Outdoor Advertising

The game with the urban landscape and the objects that it has or that can be put into it. The output is a great catchy and definitely non-standard working patterns of thinking advertising.

Advertising ski station in the transition


Advertising karate center on the turnpike 8707ef1056.jpg

Collecting money for the fight against drought 0916d530aa.jpg

Advertising edible film using edible film on billboards 495b5aaa9a.jpg

Social advertising against smoking on the exhaust pipe

Advertising-carbonated beverages surprises on vending machines. The inscription "You never know what happens."

Advertising visiting the zoo Calgary (Canada) baby giraffe using wheelchairs custom size and shape ae71fc3d77.jpg

Announcement of a new beer bottle Sarlsberg created with these same bottles

Carrots and kebabs, advertising mnogmesyachnuyu agricultural fairs, organized food retailing Gorge Grown 191c364177.jpg

Endless freshness toothpaste Clorets 3fbaf55d01.jpg

Dietary sandwich Dunkin Donuts 68a2b6cebf.jpg

Partisan company that produces environmentally friendly household and care products for themselves and children 32f2b632ec.jpg

Even the urinals broken by strong beer

Shocking social sphere in supermarkets Fund to help the starving children d30d846bbf.jpg

What you have gaps in your teeth! .. Advertising flossing 5a0796a260.jpg

Advertise traditional Scottish "Olympic Games» - Highland Games 2e495ece5f.jpg

-Partisan illusion for HP photo papers 170d8e40fb.jpg



Advertise with two-meter gum 009bff7e15.jpg

Czech national team goalkeeper Petr Cech in advertising Adidas before Euro 2008 c45bac9714.jpg

Witty advertising center Shiatsu acupressure

Partisan to the third season of Lost in the airport 2d93f33bc3.jpg

Lux soap so informed the ladies that "even stylish shoes can make dry feet looked good" a62791ca90.jpg

Advertising Site c5c23d8344.jpg Mac users

Playing with the shape of the support in advertising McDonalds a425f766da.jpg

"Interactive" poster 1d28cc32e4.jpg

Sotsialka toilets against the inhumane detention 83ebc21805.jpg

Become a Nike advertising itself 30923f51df.jpg

PSAs warning about rising sea levels f6ef841b7f.jpg

Social advertising the same fund, now about reducing drinking water supplies 25eff291dd.jpg

Advertising snowboard center ee03283d40.jpg

Building a creative network of gyms cb5f418921.jpg


Tale about Rapunzel for Pantene-style e31ad83dff.jpg

Snow Globe Renault 640ce1e499.jpg

Series partisan entertainment center for Science World in the elevator, "You weigh less when traveling down" 2749db69e8.jpg

The parks: Beaver can knock down 200 trees a year


At City-format: "Your body contains enough carbon to make 9,000 pencils»


At bus stops. By pressing the button, a special device "sneeze" water per person and tells interesting facts about sneezing. "Did you know that sneeze can travel at 12 feet and soar 3:00?»


Zhzhzhzhzhutkaya advertising horror movie

In Russia, this is not possible - the legislation prohibits mimic signs in advertising. And in India, you can do so, and this took a yoga center. 42a1192441.jpg

Drawbridge as a means of advertising 705e8e92fb.jpg Smart

"Smoking - leading cause of blindness." Transparent urn with eye

Advertising windsurfing center 0db8ad582e.jpg

Fund social programs to help children 9a738ebc5d.jpg

Demonstration of the system of Western Union on the tape supermarket 914ddf5a16.jpg

And one more visibility of the anti-smoking, showing its effects


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