These extenders and "intendery"

Recently, the Russian outdoor advertising loved to use extenders, playing with volume and prostranstvom.Takoy turn in the development of outdoor-media forward and shows that the growth and development of the advertising industry, if you do not stop and look for new moves and ideas, not for mountains.

First, in not the easiest time necessary to attract the audience's attention to the former is much lower costs, and secondly, on the same path for a long time is a Western advertising.

In this article we are presented the most interesting billboards and other outdoor advertising facilities in which the amount of space used and the most original and interesting. For propulsion and flight of creative thought Russian advertisers.

That just in the last couple of months have not made the most usual for Russian outdoor advertising Actimel, Domestos, Alpen Gold, Beer "Hunting" and training center snowboarders.

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