Night, full of passion. Wedding of St. Louis.

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- Well, what are you? Go! - Sarcastic tone said, Blanche of Castile, allowing his son Louis for the first time to visit the young wife, whom he married four days ago. - Now you should think about your offspring.
Sent his son into the bedroom of his wife, the queen remained in the corridor at the threshold of marital bedchamber. When Blanca decided that her allotted time was up, she abruptly opened the door to the apartment Margarita and said loudly:
- Enough for today! Stand, Louis!
And without saying a word to his young daughter, she held her son in his chambers.


No weddings could not be compared with those of despondency that took place on May 27, 1234 in a good town of Sens. The day was celebrated the marriage of King Louis IX of nineteen fourteen, and Margaret, daughter of Raymond Beranger, Count of Provence.
Young bride and groom fell in love at first sight. It happened on the eve of the wedding, when their processions met halfway between Paris and Forcalquier. And now, sitting side by side, they were smiling, holding hands, and the whole world seemed to cease to exist. Therefore, no one understood why the Queen Mother, so hard to achieve this marriage, yesterday behaves as if there was a funeral ...

Yes, it really one? Fullness! Everyone knew that it was she, the Queen Mother, sent monks to search for a suitable princess, the future wife of the French Emperor. And Gilles de Flagey, who went to Provence to see a good daughter of the Earl and Gautier Cornu, Bishop Sanz, and Jean de Nel, who brought the bride to France, to fully experience the wrath of the Queen.
- I told you - the ambassadors of casting a stern look, said Blanche of Castile - to choose a princess pious, kind, pious, virtuous ...
- But, Your Majesty, it is this ... Margaret - dared to insert de Flagey. - She is very devout, very good ... All Provencals proud of his young princess and ready to carry her in his arms ...

- Still would! - Sarcastically replied the queen. - She idolizes and the whole motley crowd crazy minstrels, acrobats, poets and cheeky girls with strange manners, which Margaret dragged with him ... you forgot, I insisted that the bride was not too beautiful, for beauty can plunge the young king into the abyss of sin not to mention the fact that distract him from the affairs of state? And there was what I was most afraid! He does not take his eyes off her! What have you done ?!
Bishop Sanz, unable to stand, chimed in. He's not a little angry when the queen mother chided him that he did not break off negotiations about marriage, seeing the beauty of Margarita.

Blanche of Castile


- The king is young, devout and committed to duty - said Gautier Cornu. - He must give the state the numerous and beautiful heirs. What is wrong is that our lord will get pleasure from marriage? As a priest, I venture to remind you that the Lord allowed this fun! The late King Philip, let him be ground down, very excited, you are beautiful, when he asked for the hand of your Majesty for his son ...

But the mention of her own marriage is not calmed the Queen Mother. Each has its own truth, and the late Philip Augustus, the grandfather of the young Louis, no one ever seemed to be a stronghold of virtue. Blanca wished that her son was not overly attached to his wife, because was afraid that because of the beauty of Margarita he may fall into the trap that loves to arrange the love. In short, the queen did not want her son fell under the influence of a beautiful woman. Blanca dreamed always to rule the heart and mind of Louis ...

And what about the young king? Before he struggled resisted the urge to mother to marry him as soon as possible, but now he looked at Marguerite with undisguised joy. Dark-haired princess was truly charming. However, noticing the scowl of the Queen Mother, Louis immediately took an indifferent look. So Blanca, and do not exchange a word with her daughter, already I hate her. Thus, the "joyful" celebration continued.

The Queen was in a bad mood that distressed visitors and clouded holiday. Food was scarce. Troubadours, obeying the orders of Blanche of Castile, pulling mournful songs, and the entire second half of the day was held at annoying all the boring games. Finally, to everyone's satisfaction, it was evening, and the ladies performed Margaret of Provence to the bedroom. The king went to the chapel to thank the Lord for the hastily given him a wonderful wife. Then he announced cheerfully brothers Robert and Alphonse that he goes to sleep, Louis hurried to the bedroom of the couple. His Majesty even could not imagine how many difficulties awaited him along the way.
The first obstacle met Louis right on the doorstep flowered double bedroom. Blanche of Castile blocked the entrance to all its large body. Her black eyes flashed lightning. Trying to preserve the dignity and serenity, the Queen Mother said:

- Marriage - this mystery, my son, not a passionate embrace in bed. So, before you ascend to the marriage bed, you have to pray. Without taking his eyes from the harsh Louis, Blanca paused, then continued:
- Your view of cheerful and full of sensuality eyes lead me puzzled! In the chapel, Your Majesty, to the chapel! Pray and ask the Lord to bless the sacred bond ...

Startled young man froze. The smile faded from his face. He was scared and worried. But Blanca in that whatever was decided to force his son to retreat.
- To become the sacrament of marriage, you need to devote to the Lord the first three nights married, - she said. - The bride and groom are required to give to God his pent passion. This custom is very revered in Castile. This is what Tobias, a young Jew who during the long captivity in Babylon, himself the archangel Raphael pointed bride. The young man abstained for three nights, and the Lord thanked him, returned his sight to the blind father. And you, my son, God will reward in the offspring of your ...
Future St. Louis too accustomed to obey his mother, to dare to argue with her. Stifling a sigh, he returned to the chapel, where he spent the night. Satisfied Blanche of Castile hurried to his room, forgetting to warn daughter that Louis was not going today to share her bed.

Margaret of Provence


Meanwhile, Margarita, barely concealing impatience, went to bed and waited for her husband. But for some reason he did not come and did not come ... and the bride, who thought she liked the blond king, worried. Had he neglected it!
Without thinking, she sent her maid to see what happens.
Soon she was back. - King of the chapel, praying ... - perplexed she said.
Louis was not even in the early days. Offended Margarita cried and fell asleep. Waited in vain for her husband, and the next night, and in the evening of the third day, after learning that he intended to pray, I decided to act. The little princess was not stupid. The triumph in his eyes-in-law made her think that something strange is going on, and that Louis in no way to blame. And as Margarita have all fallen in love with her husband's heart, she wanted to know what is actually the case.

A little girl took the time to find out the truth and realize that this strange tradition learned to light only in order to humiliate her, Margaret.
And once I came third in a row night and Louis knelt in his chapel, suddenly appeared in the doorway of Margarita.
- We will be praying together, my sweet lord, - she said with a brave smile - because it is the custom! .. When later the Queen Mother looked into the chapel, she barely restrained a cry of indignation. Before the consecration of the altar, and put flowers, hand in hand, as in the day of their wedding, Louis prayed loudly and Margarita. Not knowing what to think, Blanca quietly slipped out of the chapel and immediately faced Constable Imbert de Beaujeu, pass by.
- Another kind of night love - acidly remarked at the sight of an old soldier of the Queen - and His Majesty asleep right on the Board! ..

Only in the evening of the fourth day, Louis finally heard:
- Well, what are you? Go! Now you should think about your offspring!
After receiving the coveted permission, he rushed to his wife. Bouquets and wreaths in the bedroom have changed, but the night was still delightful ... Even if it was rain, Louis and Margaret still would consider it as such. Confused couple began to start talking. After all, Margarita came from a country where poetry permeated the whole life and where love can not dispense with gentle words and affection.
Lovers just slightly opened their hearts to each other when the door burst open and in the doorway appeared the Queen Mother

Louis IX


So wedding night Louis IX lasted only two hours. In his residence alone he thought that his mother said. Maybe she was right, considering that the Margarita is still too young to spend with her husband every night, but ... But to be honest, nights, suitable for love, the year was not so much. Love games were banned in the night before Christmas, and for forty nights of Lent, before and during the holidays, as well as on Friday and Sunday. The unfortunate Louis knew about it, though, and would prefer to forget ... But he was a dutiful son. And also remember that a few long months of Blanche of Castile is regent of France. While Louis came of age, he was still the king, without the right to vote ...

Enraged Margarita hide their feelings became increasingly difficult, and only after his return to Paris the eighth of June, when residents of the royal couple had an exceptionally warm welcome, the young empress calmed down a bit. Anyway, the sincere joy of Parisians helped her to overcome the growing distaste which caused her mother in law.

However, in Paris, did not improve the situation of young: they again came under the constant supervision of Blanca, who follow them day and night. The queen-mother, jealous of his son, did not suffer when the wife just talked to each other. Time passed, and the couple became increasingly difficult to be alone. Accidents were forced in the Louvre secluded places for their meetings. They hid in the corners, hidden behind heavy curtains, were killed in a niche, sought solitude in the long narrow corridors and dusty, cobwebby attic. But the Queen, constantly follows them everywhere overtaken lovers. Her eyes dark eyes stayed on her son, and she made a harsh tone suggestion the king of France. At this moment in her voice I heard distinctly Spanish accent.
- What are you doing here? - Indignation, inquired the Queen Mother.
- You are disgusting spend time, Louis. Immediately go! Ignoring the poor Marguerite, trembling like a criminal, she grabbed Louis's hand and leads him away from his wife - to engage more important, in her view, the affairs.

- You need to see your wife in the evening in the marital bedchamber, - said Blanca son.
- The rest of your visits are undesirable and sinful.
The young king did not object to his mother, but he loved it so much and Margaret liked to talk to her, that, unable to wait for the evening, he sought a meeting with his wife, wanting to just talk to her, or tenderly embrace. At night, the situation was no better. They were given some time, but the whole night - ever ... A young brother Louis Robert, sympathizing with the king, decided to help the young and gave them a dog that had a strange property: sensing the queen-mother, she barked, wheezed and choked with anger. Blanca was enough to pass to burst into barking doggie ... Alas, the charming "Up" did not live long. One morning, the unfortunate dog was found dead. Perhaps she ate too much, but most likely it was poisoned ... Margarita cried Louis could hardly hold back the tears ... Life in the Louvre has become unbearable for the spouses.


Summer was in full swing when the king decided that moving to Pontoise will all benefit. But most importantly - Louis knew all the hiding places of the old castle, where he spent his childhood. He especially liked a spiral staircase that runs deep in the walls, which he suddenly remembered ... King was right - in Pontoise life improved, everything felt fine. Blanche of Castile vain stalking young in the chambers and corridors, searched the bushes in the garden, and increasingly came to the daughter, then a son. She never managed to catch the couple alone.

And all because the newlyweds bedroom located one above the other, and connect them precisely the aforementioned secret spiral staircase. It is thanks to her king could finally meet freely with his wife and at any time to exercise their tender feelings. Pontoise was neither beauty nor comfort, but Louis and Margaret have been here for the first time really happy. To protect himself and his wife on a surprise visit to the Queen, Louis - under the pretext that his resting and Margarita lacks solemnity, - set the porters at the door. These harsh and forbidding people were armed with batons. One stroke of the wand at the door - and Louis and Margaret learned that to them in a hurry Queen Mother. One of the young couple hiding in the secret staircase, and the second with a joyful smile met Blanche of Castile.

The Queen Mother was far from suspecting Louis in such a refined skill. Encountering no longer in the dark recesses of his son and his wife, she came to the conclusion that the ardor of young love finally extinguished. And this is her very happy. Thus the secret staircase, despite the cobwebs and darkness began to Louis and Marguerite corner of paradise on earth. But all good things ever come to an end: how to spend the winter in Pontoise, not out of the question. It is time to return to Paris. Crossed lovers trying to resume play hide and seek in the long and cold, drafty corridors of the Louvre, but soon caught the eye of Blanche of Castile: she found them huddled together, in an alcove covered with tapestry.

Accustomed to Pontoise to the "integrity" son Blanca surprise was speechless. But only for a moment. Recovering, she gave her son and daughter-incredible brutality of the scene. When the stream of expletives finally exhausted, frightened Louis saw his young wife fainted. And then first he rebelled against the mother.
- I - the king - he said in a tone that brooked no argument - and you forget about how to behave with the Emperor!


These words left no doubt that the young man become a man - kind and gentle, but who knows how to stand up for themselves, and Blanca is immediately understood. However, Louis immediately changed the subject, and the storm swept past, but the queen mother still stubbornly poisoned daughter lives.
And soon Margarita - frightened, broken feelings - suddenly fell ill, caught a cold in the draft. Louis from anxiety could not find a place. Blanca is taking advantage of the circumstances, he forbade her son to visit his wife under the pretext of infection. As always, she advised the king to pray that, she said, will help the patient better than the visits of the spouse. Louis did not forget to pray, but still remained in constant anxiety. And one evening, thinking the mother neglected the ban, he rushed into the bedroom of his wife. No sooner had the wife and share a few words, as in the room ran Blanca.

- Get out! - Rude she ordered.
- You do not belong here! Margarita cried.
- Oh, ma'am, you do not allow my husband to see me neither alive nor dead! .. - She said, and fainted. With great difficulty the court physicians brought her to her senses.
Blanca almost took her son to force his apartment and began to read his morality:
- You should finally understand that marriage is only one, and a well-defined goal: the conception and birth of heirs. Royal Lodge can not be a place of love joys that are not only sinful, but time consuming, distracting you from public affairs.

Since then, no one saw that Louis was trying to sneak a kiss his wife. After this rather unpleasant event, which will soon have spread a variety of rumors about the relationship Blanca Margarita spoke all the Louvre. Many mothers rigor seemed excessive; the court did not approve of the behavior of the queen, knowing its causes, and do not hide their indignation. About Blanche of Castile spoke very, very flattering.

- She is afraid that the young queen was charmed by our beloved King! .. - Buzz at the corners of honor of the Queen Mother, Margaret spared.



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