Outdoor Advertising

The game with the urban landscape and the objects that it has or that can be put into it. The output is a great catchy and definitely non-standard working patterns of thinking advertising.

Advertising ski station in the transition

Advertising karate center on the turnpike

Collecting money for the fight against drought

Advertising edible film using edible film on billboards

Social advertising against smoking on the exhaust pipe

Advertising-carbonated beverages surprises on vending machines. The inscription "You never know what happens."

Advertising visiting the zoo Calgary (Canada) baby giraffe using wheelchairs custom size and shape

Announcement of a new beer bottle Sarlsberg created with these same bottles

Carrots and kebabs, advertising mnogmesyachnuyu agricultural fairs, organized food retailing Gorge Grown

Endless freshness toothpaste Clorets


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