What is in your toothpaste — food for thought

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How often do you brush your teeth, and how many times a day? One, two times, most likely. Have you ever wondered what is in your toothpaste, what sort of substance? Almost you use it all your life! Probably as I you have treated it does not care and just trust the "Association of dentists"

Cox took up the study of fluoride after a proposal by the Director of the research laboratory of Francis Frary, which belonged to the American Aluminum Company.

Not so long ago reading about the dangers of fluoride, I couldn't help but wonder. I never could even admit the idea that toothpaste, which I use throughout my adult life, may contain components that are dangerous to the human body. All these commercials pastes that flashed in front of us, just me annoying nuisances, nothing more.

To my surprise, after a short search in Internet, found so many "interesting" information about fluoride, as well as the action of this substance on the body, which after some reading comprehension, I was in shock.

This article will give you some food for thought.

What is fluoride and fluoride. Fluoride is an ion of fluorine. All inorganic and organic compounds that contain fluoride are the fluorides. Just about them and will be discussed in this article.

Fluorine is a gas. In nature it is present more often in combination with other substances. Here's an example calcium fluoride (CaF), or sodium fluoride (NaF).

Fluoride is a natural element within the earth's crust. Not a very large proportion of fluoride (less than 1 ppm) present in the water. Plants, as she was sucking down fluoride from the soil and water, saturate our food and water, and thus accumulate more fluoride in animal tissues and in plants.

Fluoride is a toxic substance to humans, despite the fact that it is a natural substance. Little, it is much more toxic than lead !

Injection of doses of 2-5 grams of sodium fluoride, (is a standard component in toothpaste) is fatal to humans.

The tube of toothpaste medium size, the presence of so many Florida which able to kill a small child, when using the whole tube at once !

Toothpastes with fluoride contain a higher concentration of fluoride than its content in nature.

First, fluoride added to the water, because they believed that it prevents tooth decay and is very useful for teeth. Later in the toothpaste. There are countries such as the US, where it undergoes fluoridation almost 2/3 of the natural water.

So how does the fluoride in the fight against tooth decay? Established that fluoride is toxic to bacteria. Bacteria, like other living forms, as well is powered, for example sugar (glucose, sucrose, fructose, lactose or food starches), as well as waste bacteria. These wastes are the acids that can dissolve tooth enamel and cause tooth decay. Fluoride is a poison for bacteria, and as a result of his exposure, reducing the ability of the bacteria to the sugar processing.

But unfortunately, fluoride is so toxic that it poisons not only bacteria but also other cells of the body.

Risk of the use of fluoride

Even when used in small doses (in the fluorinated water or toothpaste) fluoride can cause serious problems to your health.

Intoxication by fluoride in the form of chronic — Fluorosis, occurs in two forms: dental and skeletal, with horrible symptoms that are better not to describe.

There are also numerous studies of animals in which they say that the fluoride — it is a neurotoxin that reduces kogniktivny abilities (language, speech, thought) and memory.

There are also many health problems associated with use of fluoride.

Basic information, which was strictly secret, was made public only in the last 10 years

Now the bitter truth.So because of that people started adding fluoride to water and toothpaste?

As one would expect, does it involve politics and money.

In the book of the famous producer and BBC journalist Christopher Bryson "the Fluoride is a big hoax" ( после10-year-old trials facts) opina the history of the myth about the usefulness of fluoride. This book talks about scientific institutions and specific known individuals who played a major role in the fact that today fluoride is used for prevention of dental diseases in the world.

"Experts" advocating the theory of pererezali, argue that there are two different issue in relation to fluoride, and they with each other do not intersect.

The first is the fact that fluorides are industrial waste for metal production, the second is that fluorine is beneficial for dental hygiene. It's a lie, because these storyline from the very beginning tightly intertwined from the very beginning.

A bit of history the First statement that fluorine is good for teeth and that it needs to be added in drinking water for prevention of diseases of the teeth, designed by Dr. Gerald Cox (melon Institute. Pittsburgh. Canada)

Francis Frere in turn, was very concerned about the negative impact of fluoride on health of plant workers and the contamination of air and natural surroundings adjacent to the aluminum plants.

It should be noted that the Mellon Institute was the main defender of metal processing industry and of course for all its major companies. It is no coincidence that the researchers of this Institute was followed by the proposal.

In those days, from mid fifties to mid sixties, the courts have been so many lawsuits related to harm caused to the health of only one fluorine (the combined 20 the rest of pollutants) that the company urgently needed protection from the vast number of lawsuits. And a solution was found. Had invented the theory, though based on real research, saying that fluoride is beneficial to health.!!!

One of the defenders of the theory of porizatsii became one of the most influential and well-known medical indisputable authority among the powers — Harold Hodge. Hodge belonged to numerous activities in support of the program of porizatsii water and its introduction in 1957.

Today it became known that Hodge was one of the organizers of the studies and experiments on the effects of radiation on human health after vaccination plutonium.

So what's the connection?

The most direct. Harold Hodge worked as the chief toxicologist in the "Manhattan" project.

The project was launched to develop the atomic bomb, later dropped on Herosimu and Nagasaki. Hodge conducted research on the toxicity of various chemicals, which were components of the atomic bomb and the main problem then was the fluorides, they are used in enormous amounts in the development of atomic weapons.

In the discovered documents, the author of the book Bryson saw the notes that Hodge was given the task of providing information to assist the government and army in the protection from lawsuits that have been associated with causing harm to human health. All information used against the army — must be destroyed.

If recognized, the harm of porizatsii water, all the organizations that worked with fluoride would be subject to countless lawsuits. Even the government and army of the United States, including the Commission on Nuclear Energy. Of course, that Harold Hodge in no way would have substituted these influential organizations.

Dr. Ms. Melissa J. Kehoe, a well known physician and promoter of the theory of porizatsii, was published a large scientific work on the benefits of fluoride.

This work was sponsored by :

Aluminum framed Compania of America (ALCOA), Aluminum framed Compania Canada, DuPont, fuel research Institute of America, Reynolds metals, United steel, Kaiser aluminium, National Research Institute of Dentistry (NIJOS).

In the personal records of Dr. Ms. Melissa J. Kehoe, you can find information about cooperation with the Committee of the Legality of Fluoride, which Dr. Ms. Melissa J. Kehoe provided the materials to protect against claims related to fluoride, corporate clients (see the list above) .

In addition, to sell fluoride to the entire nation, helped by none other than the nephew of Sigmund Freud, the father of PR Edward Bernays.

Edward Bernays was a true professional in the field of creatures attractive images for harmful products. Edward was a good psychologist and conducted research on the management of the human mind, or more precisely, the management of the company. They even published the book "Propaganda".

Engaged in the promotion of fluoridation, Bernays was involved in promoting cigarettes. Invited to NIIS to assist in conducting a PR company to "sell" fluoride to the nation, Bernays was involved in the conviction of doctors and dentists that fluoride good for teeth. Then treated dentists that they can sell fluoride to all others.

Decades, among the population was carried out propaganda in favor of fluoride. Scientists who have openly stated that fluoride is harmful to the human body, stalked, ridiculed in the press, or dismissed.

Only today, scientists were able to publish results of research in which they say about the dangers of fluoride, even at doses permitted by standards.

Widely publicized paste ("Blend-a-med" "Colgate", "Aquafresh", etc.) contain fluorine in a fairly large number. These toothpastes are bought by people because a lie repeated many times in advertising.

So what do we do now?

First, take a look at this question through different eyes. Following common sense, we should understand that it is not necessary to take (especially regularly) any substance, if we do not understand what constitutes this substance.

Even if creep and a small doubt that fluoride can be harmful – so it makes no sense to use it. In our case, a variety of materials assure us that it is better to abandon it.

Tips dentists for "bastarnai" prevention of dental caries:
  • The less we eat foods rich in white sugar — the less you will produce the bacteria acid.
  • It is desirable to use sugar consists of only whole foods – nuts, fruits, dried fruits. Even more harmful than white sugar is a genetically modified sweetener (aspartame).
  • Reduce the amount of time finding sugar in your mouth. After a meal rich in sugar you need to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth.
  • As harmful the absorption of sweets in your mouth and the sugary drinks for a long time. If you drink sugar water, just need to brush my teeth.
  • You need to thoroughly and frequently clean the teeth like floss and brush.
Additional information:

Countries banned water fluoridation:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, France, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, India, Israel, Japan, Luxembourg, Norway, Scotland, Northern. Ireland, Sweden.

The pineal gland is the first to fall under the blow of fluorine. Only начале1990 year began to conduct research around the impact of fluoride on the pineal gland. The epiphysis, or Pineal gland is a small gland that is located between the two hemispheres of the brain.

The pineal gland is regulating the release of melatonin – the hormone the "youth", which in turn, helps to regulate puberty. Melatonin also is produced by the pineal gland from serotonin, a substance, which, as scientists assume, affects mental function of the person.

It is very important that the pineal gland is responsible for immunity, and in normal its work protects the body from harmful action of free radicals on the brain.

The initiator of this study doctor Jennifer Luke (University of Surrey in England) it was proved that the first to fall under the impact of fluoride pineal gland. According to research, excess amount of this element in the pineal gland, leads to serious dysfunctions, and trigger early puberty, also decreases the body's ability to fight free radicals.

Studies show a harmful effect of fluoride on the fetus during pregnancy. Fluoride may trigger genetic changes in the fetus, and thus increase the risk of cancer. Recent studies have shown that fluoride can cause bone cancer.

The worst thing is that almost nobody pays these facts account. Think about what would happen to the industry if everyone knew about the toxicity of fluoride and its harmful effects on our health !

Fluoride have the most significant effect on the thyroid gland.

The data of the studies show that thyroid disease began to increase just at the time when they began to promote the use of fluoride. It is known that the thyroid gland in the body responsible for many of the processes associated with metabolism. The disruption of its work can lead to serious consequences for people, one of which is complete. It is no coincidence that the popularization of fluorine in the United States led to the fact that the population began to gain weight. The scientists tracked the relationship between these processes.

Excess fluoride can destroy bones, teeth and pineal gland.

Long-term use of fluoride can lead to a genetic disruption of DNA, cancer, obesity, lower IQ, lethargy, Alzheimer's and many other diseases.

Almost all toothpastes contain fluoride. Us from childhood hammered into memory, which teeth should be cleaned twice a day.

The effect of fluoride on the thyroid gland isn't everything.

Fluorine, actively reacts with aluminum, which is widely used in the manufacture of tableware, obrazuete aluminium is able to cross the blood-brain barrier.

The blood-brain barrier protects our brain from harmful substances. Aluminum fluoride permeating through it, is deposited in nerve cells. The consequences of the impact of this connection to the brain could be catastrophic. It's and dementia, and some mental and neurological and disorders. Some independent scientists have shown that the incidence of Alzheimer's has increased significantly since the beginning of the promotion of fluoride. It is therefore not surprising that the United States, one of the leaders in the incidence of Alzheimer's disease, as in this country, fluoridation is used particularly widely.

From the Handbook for chemicals: sodium Fluoride is a synthetic component in the form of white crystals. As an antibacterial agent used to care for the oral cavity. The active part of the molecule is the fluoride ion. Fluoride reduces the ability of bacteria in production of acid, except that he, remineralizing region of the teeth that are exposed to acids produced by bacteria. Marked with "Danger".

Can lead to fatal outcomes, when inhaling, or when it is ingested. The main symptoms of poisoning are diarrhea and weakness, nausea, vomiting. Next is the defeat of the cardiovascular and Central nervous system that leads to death.

Also affects the kidneys, respiratory system, Central nervous system, heart, bones, circulatory system. Irritating to eyes and respiratory tract, and skin. Irritation do not happen overnight.

Causes severe respiratory tract irritation if inhaled. The first symptoms — shortness of breath, cough, sore throat.

Toxic by ingestion! Causes stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, salivation. Shortness of breath, weakness, tremors, heart attack, convulsions and then coma. M affects the kidneys and brain. Death occurs when respiratory paralysis. A lethal dose is about 5-10 grams.

Causes irritation in contact with skin, pain and redness.

In case of contact with eyes from irritation to serious eye damage.

Prolonged exposure to fluoride can damage the bones (osteosclerosis), and fluorosis. Fluorosis leads to brittle bones, weight loss, anemia, calcification (liming) ligaments, the deterioration of the General condition and inflexibility of the joints.

People suffering from diabetes and renal failure — is particularly affected by fluoride.

So what is dangerous excess fluoride?

The addition of fluoride in municipal water, like other methods of its use are alarming people.

In some countries (not in Russia), synthetic fluoride added to water and used in beverages, hygiene and food products, such as toothpastes.

The most commonly used waste product of nuclear, aluminum and phosphate (endorsed) industry:

(sodium silicofluoride) sodium ferrosilicate

(sodium fluoride) sodium fluoride

(fluorosilicate acid) - pterocnemia acid

Quickly fluoride not excreted from the body, it accumulates in the bones and teeth.

Not so long ago it became known that he was more intensively accumulated in the pineal gland, which is in the middle of the brain.

Dental fluorosis, bringing serious damage to the teeth, with daily use of fluoride-containing pastes have already been documented.

Despite this, today has officially been promoted the use of fluoride for caries prevention. Continues to be ignored is the fact that fluoride does more harm than good.

The following health disorders associated with prolonged and daily use of fluoride in the form of sodium fluoride : — genetic disorders at the DNA level


— violation of the thyroid gland, with consequences for the entire endocrine system

— Alzheimer's disease;

— neuroscience: the inability to focus, fatigue, lowering of IQ;

— violation in the activity of the hormone of the pineal gland that lowers the anti-cancer protection, sleep disturbance;

— lock the pineal gland and its calcification.

It is important to remember that boiling the water only increases its content of fluorine !

Technology (reverse osmosis) reverse osmosis works great for water purification from fluorine is sufficient available. Using this technology, special devices for water purification, you can find stores.

Lies in a beautiful package

Increasingly, scientists claim that one of the biggest lies of humanity is fluoridation.

Water saturated with fluoride toothpaste, we think that all of this is useful, and enriching the enamel of the teeth with fluoride, we maintain our healthy and beautiful teeth. For several decades the leading scientists was disseminated about the benefits of toothpastes with fluoride and water fluoridation.

This situation is relevant to the present time, however today, more and more well-known scientists refuse to lie and tell us about the real state of things.

Huge corporations have long understood that one of the best ways to get rid of waste products — to sell them to us in order for us to consume this stuff.

The most glaring global crime of this kind is a programme of fluoridation of water and toothpastes in the West.

When you deploy the production of atomic bombs in the framework of the "Manhattan Project" toxic fluorides in large quantities began to accumulate in landfills. On the dumps of the concern "DuPont", in the state of new Jersey, have accumulated so much toxic fluorides that they are washed away by rains began to seep into the soil.

The district began to die home jivotnye, faded all the plants, as a result, angry residents sued the company in court.

On a mission to find the fluoride any "therapeutic use" concern "DuPont" hired well-known lawyers and doctors. As a result, appeared and began to be replicated everywhere fake that fluorides strengthen the teeth. As a result, the concern "DuPont" not only avoided the court, but also had a great opportunity in the future to get rid of toxic wastes by selling them to us.

Worldwide billions of people eating and drinking, water and toothpaste all this poison. Fluoride still not one person has strengthened the teeth.

Here is a list of the toxic effects of sodium fluoride, which are used for chlorination of water and toothpastes. Most of the stations for water fluoridation is used together aluminum Sulfate and Fluoride. These two substances mix to form toksicheskie Aluminum.

Aluminum is a foreign element for living organisms. It is almost not excreted from the body, toxic to the kidneys, and accumulate in the brain causes Alzheimer's.

Drinking water with fluoride from the toothpaste, is deposited in the human body and is concentrated usually in places where the accumulated calcium in the bones and teeth.

About 20-40 mg of fluoride per day inhibits the activity of the important enzyme phosphatase, which is necessary for calcium metabolism. As a result, thicken bones, but are brittle and fragile .

In the early 80-ies was discovered, the properties of fluoride to stimulate bone growth, however this leads to bone deformation, such as heel spurs.

Some studies have linked the growth of hip fracture with the use of fluorides.

Some scientists suggest that fluoride is a carcinogen.

In 1988 Agony national laboratory (USA) published a study which stated that fluoride transforms normal cells into cancer cells. In turn, the Japanese doctor, Tsutsui confirmed that under the influence of fluoride, the normal cells not only develop into cancer, but also leads to genetic damage of cells, which suggests that it is harmful to pregnant women.

Even government studies in the United States, after the analysis of 156 cases of death from cancer, was forced to conclude that fluoride accumulated in the tissues, causing both cancer and other deadly diseases.

Chief research chemist at the National Cancer Centre USA Dr. Dina Burke has revealed that which is in toothpaste and drinking fluoride, caused ten thousand deaths from cancer per year.

Other studies have shown a significant increase in the frequency of malignant bone cancer in children (osteosarcoma), where the population consumes fluoridated water.

The study of the famous company Procter & Gamble showed that genetic damage is occurring even at half the concentration of fluoride contained water for drinking.

In his book Dr. Amoani (Japan) argues that fluoride damages the immune system, simply put, he contributes to the emergence of AIDS. Yoenis writes that oppressed fluoride enzyme system, leads pridavlennogo aging, due to the complete destruction of collagen. Also, there is evidence linking fluoride with infertility.

So which toothpaste to choose?

Brush your teeth with toothpaste, one of the important rules of hygiene, instill in our children at an early age. But what is still worth buying healthy, organic toothpaste, no imposed choice advertising ?

We need to learn about the quality and composition of ingredients that go into toothpaste.

It is necessary first of all to make sure — with fluoride toothpaste or without it? Most studies show that no toothpaste with fluoride, no fluoride water, do not affect the health of the teeth.

Daily from numerous sources that people use a huge amount of fluoride. Because fluoride is not only in toothpaste but also in soft drinks, juices, in water, in most foods prepared with fluoridated water.

Teeth fluorosis, fluoride poisoning, leading to softening of tooth enamel.These symptoms are found in more than 60% of children.

Avoid toothpastes with fluoride. Healthier toothpaste for teeth with propolis, baking soda, tea tree oil, or myrrh.

In his book "Fluorine as a factor of aging," Dr. John. Yamaani writes:

"The truth is that fluoridation is poisoning millions of people around the world." Izvestniy biochemist, editor of "Chemical Abstracts Service" in the famous chemical information center. After he began to Express doubts about the safety of fluoridation, who ordered him to be silent: after all, millions of dollars of investments are under threat. As a result, he was forced to resign.

The best toothpaste is a paste with the presence of ultra-fine powder of silicon dioxide, which perfectly removes stains from the teeth without breaking the enamel, the teeth are polished. Now the choice is yours.


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