identify, but it was included in Time magazine's list of the 100 most important people of the twentieth century.

Buzzard, steals the rebenkuVulture Stalking a Child

This shocking picture not only shows the suffering of children in the Sudan during the famine of 1993, and tells the story of moral suffering photographer take a picture. Kevin Carter (Kevin Carter) received for this photo Pulitzer Prize, and two months later let exhaust fumes of the car to the salon.

Little girl exhausted, crawling toward the camp of humanitarian aid, he stopped to rest, and at this time the clearing hungry vulture swooped down and walked in circles waiting for the child's death. Kevin waited 20 minutes before the picture became quite successful for him. And then chased the vulture, and the girl crawled on. Carter collapsed wave of criticism and most prestigious journalism award. That he has not been able to live with a variety of financial problems that saw in Sudan, and with what he was. In July 1994, he committed suicide.

Nomadic matMigrant Mother

Great Depression represents Florence Owens Thompson, who photographed with the children Dorothea Lange (Dorothea Lange) in 1936. Library of Congress describes Florence as "abandoned collectors peas, mother of seven children, 32 years old, Nipomo, California».
One of the six shots of the family, made Dorothea, has become a symbol of those years and even inspired the writer John Steinbeck in his famous novel "The Grapes of Wrath." Name Florence became known after more than 40 years after the snapshot, and then she told Accosiated Press, is deeply disappointed that the act of the photographer: "I wish that she did not do this picture. I can not get over it a penny. She did not ask my name. She said she will not sell the photos. She said she would send me a copy. But it is not sent. " Three years ago, daughter Katherine (to the left in the photo) in an interview said that this photo made them ashamed of their poverty. It is worth noting that Lange was working in a government organization, and consequently never received royalties for a photo, made her famous.
At the grave of Florence, died from cancer and heart disease in 1983, says "Florence Owens Thompson. Nomadic mother - the legend of the Mother of America ».

Falling Falling Man

September 11, 2001 was made a huge number of photos and video showing one of the most notorious acts of terrorism and its consequences. But it is concise picture falling down man's head against a background of still-standing towers of the World Trade Center can be called fotosimvolom those events. It shows not only the tragedy of the city, country and the world, but also the tragedy and despair of every person who died in the WTC. Falling out of the North Tower of the man was photographed by Richard Drew (Richard Drew), more than 40 years in Accosiated Press, at 9 o'clock 41 minutes and 15 seconds. And an unidentified man among the more than two hundred people prefer death from smoke, fire, or the collapse of the towers of death by falling from the upper floors of a skyscraper.

Probably, it was Jonathan Briley, 43-year-old sound engineer Restaurant Windows On The World, located on the top floor of the North Tower, but officially it has not been confirmed.

A photograph of "falling man" called the most powerful images of human despair of the XXI century.

Sunrise ZemliEarthrise

In 1968, NASA took the first flight to the moon's orbit with the crew, and the astronaut William Anders Apollo8 (William Anders) made one of the most beautiful and famous in the world of images of our planet, underlining its beauty and fragility.
NASA kept the audio dialogue between Anders and his partner Frank Borman:
Bormann: Oh my God! Look over there. The land rises. Wow, so beautiful.
Anders: Hey, do not shoot it, it is not in the list of tasks.
Bormann: (laughs) Do you have a color film, Jim? (another member of the crew)
Anders: Do not you tell me you pass quickly the color film?

Lunch at the top neboskrebaLunch atop a Skyscraper

Fearless builders, chattering diners and feet sitting on the beam 69 floors of the future building Rockefeller Center, were photographed by Charles Ebbets (Charles C. Ebbets) in 1932 during the last months of construction. The authorship of the image, which is often signed "unknown photographer", established only 8 years ago. Of the 11 men sitting on the beam, identified only seven.

Kiss in Times skverV-J Day in Times Square

The most famous kiss in the world took Albert Eisenstadt in Times Square during the celebration of the Day of Victory over Japan, August 14, 1945. In the crowded noisy festivities at Eisenstadt was no time to ask the names of the heroes of the picture, and so for a long time they remained unknown. Only in 1980 it was found that the nurse in the photo was Edith Shane. But the name of the sailor is still a mystery - 11 people said that they, but to prove it and could not.
Here is what Eisenstadt of the moment shooting: "I saw a sailor running along the street and grab any girl that was in sight. Was she an old woman or a young, thick or thin, he did not care. I ran to him with my "Leica", looking back over my shoulder, but none of the pictures I did not like. Then suddenly I saw how he caught someone in white. I turned around and took off when a sailor kissing a nurse. If she was dressed in the dark, I would not have photographed them. As if the sailor was in a white uniform. I made 4 photos for a few seconds but only one satisfied me ».

Burning monahMalcolm Browne, 1963

TennisistkaMartin Elliot, 1976

Flag over ReyhstagomEvgeny Khaldey 1945

Buzz Aldrin on the basis SpokoystviyaNeil Armstrong, 1969

Ali vs. ListonaNeil Leifer, 1965

Material may not contain all fotoikony documenting the events, change, or have changed the world.

So do not hesitate to share your favorite celebrity photos in the comments.

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