Not all of that with the orders - veteran.

"Rather than whether it is Photoshop?»
Unfortunately this is not photoshop ... These people buy awards and form among collectors, and then come to the parade and talk about their exploits non-existent.
After all, few people know what it means to a particular order, and that he davalsya.
According to departmental signs on the right side of the chest, this general security officer. One sign of "Veteran" with the profile of Dzerzhinsky, the other "special department of the KGB." But no sign of completion of a higher military school (the float). How can I get a high rank without having higher education? It is only in the initial period of the history of the Soviet Union could get to the administrative board of the Cheka, the NKVD with two classes of a parochial school. Ruksostav KGB usually studied in their institutions of higher learning with a particular slant.
Next. Heroic stars. In the history of the Soviet Union twice Hero of the Soviet Union it was 154cheloveka.Po recent data published in 27 people live. Of these, 24 cosmonaut and three airmen. Yefimov Alexander Marshal, Mikhail Petrovich Odintsov Colonel-General, Begeldinov Talgat Yakubekovich Major General Aviation.
In the history of the USSR Eleven Heroes of Socialist Labor were also Heroes of the Soviet Union:
Brezhnev Leonid Ilyich
Grizodubova Valentina S.
Peter Masherov Myronovych
Kirill Orlovsky Prokofievich
Stalin Stalin
Trainin Peter Afanasievich
Ivan Tretiak Moiseevich
Ustinov Dmitry Fedorovich
Nikita Khrushchev
Only one survivor, Vasily Holovchenko-sergeant, soldier, director of the farm. Accordingly, the general of the army, he does not pull.
It remains only to Marshal Voroshilov Voroshilov-the only one in the history of the USSR, twice Hero of the Soviet Union and Hero of Socialist Labor, but he had long passed away.
Draw conclusions.
Dalshe.Pod stars is vast sash block. The first award, as it should be according to seniority, the order of "Lenin". Their 7 pieces. However, seven times the Order of Lenin was awarded:
Minister of General Machine Building Sergey Afanasiev;
Marshal Ivan Bagramyan;
Marshal Semyon Budyonny;
All of them have gone to the other world. The next order of "Alexander Nevsky". Located out of place. Anyway. But as the security officer I could get it if the statute of the Order is awarded to only the commanders of the Red Army, divisions, brigades, regiments, battalions, companies and platoons all. Maybe for special merits in the battles with the enemies of the people. The following three award "October revolution" (and so they should be after the "Lenin"). However, there are the names of double Knights of the Order, their number varies in different sources from seven up to several tens (if it is taken into account amateur awarding Umalatova and the like). But about three-time beau sources are silent. The conclusion is clear.
And so on. Then I deal frankly tired. In my mind, everything is clear. Based on the above suggests an unequivocal conclusion: the character is not one of whom claims to be (to put it mildly). & Quot;

"During the shooting time carefully consider the award was not. But later, when processing photos with amazement I found that some elderly people came to the square of the Bolshoi Theater with sets of "winning", which are neither state awards of the USSR or the state awards of the Russian Federation. As for this "wolves of the sea". First: Awards arranged haphazardly, mixed order and icons. Order of "Patriotic War" and "Red Star" to the left and must have the right and so on. Each serving knows the order of the awards, and bought net.Posmotrite at old photos of soldiers and all will become clear. Secondly: We demonstrated a medal "Gold Star" Hero of the Soviet Union and the following order of Stalin, who state awards is not, and heroes never was handed over and now is not the state awards of the Russian Federation. (Just not the state awards various awards and stars Peter I of various degrees, and their these and other self-made icons). And Heroes of the Soviet Union was handed the Order of "Lenin", which is why it is not. To the left of the Order of the Order of Stalin's self-made "Admiral Ushakov". This award five-way and eight-here. But that's not the point. Order is hereby awarded only command of the Navy (the officers), but not the men. In the picture the character in the form of a sailor. Third: the most interesting. On my photo is seen the George Cross, though, and sideways, but you can see (on the right side of the chest, to the left of the medal "For Service in Battle"). As far as I know, Russia has not survived the awarded it the king's order (the insignia of the Military Order of St. George for the lower ranks). Awarded to them in 1917. Later, up to 1920. Only Whites Wrangel, Kolchak, who (who survived) had gone across the border into exile and to serve in the Red Army could not. Last George Knight Fedorov NV He died in the United States in 2003. aged 102g. Well this is how many years must be veterans who fought not kid until 1917. To win the George and now appear in 2010. cheerful old man in the park of the Bolshoi Theatre? Real soldiers iconostasis with numerous awards almost gone. Injuries and illness took them ahead of time. There was mold is such

"This photo answer many credulous defenders like these lzheveteranov. In the previous photo is a sailor sergeant in the 2nd article, but here dizzying sea career and this character is a senior naval officer in the rank of captain of rank 1, which corresponds to an army colonel. I hope no one in doubt about what these two pictures face the same rogue. & Quot;

"There are no particular issues in this photo taken in 2010. I did not have. Is it just confuses the number of orders of the Patriotic War (three). As the only woman 3x Popov has awarded Nadine (1921r.), Deputy squadron commander of the 46th Guards female regiment of night bombers of the 4th Air Army of the 2nd Belorussian Front, Hero of the Soviet Union guards major -3 Order of I degree but it served in aviation. All other multiple (from 3 and above) Knights of the Order of the Patriotic War exclusively male. But perhaps the third order was received in 1985. When the 40th anniversary of the victory that awarded the Order of all living veterans of the Great Patriotic War. This photo is not a question about the availability of this vyyasnit.Kstati Order of 1985. It is another confirmation of the status of member state of WWII. It seemed that was all. But it was not there. Quite unexpectedly for myself, I was in Moscow for May 9, 2011. And once again I went to the Bolshoi Theatre. Imagine my surprise when I again saw the elderly woman. But not because of course, that he saw her in good health, and because rather what she was wearing and what was on her uniform. In order to get acquainted with the continuation of the need to go to the next photo. »

"May 9, 2011. At first I saw her face, and immediately thought of last year's picture. But then he looked at the form and do not know about you, but I am somewhat taken aback. Has long been retired in the advanced years of the grandmother managed to get a year (according to the shoulder straps) rank of Major General. Little of. Close to the star of the Hero of the Soviet Union quietly settled a star of the Hero of Socialist Labor. Go back and look again at the picture of the last year, one person and one star. And what a career for a year! But. Last GTS awarded the title on December 21, 1991. (Opera singer from Kazakhstan Bibigul Tulegenova). And exactly 20 years later, when there is that it appears sotsgosudarstva sotszvezda. So I sprashivayu- How can this be ???
I would argue, given the rank of general for outstanding service, and a star of Socialist Labor in the past year did not put (broken buckle). I believe you. But why then are susceptible to media sensationalism has not trumpeted all over the country conferring the rank of general of distinguished veterans of Great Patriotic War Victory Day before? (Guarantor of the constitution presents the rank of general in the Kremlin). And about the star of the GTS I will say one thing. Was the Soviet Union such lёtchitsa Grizodubova Valentina S. (1909g.-28apr.1993g). So she was the only woman in the history of the USSR, awarded the two top titles (Hero of the Soviet Union and Hero of Socialist Labor). In today's Russia is not the title of the GTS. The same question - how can this be ???
And as we now call the granny how it should treat the younger generation?

typical view of a naval officer, standing behind her in the second row - all this look says !!!

and all present veterans - happiness, health, love and respect of grateful descendants, and long life !!! Thank you, family !!!



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