Poezdatye advertising

Advertisement in the subway can be interesting, informative and uplifting passazhiram.Stantsii subway - a great place to post a creative advertising. Firstly, the flow of people for more days, and secondly, people have for some time to stand on the platform, waiting for a train. Divert passengers from books and mobile games is only capable of truly outstanding advertising that surprises and entertains. The site offers an interesting field of global creative examples of advertising in the subway trains, trains, w / d stations and crossings.

Entry and exit from the subway

"Come a little closer," - advertising of funeral services

Owners of large breasts should move away from the edge of the platform. For them, and drew another yellow stripe.

Advertising Tesco Metro station turned into a supermarket.

Silhouettes with Apple iPod

Treadmill Nike

Punching bag Adidas

Potatoes for chips Lay's grown closer than you think.

Advertising film "2012" in the subway.

Reflecting advertising BMW

Advertising ski station

With Durex're safe

Advertising IKEA

Advertising for the World Cup rugby

Making the car for a portable game console Nintendo DS

The American tour operator Westin decorated subway cars.

C Pepsi commercial, you can listen to music when the headphones plug into the "nest" in the center of the poster.

Experts in hair loss. Panorama Hair.

Advertising microwave LG

Advertising cartoon "The Simpsons" on the escalator

Sport for all


Dance around

Lengthening mascara

The cozy living room IKEA at the Paris subway stations

Shop furniture and interior Homebase in the UK railway station converted into a comfortable place to stay every time.

This cheerful and cozy trailer, branded IKEA, pleased the residents of Tokyo in 2008.

Japanese social reklamaProekt social advertising in the Tokyo subway has been in existence since 2008. During that time, I mustered a decent collection of posters that urge passengers to follow the rules of behavior in public transport. Practically all prints titled slogan "Please do it at home┬╗ (Please do it at home), or similar in meaning.

Professionally metro

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