About Bengal cats in the illustrative example

Who are Bengals:
This "intergeneric hybrid domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus) and the actual Bengal cat (Prionailurus bengalensis)» ©
Decode - it is a hybrid of normal cats and wild Asian Leopard Cat (ALC), from which Bengal inherit a larger size, leopard skins and a number of phenotypic traits (special shape of the head, white tum those who this lucky; D, small ears, great big eyes, etc.). I apologize in advance breeders Bengal breed for my description, because I have never breeder, just a fan of the breed and I speak as I =))
Actually - Asian Leopard Cat, from whom, and went bengal breed of domestic cats (photos with spaces, then I will use your own photos of their own seals, other than pictures of nursery).

Will be 24 photos and a lot of text.

About six years I dreamed to find yourself a cat of this breed after the first time I saw a hefty Bengal cat on the zoo-market in Togliatti. He impressively sprawled on a thick layer of soft tissue, and around his stirring until kittens are, in fact, sold. That cat struck me to the depths of its fantastic beauty. I do all my life I love animals, but since Bengal cats became my obsession. I was sixteen, I was a student, and such space money I have, of course, was not.
How long, oh how long I waited for her, not letting the dream a step =) Five years later, when I became a working man and was living with her boyfriend in the self-sufficiency, I started to storm the stronghold. The stronghold surrendered quickly, for he, too, wanted the beast)
I started the most important part - the search for the nursery! Yes, I was not going to buy a dream on some markets, with it, and God knows how. I wanted a good animal, with a pedigree, good looks, in a word, is how I imagined it. By the time I was a few years he studied Internet sources on the topic of this breed, the topic nurseries, on the theme of the pitfalls and all-all this.
Two weeks spent on the search, I rummaged Tuyev Khuchua nurseries, call, ask, view photos, and finally stumbled upon a kitten under the code name "boy №2»; D I'm afraid to voice his worth, because I would call crazy: D
I tossed in doubt - kitten was more expensive than I expected. Methane added that I was afraid that it will buy: D Do not stand it, called and said that we were going! We're going to look at what's there to see - I went Buy. In the euphoria of Baska flew all the recommendations of the Forum for buying kittens. Type say, look at the nursery, the other kittens, there are no alarming bells. What the hell bells! Here it is - a dream of mine left to get to the nursery!
But despite the many negative stories about shopping here is in such a state of euphoria here, I was lucky. I firmly lucky with the breeder.
His "boy №2» I knew right away this pile of kittens at one single spot on the side; DDD Yes, I'm crazy) I think even the breeder surprised that I immediately found my cat))
It looked like the Hummer, when he moved to us:

The kitten was phasing.
"Phasing - this term (from the English Fuzzy - fuzzy, indistinct) bengalisty represent a phenomenon of mimicry associated with the program, designed to mask the offspring of wild leopard cats from possible enemies. Many excellent line Bengals inherited from ALC this feature, due to which the bright and beautiful kitten, joining at the age of 3-4 weeks, the stage of phasing may at some time become a little gray and unprepossessing. Since the age of three months younger the animal begins to rapidly prettier, but the final color is set to only 8-10 months, and sometimes even later.
This fact gives a lot of grief breeder who has to convince prospective owners that a few weeks of their "ugly duckling" definitely turn into a golden handsome man with expressive contrasting spots. »©
I did not have to convince me that the Hammer will be beautiful, so I knew it. You should not have to convince him that vague brown eyes peretsvetet a bright emerald green. I was willing to miss his armpit and run nafig: D
On the same day we left the pledge, signed the contract and were tryndel about the prospects. No, I was not going to be the offspring of the Hammer, because well-read that uncastrated Bengi as a temperamental rock strongly labeled. Especially since the breeding animal would cost me four times more expensive. Everyone knows that I have a Bengal and their price, ask why I do not want to breed them. In general, this is a topic for another discussion, so let's just say - 1) labels, 2) I could not buy an animal for breeding, even if I wanted to. Plus, I never would not have given / sold to a single kitten, who was born to me: DDD And that's not counting a million nuances of breeding as such. In short, the breeding - not for me.
While I heartily tryndel breeder with (my God, because only she could understand me!), My young man playing with kittens, considered them and so on. And at a time when he was suddenly ran small, scary as hell, white kitten and confidently poked stranger nose in hand, heart my boyfriend had ever given this lump of wool: D He (the man, not the cat) looked at me and said - We can take it? - And she pointed to the affectionate and trusting child.
I skuksilas. I already had a Hummer to the same breeder said that white kid (aka Snow Bengal) in reserve. Here skuksilsya my boyfriend.
We left mixed feelings. I was upset because of the fact that we will be able to pick up the Hammer only a month since he still needs to finish the vaccinations and all poryadoshnye people give kittens age of three months (and do not believe nothing else!).
We have a man constantly remembered this white child and marveled at his credibility quite strangers. We were not ready to suddenly take just a second kitten with a creak when allowed yourself to one.
Finally, Hammer moved to us. The first two days he was yelling like a madman: D The first night he was hiding under the bed and yelled out. On the second day he went to the apartment and screaming everywhere. We tried not to touch (though badly wanted to squeeze), giving accustomed to the situation.

Estessno, even before his arrival had acquired a cat complex with scratching posts, climbing frame, house and Seats, a few toys, bowls, havchik. We were going to feed strictly on the recommendations of the breeder, without any initiative.
Even then, we discussed the possibility of a young man to accustom the cat to the toilet. Asked about this breeder, she said that the bengals are smart enough to get used to it and recommended to try. We decided to start to teach Hammer after castration. The young man was totally against all his life paddling kakahi Tray: D
However, even if it would have been for - for the month, Hammer went to the pan, we had enough to collect hard filler throughout the apartment. But I get ahead of myself.
Probably a week after the purchase of Musi (Hammer - & gt; Hamusya - & gt; Musya; D), we could not stand, the breeder called and said that if the snow will be released from the reserve, let the right to call us.
Snowball we took in the day when she called us. Now his name is Tat, and he left us much cheaper Hammer.

Schooling to a toilet bowl.
Both kittens we have accustomed to the toilet for a week with the help of a plastic garbage that is put on the toilet. Since then, O great gods, we are spared from having to gut fill the tray for faeces, and spared the constant cleaning of the filler, which is found in the most unexpected places throughout the apartment. Our umnyashki and now, two years later, shitting in the toilet properly and do not complain. I think they even like Hammer accurately. He loves staring at the bubbling water, taking into uncharted expanse of his "good." All who know that our seals go to the toilet, genuinely surprised.
But that they do not know what seals have learned to turn off the lights, open doors and windows.

Immediately after the settlement in the apartment of two hyperactive kittens we put on the window stops. In general, we have taken a number of measures to ensure that seals are no travanulis, do not fall out of nowhere, nowhere to get stuck, and nowhere sharahnulo shock.
But one day I went into the kitchen and saw a wide open window (7th floor) and no cat in a radius of visibility. Panic is comparable to the loss of the child's line of sight. Close window and ran around the apartment. Seals unabashedly engaged in any garbage, and I ran into the guy, they say, what for, he opened the window. The window he estessno not opened. Later I noticed the Hummer, standing on hind legs playing with a limiter and removes it from the hook. Since then, the stopper attached to the hook with a rubber band to prevent my heart attack.
At times we had to lock the cat in the toilet when they could stop us (his fall from 7 floors, for example), but the seals have learned to open the door and go quietly. If you try to lock them in the vestibule door, they open the door to the apartment, hanging on the door handle. We tried to see if they are able.
Bengal cats - hyperactive. So much so that you find it difficult to imagine. They run on all horizontal and vertical surfaces in the apartment. When they were kittens, young man playing with them laser, lifting it over the wall. Since then, they can not be weaned from climbing over the walls. We found scratches on the height of 2m. + This wall without shelves, cabinets, sofas, a wall in the corridor on which they run vertically.
There is still a whole wall.

They kicked us jamb. The two carcasses, each weighing five pounds of muscle with horseradish (although belyashi campaign still has fat), drift on turns on the tile, and flies in schools and furniture. Cant natural way down on my head.
At night we often hear how they move the furniture in the kitchen, her flying into his bulletproof heads. God, they have not kicked the brain itself?
These cats have taught us to order. If you leave the plate after a meal in the kitchen, not throwing them in the dishwasher, you can hear how they ring forks, licking plates: D
Flowers. Oh, that song! Palms? OBOZHEMOY AS IS TASTY. Bitter rubber plants with milky juice ?! Yeah baby, large ficus. A cactus for them were the sweetest delicacy. I still can not figure out how to pull out a piece of cactus, which has a needle length in inches. AS?! My God, how ?! By the way, a piece of cactus and has not been found. Cactus in our house no more, in order to avoid, so to speak. Ficus now like do not touch, and palm trees are removed from behind the curtain, where they do not mozolyat their eyes.
Hammer and Tat have completely different characters. They have different preferences for toys, different habits. So parents, too, are different, yes. Hammer for the most part silent, impassive and cold-blooded, unlike belyashi that regularly change: DD
Emotions Hammer on his face when I can distinguish and emotions belyashi anyone can read = D Oh, this cat crying theater! It's a fine, sensitive soul of a poet who can not tolerate violence and frightening all at once, so for sure. In belyashi quite uncharacteristic for the cat facial expressions, for example, it is almost always prefers not to twist the head, and move the eyes, giving his face a frightening reality of human facial expressions.
Belyashi on treason:

Belyashi looks at you as shit:

Belyashi in thought:

About belyashi worth noting that of the gray-white kitten grew ugly truly magnificent cat. Nobody, not even the breeder did not expect this. Belyashi choose 100% of people who are familiar with these two cats, despite the fact that the Hummer which is more consistent with the breed. Belyashi it is very, very talkative. With it is possible to conduct natural conversations and each time it will respond with a different intonation. He meets you meow, bryakaetsya on the floor and sticks belly.
So it was, when he came to us:

And so he began two years:
Yes, this is my best pictures of this cat: 3

Yes, these cats are substantially more common household cats. They are higher longer, more goals, without having excess weight. We feed them dry food, premium, which they are happy to hawala, 'feeds boiled chicken hearts and chicken necks peremorozhennymi. No canned food, vegetables and meat cattle. Sometimes we give milk, which they gladly slurp and is definitely going to benefit them. Honestly, I do not understand people who are trying to fool with feeding naturalkoy, it is necessary to calculate the correct dose of nutrients, fresh each time, but still a lot of things, brrr. Drying is they always have, they eat little and often, not overeating.
I also often ask, looking at the grim face Hammer aggressive if they - still a hybrid of a wild cat. No, the correct blood bengals (forgive me for such breeders description)), and a good education are not aggressive at all. In general, in the aggressiveness of the breed is considered a vice, and such animals culled from breeding. Our seals can twist, twirl, wash, try to anger - they consider it a game. But they will not attack. From the very beginning, we brought lions so that they did not regard the human hand and foot toys or throw them. Now, in a fit of games cat can catch a hand with his paw, but then freeze and stare at you because that - you can not, period.

Bengal gymnastics.

Bengals - very affectionate. They are very attached to people. When you're at home - they will walk on your tail, you watch what you are doing, talk to you (especially our belyashi). Hammer will hang you, you to play with him. Games will never get bored of them, they can play for hours, as long as you do not darken in the eyes. This belyashi loves catching a stick-mahalku and Hammer rushing from dogonyalok. First you have him, then he is yours. And no attacks - when Hammer catches you, he goes on the belly, pressed his head to the floor and looks at you slyly. It should be tapped him on the forehead and stroke. And then run after him: DD
According to my observations, the Hummer will be smarter belyashi. Once he realized that if a candy wrapper in the rustling of the package with seeds bite and throw into the water, the wrapper will be a sweet and you can lick. When I took out a piece of candy from a bowl with water and throw in another room, Hammer brought her back, thrown into the water and licking. And Hammer drags when it pulled its tail, by golly. Guests are usually in shock. Ham stroking from head to ass, grab the tail and lifts his ass by the tail. All it's yours. To outsiders, if they show them friendliness, seals gullible and are not afraid of strangers.

Balls, balls of the stores? What nonsense! We have poezdatye cap from the bottle, in the rustling candy wrapper, and all that can throw off the tables and drive under the sofa.
Belyashi loves to pull the lid like a dog. Tap it on the floor and toss. Belyashi with all the dope catches her, taking in the mouth, it brings you and throws his feet.
The two carcasses ushatali your cat's complex to the point that uprooted a thick stick, which rested their most-Home-Seats, where they loved to sit on each other.

When they were young, they had a cat hammock with aluminum frame hanging on the battery. They loved him, until he jumped on him and broke the frame to hell.

When we had an aquarium with three fish, seals, of course, showed an unhealthy interest in the new neighbors. At times we palim as belyashi lapping water from the aquarium, and one day when we changed the water belyashi caught a fish from the pan and threw it on the floor. Fish tail gave him in the face, belyashi shock ballooned to obscene proportions and threw it. We just found it and threw back into the water. Fish is alive to this day.

Bloated belyashi (albeit from a dog, and not from fish)

Three fruitless, I was trying to eradicate cockroaches from the apartment. But it was enough to settle in the apartment the two Bengals, like a few days the cockroaches disappeared. If you go out at night from the bedroom, you can see how Hummer silently sitting and hypnotizes any gap in the kitchen set. So there ran production.
They have caught all the cockroaches that are now afraid to cross the perimeter of our apartments, all of gnats and flies. Flies, as the most daring and sharp output, interest them most. Cats have a great response, after which the game with any other cats seem to us terrible sloupochnymi. Hammer knocks flies on fly paw and enjoy eating them.
Once they hear the cooing of pigeons on the windowsill as they jet speed run on the window sill and jump on him. Imagine jumping rhino. It belyashi. After his landing on the windowsill any animals within a radius of a few meters from the window in alarm flies, feeling the vibrations of the earth as in the impending earthquake.



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