The harm from fluoridation of the teeth and application of fluoride-containing toothpastes

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Fluoride. Compounds of fluorine. The pineal gland.

How often do you brush your teeth? Most likely, once or twice a day. And how often have you wondered what substances are in toothpaste that you use every day, month after month? Probably the same as me – never. Like me, you rely on the recommendations of the "Association of dentists". And in vain.

After I came across information about the dangers of fluoride, I really thought about the fact that never before I would have even thought about having to read on a box of toothpaste. Not to mention the fact to learn more about the components themselves. To admit, all the information about fluoride I learned from posters and movies and sometimes from the dentist.

To my surprise upon searching, I found so many "interesting" about fluoride and the effect of this substance on the body, which are still in a light shock. This article is food for thought.

What is fluoride and fluoride.

Fluoride (Fluoride) is a fluorine ion. All organic and inorganic compounds containing the fluorine is fluoride, which will be mentioned in this article. Fluorine is a gas that in nature it is most often in compounds with other substances, such as calcium fluoride (CaF)or sodium fluoride (NaF).

Fluoride is a natural element that is part of the earth's crust. It is therefore natural that a small dose of fluoride (much less than 1 ppm) contained in natural water. Plants naturally absorb fluoride from the soil and water, so a small amount of fluoride is present in all our food and water and accumulates in animal tissues and in plants.

Despite the fact that fluoride is a natural substance, it is toxic to humans, much more toxin than lead. Injection of 2-5 grams of sodium fluoride (a standard component in toothpaste) is a lethal dose. The amount of fluoride in one tube of toothpaste medium size is enough to kill a small child if you use the entire tube at one time. Toothpaste with fluoride contains a much higher concentration of fluoride compared with fluoride content in nature.

Sodium Fluoride (sodium fluoride) is a synthetic component in the form of white crystals. Used to care for the oral cavity, as an antibacterial agent. The active part of the molecule is the fluoride ion. Fluoride reduces the ability of bacteria to produce acid and, remineralizing region of the tooth, which may be impacted by acids produced by bacteria. Marked with "Danger".

Sodium fluoride is a very dangerous. May be fatal if inhaled or swallowed. The first symptoms of poisoning — nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and weakness. Later the Central nervous and cardiovascular system and death.

Affects respiratory system, heart, bones, blood system, Central nervous system and kidneys. Causes irritation of skin, eyes and respiratory tract. Irritation may not occur immediately.

If inhaled, causes severe respiratory irritation. Symptoms — cough, sore throat, shortness of breath. Irritation may not occur immediately.

When taken inside, toxic! May cause salivation, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain. Weakness, trembling, shortness of breath, heart attack, convulsions, and coma. Can affect the brain and kidneys, the cardiovascular system. Death can occur as a result of respiratory paralysis. Estimated lethal dose is 5-10 grams.

Upon contact with the skin causes irritation, redness, pain. Solutions — corrosive. The consequences may not appear immediately.

Contact with eyes — irritation and serious eye damage. The consequences may not appear immediately.

Constant exposure to sodium fluoride may cause mottling of teeth, bone damage (osteosclerosis) and fluorosis. The latest symptoms are brittle bones, weight loss, anemia, calcification (liming) ligaments, deterioration of the General condition of the inflexibility of the joints.Particularly susceptible to sodium fluoride people suffering from diabetes and renal failure.

Initially, fluoride is added to water, because it was believed that fluoride is extremely useful for healthy teeth and prevents tooth decay. And then the toothpaste. In some countries, such as USA, ftorida about 2/3 of the natural water.

How does fluoride in fighting tooth decay?

It is believed that fluoride is toxic to bacteria. Bacteria, like all living forms, also eat, and as food use sugar (glucose, sucrose, fructose, lactose or food starches) and the waste products of bacteria which are capable of dissolving tooth enamel is the acids that cause demineralization or tooth decay. Fluoride poisons the bacteria, reducing its ability to process sugar. Unfortunately, fluoride is so toxic that if you use poison, not only bacteria, but also other cells.

How dangerous is the overabundance of fluoride?

All of the big questions is cluttered with the addition of fluoride in municipal water, like other methods of its use. Synthetic fluoride added to municipal water in some countries (not in Russia), and also used in beverages, food and hygiene products, in particular toothpastes. The following connections are used most often: pterocnemia acid (fluorosilicate acid), ferrosilicate sodium (sodium silicofluoride) and sodium fluoride (sodium fluoride). These compounds are waste products of the nuclear, aluminum and, most frequently, the phosphate industry (fertilizer).

Fluoride is not excreted quickly from the body, but accumulates in the bones and teeth. It has also recently been discovered that it accumulates more rapidly in the pineal gland, located in the middle of the brain. Consequences of dental fluorosis, bringing serious damage to the teeth with daily use of fluoride-containing paste was already documented. However, formally continues to promote the use of fluoride to prevent tooth decay. The fact that fluoride can do more harm than good continues to be ignored.

Fluoride can bring serious problems to the health even when used in small doses, which are available in toothpaste or fluoridated water.

Fluorosis – chronic fluoride intoxication. Come in two forms: dental and skeletal, expressed in terrible symptoms, not even going to describe them.

There are also more than 30 animal studies that say that fluoride is a neurotoxin that reduces cognitive abilities (language learning, speech, mental ability) and memory. In fact, fluoride makes you dumber.

There are many health problems associated with fluoride, if you are not afraid of scary names, and speak English, the list of diseases can be read here:

Most of the information was made public only in the last 10 years, before that it was strictly classified.

Long-term daily use of fluoride in the sodium fluoride has also been associated with the following health disorders:


— genetic disorders at the DNA level

— disorders of thyroid function, with further consequences for the entire endocrine system, including obesity

— neurology: lowering of IQ, inability to focus, fatigue, lethargy;

— Alzheimer's disease;

— infringements in activity of melatonin (the hormone of the pineal gland), decreasing anti-cancer protection, sleep disturbances;

— calcification and blocking of the pineal gland.

The beginning of the use of fluoride is associated with its use for the purification of uranium in the 1940-ies. There are also claims that fluoride was used for mass mind control and obedience of the masses in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and the United States.

History of porizatsii

Why did people start adding fluoride to toothpaste and water?

As always, this story involved a lot of money and politics. The story of the creation of the myth of the usefulness of fluorine described in the book "Fluoride the great deception" (Fluoride Deception), published by the famous journalist and BBC producer Christopher Bryson, which is based on a 10-year study of the facts and rumors on the subject of fluoride. In this book Bryson talks about the most important scientific personalities and institutions that played a major role in the fact that fluorides are now used for prevention of dental diseases in the U.S. and in the world.

Defenders of the theory of porizatsii say that in relation to fluorine, there are two different issues, unconnected among themselves. The first is that fluoride is industrial waste in the production of the metal, and the second question concerns the usefulness of fluorine to means of oral hygiene. This is not true because both of these two storylines is tightly intertwined with the beginning.

So, about the beginning of the story. The first statement that fluoride is beneficial for dental health and that they should be added to drinking water to prevent dental disease, it was made by a certain researcher Dr. Gerald Cox of the Mellon Institute in Pittsburgh. Cox began the study of fluoride on the proposal of the home Frere, Director of the research laboratory of the American Aluminum Company, which, obviously, were very concerned about a big problem of air pollution and of natural surroundings, adjacent to the aluminum smelter, and the negative impact of fluoride on the health of workers.

You need to understand that the melon Institute served as the main protector of all large companies metallopererabatyvajushchih industry, so there is absolutely no Nike chance that such a proposal was made by the researcher of this Institute.

At that time, in the period from 1956-1968 g, for the harm caused to health one fluoride, the court received more claims than in the rest of the 20 (!) pollutants together. Definitely there was an urgent need to somehow protect themselves from such a huge number of lawsuits, and it would be nice to have a theory based on real research, who preached that fluoride is beneficial to health.

Another defender of porizatsii was Harold Hodge is one of the most influential and high-level physicians and researchers. This man enjoyed an indisputable authority among the powers in the field of health and released more than one work in support of the programme of porizatsii water, the implementation of which was considered in 1957.

It is now known that Hodge was one of the organizers of the experiment to study the effects of radiation on health of people who are vaccinated plutonium.

What is the connection? Video. He was the chief toxicologist in the "Manhattan" project. The purpose of this project was the development of the atomic bomb later dropped on Nagasaki and Herosimu. Hodge investigated the toxicity of all chemicals used in the production of the atomic bomb, and fluoride were the main problem, because when a bomb they were used in incredible amounts.

In the documents that were found by the author Bryson, it was clearly written that Hodge is asked to provide information that could help the government and army to defend against lawsuits related to bodily injury. And on the contrary, all information that can be used against the army – should be removed.

If it is recognized that Versace water harmful, all organizations that work with fluorine, including the Commission on Nuclear Energy, the government and the US army would be subject to countless lawsuits. In other words, there was not a chance that Harold Hodge would have substituted such an influential organization.

Simultaneously with Hodge, the famous physician and promoter of the theory of porizatsii, Dr. Ms. Melissa J. Kehoe has published a large scientific work on the beneficial effect of fluoride. This work was sponsored by the following organizations:

Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA), Aluminium Company of Canada, Institute for the study of petroleum products of America, DuPont, Kaiser aluminium, Reynolds metals, United Steele, National Institute for research in the Field of Dentistry (NIJOS). Personal data Ms. Melissa J. Kehoe, you can find links to cooperation with the Committee of the Legality of Fluoride, which Ms. Melissa J. Kehoe provided materials for protection from corporate clients (listed above) against all claims related to fluoride.

In addition, to sell fluoride to the whole nation helped by none other than the father of PR Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud, who was a real evil genius and a professional in the field of creation of attractive image for unhealthy products. The brother of Oscar Ewing, Edward L. Bernays, was a good psychologist, he was the nephew of Sigmund Freud. Edward conducted research on the management of the human mind, but rather companies. He even published a book called "Propaganda", in addition to promote fluoridation, Bernays was involved in promoting cigarettes. Bernays was invited NIIS to assist in conducting a PR company to "sell" fluoride to the nation. Their plan consisted in persuasion of doctors and dentists that fluoride good for your teeth, then the dentists themselves to "sell" fluoride to everyone else.

For decades, the use of fluoride is promoted among the population, starting from school. Scientists who said that instead of good fluoride has on the human body a strong negative impact, dismissed, persecuted, ridiculed in the press. Only recently some scientists were able to publish the results of studies talking about the dangers of sodium fluoride when applied even in permitted by standards the dose.

Not hard to guess that the paste which has been most widely publicized ("Colgate", "Blend-a-med", "Aquafresh", etc.) have the highest content of fluorine. People began to buy these toothpastes do not because their use is proven, but because a lie repeated many times (in the form of advertising) was perceived by many people as true. For widespread promotion of fluoride in mass was used this psychological technique.

Lies in a beautiful package

More and more scientists begin to say that one of the grandest deceptions of humanity is fluoridation. Toothpaste, water saturated with fluoride, we think that it benefits and enriches tooth enamel with fluoride, keeping our teeth healthy and beautiful. For decades leading scientists talked about the benefits of fluoride, conducted propaganda of toothpastes with fluoride, water fluoridation was recommended and used everywhere. This situation is relevant for today, with the difference that more scientific minds cease to cover the great deception and reveal secrets...

Corporations have realized long ago that the best way to get rid of industrial waste — sell them to people to this stuff consumed inside that is eaten. One of the most egregious global crimes of this kind is a program of fluoridation of water and toothpastes in the West. Toxic Fluoride began to accumulate in large quantities in the production of atomic bombs in the framework of the "Manhattan Project".

In the state of new Jersey landfills of concern DuPont began to pile up mountains of toxic fluorides, they were washed off by rain and get into the soil. From around the withered and killed all vegetation and domestic animals, and residents sued the company DuPont in the court. Concern DuPont has hired lawyers and doctors on a mission to find the fluoride any "therapeutic use". Thus, was trumped fake that fluoride strengthens teeth. In the end, the DuPont concern not only got away with the lawsuit, but got a perfect opportunity to get rid of toxic waste, selling for domestic consumption of people. Billions of people drink water and eat toothpaste the sodium fluoride and this fluoride not strengthen the teeth of any one person. Only people who are interested in the issue knows that the only benefit received chemical concern DuPont, which sells its toxic waste the price of gold and cleans up its toxic dumps by crossing organisms of billions of people.

Now here's a list of the toxic effects of sodium fluoride used for chlorination of water and in toothpaste. Most of the stations of water fluoridation used together Aluminum sulphate and Fluoride. Both substances mix to form toxic Aluminum Fluoride. Aluminum is a foreign element to living organism. It is toxic to the kidneys and virtually not excreted and accumulate in the brain causes Alzheimer's or Russian premature senility.

Fluoride drinking water or tooth paste is rapidly absorbed into the human body and is mostly concentrated in the places of accumulation of calcium in the bones and teeth. Even just 20-40 mg of fluoride per day inhibits a very important enzyme phosphatase, which is necessary for calcium metabolism. As a result, the fluoride thickens bones, but makes them fragile and brittle.

In the early 1980-ies it was discovered that fluoride stimulates bone growth, but it causes bone deformation types of bone, including heel spurs. Several studies have linked higher femoral neck fractures with consumption of fluoride. Were also published information that fluoride inhibits other enzymes in a dose less than is present in drinking water. Some researchers believe that fluoride is a carcinogen. Agony national laboratory (USA) in 1988 published a study that fluoride transforms normal cells into cancer cells. Japanese Dr. Tsutsui showed that fluoride not only cause the transformation of normal cells into cancer, but genetic damage to the cells therefore it is harmful to pregnant women.

Even a government study in the United States, analyzing 156 cases of death from cancer, came to the conclusion that accumulated in the tissues of fluoride anyway it causes cancer and other deadly diseases. The scientific work of Dr. Dean Burke, chief chemist of the National Cancer Centre USA showed that drinking and being in toothpastes fluoride directly invoked in the United States not less than ten thousand cancer deaths per year.

Another study showed that the frequency of extremely malignant bone cancer in children called osteosarcoma is significantly higher in the population consuming fluoridated water.

A study by Procter and gamble showed that the concentration of fluoride even at half the concentration contained in drinking water causes genetic damage. In cultures of human tissues and experimental mice fluoride causes chromosomal aberrations.

Dr. John Yoenis believes that fluoride poisoning die each year 30-50 thousand people. (Dr. John Yiamouyiannis The Aging Factor). In this book Dr. Amoani shows that fluoride causes damage to the human immune system, that is, in his own words, elicits immune deficiency syndrome, that is, contributes to the emergence of AIDS. He notes that the universal oppression of the enzyme system fluoride causes premature aging from the total destruction of the collagen, i.e., connective tissue, immune system and genetics. In addition, proven link fluoride with infertility.

Consider the question of the choice of toothpaste for example is very popular and often advertised component fluorine. Toothpaste with fluoride or without? Whether the fluoride contained in toothpaste or not? This question is hotly debated. According to Dr. R. Carton, former EPA scientist, "Fluoridation is the greatest scientific fraud of this century if not all history". Most studies indicate a serious risk to the health of fluoride: it can be the cause of ailments, birth defects and premature death.

Dean Burk, former chemist at the National cancer Institute claims that "fluoride causes more cancer deaths than any other chemical".

Dr. A. Bannik in his book "Choosing clarity", States: "Fluoridation of drinking water is criminal, is very unscientific, it is chemical warfare. Fluoride not only strengthens teeth, it also harden the arteries and brain." Fluoride are flushing air emissions of fluoride from the molten metal phosphate or fertilized plants.

Today people ingest a huge amount of fluoride from many sources. Fluoride is not only in toothpastes but in water, soft drinks, juices, all foods prepared with fluoridated water. Dental fluorosis, fluoride poisoning, is characterized by ispassenger and softening of tooth enamel. 60% of children showed these symptoms. Do not use toothpastes with fluoride. Much better toothpaste with propolis & myrrh, baking soda or tea tree oil.

Dr. John. Yamanni in his book "Fluoride the aging factor", writes: "With allies like really easy to win. The truth is, fluoridation is chronically poisoning millions." This outstanding biochemist was the editor in biochemistry the Chemical Abstracts Service of the world's greatest chemical information center. When he started to question the safety of fluoridation, asked him to silence: was threatened millions of dollars of Federal investment. Within a few weeks he was forced to resign.

Fluoride is harmful to the pineal gland (3rd eye or organ of intuition)? American Pharmaceutical Ministry (FDA) sodium fluoride is a registered rat poison!

Prior to 1990 was not carried out tests on the effect of fluoride on the pineal gland.

The pineal gland or epiphysis is a small piece of hardware located between the two hemispheres massovymi.

Ancient philosophers and Saints of the East believed that the pineal gland is the dwelling place of the Soul. The pineal gland is the Central point of interaction between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. It is the center of all that we provide between the spiritual and the physical plane. The awakening or activation of this cell that allows it to return to optimum health on all levels.

The pineal gland regulates the secretion of melatonin – the hormone the "youth", which helps to regulate the achievement of sexual and spiritual maturity. In turn, melatonin releases from the pineal gland from serotonin — a substance that is clearly associated with the higher mental function of a person. It seems no accident that the enlightenment of consciousness requires activation of the pineal gland; the Bo tree, under which sat a Buddha, it is rich in serotonin.

But equally important, is the fact that the pineal gland is responsible for immunity, it is with proper operation protects the body from harmful effects that free radicals have on the brain.

One of the initiators of this study was the doctor Jennifer Luke from the University of Surrey in England. She proved that the pineal gland is the first to fall under the blow of fluorine. Also, according to the study, excess amount of this element at the level of the pineal gland leads to serious dysfunction, causing early puberty and reducing the body's ability to fight free radicals.

Fluoride may trigger genetic modification of the fetus during pregnancy, increasing the risk of cancer. A number of studies have shown that fluoride can cause bone cancer.

The worst part is that almost nobody pays attention. Think about what would happen to the industry if widely published studies indicating that fluoride is toxic!

The most significant effect fluoride has on the thyroid. Fluorine, like Iodine, is a halogen. We know the "Rule of substitution of Halogens", which States that any halogen with a lower atomic weight substitutes in the compounds of the Halogens with high atomic weight, within their group. As we know from the periodic table, Iodine has a greater atomic weight than Fluorine. It replaces iodine in digestible compounds, thereby causing the deficit. Chlorine, which is widely used for water purification, has the same properties, but less active than fluorine in chemical terms.

According to the research "brave" scientists, cases of thyroid cancer began to increase from the beginning of the propaganda use of "fluoride". The thyroid gland controls the body's many metabolic processes, violation of its work can have serious consequences for the persons among whom the fullness – not the worst. After the popularization of fluorine in the United States, the population became hard to gain weight, the relationship between these processes is also tracked by scientists apostates.

The neutralization of the thyroid theoretically could be conducted by a very strong impact of fluoride on it. Fluoride can destroy bones, teeth and pineal gland the most. He like bathonium.

If anyone knows, fluorine is contained in almost all toothpastes. And if anyone remembers, the recommendations of doctors should brush your teeth twice a day. By the way, claim that fluoride was used for mass mind control in Germany and the Soviet Union in the mid-twentieth century.

But the impact on the pineal and thyroid gland – not the terrible harm that can cause fluoride. This element is actively reacts with aluminum, which is still widely used in the manufacture of kitchen utensils. Reacting, fluorine and aluminum to form aluminum fluoride, which is able to cross the blood-brain barrier. The blood-brain barrier serves as protection for the brain, penetrating through it, the aluminum fluoride is deposited in nerve cells. The effects of aluminum fluoride on the brain can be devastating, it can cause dementia, a wide range of nervous and psychiatric disorders. According to the same forbidden research, since promotion of fluoride, the number of cases of Alzheimer's disease has increased significantly. Not surprisingly, the US where fluoridation is used particularly widely, is one of the leaders in the incidence of this disease.

What to do now?

First you need to look at this issue "open eyes" (it would be nice to connect the brain) and make your own conscious decision. Common sense dictates that you should not take (especially regularly) any substance unless you fully understand what it is.

My opinion is that even if there is a small suspicion that fluoride can be harmful – it makes no sense to use them. In this case, a huge number of materials convinces us that it is better to abandon it.

In addition, that suggest dentists for "bastarnai" prevention of dental caries:

— The smaller white artificial sugar contained in the food you eat, or the less you eat foods rich in white sugar, or the less time you allow food sugar stay in your mouth — the lower will be the amount of acid that produced bacteria. It is better to eat no white sugar, and fructose. Or even better – eat sugar only as part of whole foods – fruits, dried fruits, nuts. And as sweet spices you can use cinnamon, turmeric, etc. be Wary of using a genetically engineered sweetener aspartame. It is even more harmful than white sugar.

— It is recommended to reduce the time during which the sugar is in your mouth. After ingestion of food rich in sugar, brush your teeth brush and floss or at least rinse your mouth.

— Very harmful to dissolve in your mouth sweets and drinking sugary drinks for a long time. If you still have to drink sugar water (for example, honey drink), then he should rather brush your teeth.

— It is recommended to frequently and thoroughly floss and brush.

— It is recommended to floss and brush after every meal — even in small quantities. It is recommended to spend on the care of teeth a bit more time – it is important to clean them as thoroughly as possible. In those areas, which you don't get brush or floss, most likely formed cavity.

Additional information:

Countries that have stopped, rejected or banned water fluoridation: Austria, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Israel, Japan, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, North. Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland.


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