Feminine charm.

"What, between beauty and charm have some fundamental difference?
After all, beauty - that's what a man can basically just enjoy the mood, as in a museum. But he implicitly understands that museum exhibits can not be in his possession, and his hands to touch them in any case it is impossible! There is a need to talk about the possible consequences? Probably not, and everything is clear.

"So, what we have with the charm, it is better than beauty, and how to actually achieve? & Quot; That done, here we are with you already get up on the right path and begin to know one of the most important women's secrets ...

So what is the feminine charm in terms of men? We explain to an actual example: take a large pot and lay in her first major ingredients (good looks, friendliness, sincerity, warmth, elegance, grace, courtesy, tact, delicacy, indulgence, moral outlook, honesty, spontaneity, and - a must! - A welcoming smile) and then to add the resulting mass of erudition, outlook and intelligence. All this is sprinkled with a sense of humor (to taste), mix well, over low heat bring to a slightly warmed state - all, the dish is ready to be served!


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