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That said, the pioneers of the advertising industry and classical advertising business of the essence reklamy.Pochti hundred years have passed since the publication of the advertising business pioneer Claude Hopkins, and it still cite and argue about loyalty prescribed them the truth. On the statements of David Ogilvy and Leo Burnett grew more than one generation of advertisers, including those who appreciated the provocative "truth" Beigbeder.

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David Ogilvy (1 911 - in 1999)

Born in England, but found its recognition in America. He opened a branch of his company in more than 30 countries and saw himself as a man of peace. He had a chance at fame and life experience to ensure loyalty to his creative and leadership principles.

The advertising world is widespread, the term "ogilvizm" originating from the books of David, in which he clearly and vividly illustrates the essence of advertising and promotional activities. His publication "pilfered" citations and took a guide to action for businesses and advertisers around the world:

The buyer is not an idiot: it's your wife, If you talk about advertising is bad advertising. If you talk about the product, it is good publicity Intuition can too expensive Big ideas - it is usually simple ideas Working with amateurs demoralizing professionals The higher the price, the more desirable it becomes commodity in the eyes of the buyer The purpose of advertising is not to entertain the audience and to sell his goods Never create such advertising, you do not want to see your family. You would not lie to his own wife. Do not lie and my Do not compete with your advertising agency to work. Why keep a dog and myself barking? One million invested in effective advertising, selling more than ten million invested in ineffective advertising blockquote> Claude Hopkins (1866-1932)

The well-known pioneer of the advertising business, a recognized master and a genius Sales Claude Hopkins spent many years in the maelstrom of advertising. David Ogilvy said about the work of Hopkins as follows: "No one even comes close to advertising can not be allowed, as long as he does not read this book at least seven times».

Often a simple change of title changes the effectiveness of advertising in the 5-10 times There is only one single way to find a solution to your problem in advertising - ask your buyer. This is - the ultimate truth Working in advertising forget about his role. They forget that they are sellers, trying to be reformers. Instead, they are looking for sales of applause People do not buy from clowns Advertising fraught with so many problems, such as the construction of a skyscraper. And most of these problems associated with the foundation lovers stare at the colorful ads have nothing to do with those who are interested in buying blockquote> Leo Burnett (1891 - 1971)

When Leo Burnett decided to open its advertising agency during the Great Depression, he borrowed 50 thousand dollars under its insurance policy and the mortgage on the house. Some of his friends openly told him that he was crazy and end up in six months to sell apples on the street corner. For this they received the following response Burnett: "Nichrome like! I will distribute them for free. " Today, in every agency office Burnett is a bowl of apples, which reminds employees about the spiritual father of the agency and its vision of the future. Agency today distributes more than 750,000 free apples a year.

If you want to be original for the sake of originality, every morning can be to work with a sock in his mouth Any fool can write a bad ad, but you need to be truly a genius to not good touch Advertising - is the ability to feel and share the very heart of business in the words, paper and ink If you have not noticed, you're left with nothing. You need to get noticed, but without shouting and fraud I am one of those who believes that one of the greatest dangers of advertising is not that she is deceiving people, and that of her You can die of boredom The interest in life in all its manifestations - that's the secret of great creative people Just do good advertising and the money will come (Just make a good ad and money will come). The secret to any original advertising is not new words and pictures, and in the creation of new relationships of familiar words and pictures
This will happen on the day when you will start earning money to spend more time than the creation of advertising - our advertising. When you forget that for writers, poets and artists, creating in our walls, pleasure and joy of the work are as important as money.

When you lose the uneasy feeling that the soul says: whatever you do, you can still perform even better. When you cease to be scratched from the hands of the desire to work for work's sake, without regard for its efforts required on the client and fees. When you die in the love of impeccable quality and ... hate careless. When you get tired of paint to seek shade, gray, combination of words or sounds that create fresh, vivid and memorable way. When you stop going into the office every day, repeating to himself: "No one makes advertising so the company Leo Burnett".

... When it becomes to flirt with their own integrity and go along the path of rationalism easy to put into a bank account buck. When you begin to manifest promiscuity, impudence and lack of taste, lost feeling fine harmony. When your head in the first place will rise a shaft volume - instead of heavy and hard work. When the outlook will be measured by the breadth of the window opening in your office when you suddenly feel like a giant, which has long grown out of his shoes.

When you penetrate the belief that the creative spirit can only command and control rather than to nurture and inspire her when get used to consider themselves artists, but in reality ceases to be.

Here then, ladies and gentlemen, I'll ask you to remove my name from the plate ».

It Leo Burnett: blockquote> William Bernbach (1911 - 1 982)

William Bernbach - a legendary figure in the history of American advertising. Is one of the founders of the agency DDB (Doyle Dane Bernbach) and author of the best advertising campaign of the XX century «Think Small» for the Volkswagen Beetle. William Bärnbach forever be remembered as one of the founding fathers of modern advertising, which is able to prove that advertising can be an honest and bring benefit to society. Who always preferred the creative people, not qualified, but hidebound businesses.

Advertising - not an exact science. This suggestion. A suggestion - is the art A great ad campaign will only hasten the failure of a bad product. So the more people will know that it is bad Anything you write ... all on the page: every word, every character, every shadow should promote the message that you are trying to convey Our job is to sell goods to customers, not themselves. Our job is to get rid of "zaumstva" that allows shine to us and not product If your listing is indistinguishable from the others, it is tantamount to suicide blockquote> Specialists Advertising say Nothing really exists, as long as it does not show on TV. Daniel Boorstin Good designers rarely get good advertisers, because they are attracted to the beauty of the outside and forget about the sale of the product. James Randolph Adams The only true poets of our time are the advertising agencies. Tennessee Williams mass consciousness does not exist in nature. The mass consists of individuals. Therefore, good publicity is always the appeal of one person to another. And advertising aimed at everyone, not touching anyone. Fairfax Cone Creativity without strategy is called art. Creative with strategy is called advertising. Jeff Richards Advertising should explain to us, with no frills, we can not live. E. Mackenzie Advertisement kills choice. Douglas Coupland Advertising - a rumble of the stick inside the garbage can. George Orwell Advertising - legalized lie. Herbert George. Wells Advertising - the art of making half-full of lies. Edgar Howe Many little things have become important things thanks to the correct advertising. Mark Twain The ideals of a nation can be easily identified through advertisements. Norman Douglas Advertising - a means to make people want is what they had not heard. Marty Larni
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