The neutralization of financial blocks using EFT

For anybody not a secret that in order to become rich you need to have a certain mindset or attitude to wealth and money.

In his book "Remembering Wholeness" and Carol Tuttle, a psychotherapist, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) master, says that our true nature is abundance in all forms. We simply choose which side of the abundance to be. If the side of money and wealth, it will receive in abundance. If on the side of disadvantage and poverty, and this, too, will receive in abundance. And the direction we take because of our beliefs and the beliefs about wealth, money, rich people. From what we believe is good and what is bad, what is dangerous and what is safe, what I deserve, and what not. These beliefs give rise to thoughts, thoughts turn into feelings, and feelings are vibrations that attract to us the Law of Attraction that we sent to the outside world. So if our beliefs are the following:

Money is evil (and corresponding emotions)

Money spoil, corrupt person.

All rich people are arrogant, evil, vicious, soulless

The money was not enough

People have no money

I don't deserve wealth

Earth's resources are limited, not enough at all

Keep yourself

The result will be worthy of our vibrations.

What is Financial blocks?

Financial blocks – this is not all useful beliefs, beliefs, thoughts and emotions that pull us in the direction of disadvantage and poverty.

Work on elimination of financial blocks with EFT and the development of a rich consciousness, a positive attitude towards money and wealth is conducted in 2 stages. In this paper, we consider only stage 1.

1.The neutralization of financial blocks

2. The acquisition of a useful/positive attitude to money and wealth

The neutralization of financial blocks

For a start I suggest you to read the following statement:

I have a lot of money

I'm very rich

The universe is abundant

I'm rich and all around treat me great

I earn a million dollars a year easily and consistently

I successfully manage the money

Notice what feelings, thoughts, images come to mind. Is there a sense of unease, disbelief, disgust, fear? If Yes, congratulations, you just met with your financial blocks.

Work to eliminate financial units is to find and methodically to neutralize all the blocks and their aspects using the EFT procedure.

Here are some tips on how to find the blocks:

Write down all the negative beliefs, images, feelings, thoughts, memories associated with:

1.Way A Rich Man. A very rich man (millionaire, billionaire) this is.... Continue to themselves.

2.Beliefs of your parents, guardians, and past generations about money, wealth, rich people. In other words, remember what you taught about money. Phrase-installation may sound as follows: "Although mother said I do not know how to spend money, I....", "Although the grandmother asserted that the money works hard to get, I ....", "Although ___ said, money is evil/corrupts/corrupt, I ....."

3.Your personal experience with debt, savings, financial goals. What financial failures/failures have you had?

4.Habit to respond to issues related to money stress and negative emotions.

Also answer the following questions:

1.What are the negative consequences will be if I begin to earn _________? (helps to understand negative emotions, fears associated with changing your financial situation)

2.For me a lot of money (for example, earned for 1 month)? What is the maximum amount I am willing to spend on the car, a bag, a piece of jewelry? Helps to understand your financial framework-limitations. For example: someone is willing to spend on the car $10,000, and someone $100 000. The phrase, setting in this case can be formulated as follows:

Although for me $5,000 a month is a lot of money, I ...

Although spend on the car $10 000 for me that's too much, I ...

Although you can buy a bag for $300 dollars I can't afford, I ...

Thus, you raise the bar on the level of vibration that allows for greater penetration of the cash flow.

3.If you now ask "do you have money", your answer would be? Write down the feelings, sensations after this issue.

And accordingly all the feelings, thoughts and images coming record and neutralize.


1.Close your eyes and imagine yourself 6-7 year old kid. You are in home of parents, guardians. What scenes associated with money you see? Perhaps this argument, instruction regarding the economical expenditure of money, disputes between parents about debt, etc. This exercise helps identify the negative memories of early programming about money.

2.This exercise is a continuation of the first.Imagine that you are an adult. Just bought a very expensive clothes, jewelry, and yet you have a few bags with him with very expensive things. You came over to the parents house and on the street in a very expensive car, say in a limousine, you expect 3 of your very wealthy friend, businessman. Would you describe your feelings. As you meet the parents? What you see on the face? What do they say? What you ask? What's your reaction to what is happening?

3.Write on a piece of paper the amount of money you now earn. What emotions do you feel? The fear, the sense that it is so little.

4.Imagine that you are sitting in the office of the chief, who is a wealthy man and ask him to double his salary. Or if you own a business or practice, imagine that you have opened a branch office in the most prestigious area of the city where there live very rich people and you need to raise the prices of goods and services 2 times. What you feel about it? Do you feel that I deserve to do this? Do you feel enough worthwhile/appropriate/congruent person for such action? Please don't take this exercise as a guide to action :-). The exercise helps to understand whether you feel that you deserve to earn more, to be rich.

5. If you have financial or business purpose, if not, I recommend to put them in front of him, think what steps you need to do to achieve your goal? Perhaps this ask for a raise, start a business, start to save or invest money. What feelings do you feels about this decision? Maybe it's fear, self-doubt, anger, feelings of abandonment and insecurity.

Recommendations for neutralization using the EFT procedure:

1.It is desirable to work in the following order, first write the units of a single question or exercise, and then tapped them, and only then move on to the next question or exercise. Otherwise you will wallow in your own negative beliefs and feelings.

2.Please do not attempt to answer, and to do all these exercises. Give yourself the opportunity to work through each unit carefully, take your time, try to eliminate all the aspects that appear in the process of working out the unit, question, exercise.

3.Note that it is possible to encounter very painful and traumatic memory.


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