The history of the Knights Templar (11 photos)

The history of the birth, rise and fall of the Knights Templar Order, or "Knights Templar", is probably one of the most romantic legends of the world in which we live.

No matter how much time has passed, no matter how many centuries did not cover the gray dust of the bas-reliefs on the graves of the martyrs of the Order, no matter how much was read books and how many times history buffs did not say the name of the great Jacques de Molay - still, still, romance, and dreamers, scientists and hoaxers in different countries still collect backpacks to go hiking for the "Golden Knights Templar." Someone seriously studying maps of mines and mines, scours the ruins of castles and rascherchivaet way the Templars in Europe, someone is looking for his "treasure" in the pages of the bestseller, by seeking to gain his literary fame.

And none of us - neither visionaries nor a scientist, is not given to know, "as it was" - really. We are only historical records and the memoirs of contemporaries, the Inquisition documents and sow the time of writing and sometimes pop-old scrolls from the personal archives of noble families of Europe.

Someone gives the history of the Knights Templar religious overtones, some secular. We try to discover the truth for himself - as much as possible through the midst of centuries.

Marius Francois Granier. "Pope Honorius II, which is the official recognition of the Order of the Knights Templar».

"Knights of the Temple»

Shortly after the successful outcome of the First Crusade and the approval of the land of Palestine of the Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem - the first military state, populated mainly by European knights in the Holy Land, a flood of pilgrims, attracted by the idea of ​​a utopian secure life among Christian shrines. Hordes of people, wandering "through the land of Jesus", of course, attracted the attention not only of Muslims, angry seizure of their native territories and cities, but also their location - terrible and uncompromising. The country through which the route passes the pilgrims, was overrun by robbers and murderers. The road to the Holy City became deadly for the pilgrims.

European monarchs were satisfied with the outcome of the Crusade - mission accomplished, the Holy Land nearly cleared. The remaining Muslim populations they considered just a nuisance in the way of the light of the Christian world, and hoped that the knights, who were promised generous allotments, progressively eliminate the interference. Meanwhile, the Kingdom of Jerusalem began to slowly empty - Knights tried to go home to their families and the family nest, and no award could not stop most of them. How to be in this case with the pilgrims, are exposed daily to violence, looting, murder? .. They needed protection.

First, in the history of the Knights Templar, Grand Master - Hugues de Peyen Here he writes about this in 1119, Bishop William of Tyre, while head of the Church of Jerusalem states: "Some of the nobles of knightly origin, devoted to God, religious and God-fearing, expressed their desire spend my life in chastity, obedience and without possessions, gave himself to the service of Mr. Patriarch following the example of the canons regular. " Several knights of high birth, obtain the blessings of the King and the Church, volunteered to take on the care of pilgrims and the protection of all Christians, who moved in large numbers to the Holy Land. To do this, they have been based military order "Beggars Knights' secular foundation of which was equalized and harmonized with the basics of the church. That is, the brothers Templars, entered the Order, did not take the monastic dignity, but mentally and physically, in fact, they have become.


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