EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique

Today I want to introduce you to an incredibly effective technique that will allow you to cope with many challenges: you will learn how to relieve stress, emotional stress, physical pain, free from suffering, limiting beliefs, negative subconscious attitudes that hinder your development and growth and so on.

The effects of this technique in moments of acute outbreaks of negative emotions (irritation, anger, rage, resentment, pain, anxiety, etc.). During its execution, you will feel a lot of relief! In addition, Otmetim another interesting "phenomenon". It is often possible to make unexpected discoveries and to understand that the reason for an emotional response to a specific situation, doesn't it. In General, it is very interesting and very effective. Checked not once!

Present to you TES — Emotional Freedom Technique, or the Technique of Emotional Release (eng. Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT), a Meridian techniques based on the principles of traditional Oriental medicine (acupressure) and Western psychology. TPP was created by an American engineer Gary Craig in the 90-ies, based on techniques of Dr Roger Callahan, Thought Field Therapy (Thought Field Therapy).

My acquaintance with this amazing technique occurred in the process of reading Joe Vitale's "the Key". Who has not read — highly recommended. The author reveals one of the main secrets of attaining the desired and shares various techniques to release fears, blocks, negative beliefs and so on.

I'm sure many of you know some techniques to attract into your life anything, but few people realize that this coin has a reverse side. Before something to receive, it is necessary to release a place and to get rid of subconscious negative attitudes about this.

Based on Emotional Freedom Technique is the following statement: "the Cause of all negative emotions is a disruption of the normal operation of the energy system of the body." But the principle of TES is based on ancient Chinese medicine, using energy channels in the human body, called meridians.

In the process of TES-therapy, people focus on the problem, then by acting on the meridians (simple tapping with your fingers on certain points on the face and body) eliminates disturbances in the power system for this particular problem. After the session remains only the experience and feelings and the pain that accompanied him, disappears.

It is believed that this technique may help in 80% of cases immediately. OSthe other 20% require more hard work. For example, phobias go away within minutes. The author of the technique, Gary Craig suggests using it on everything. After all, TES is quite simple from the point of view of technical performance. Even children can learn to use it in just a few minutes.

Joe Vitale in his famous bestseller "the Key," says TES the following:

"Negative emotions that limit us and prevent us from attracting into your life what we consciously want, caused by the violation of the energy system of the body. By pressing on key points, we balance the energy and clear the blocks. In addition, it is the easiest tool for stress relief that I have ever met.

The infinite possibilities of the Universe — you deserve to have whatever we want. The degree of your frustration over the lack of something in your life is determined by the degree of your resistance to his desires. Most often we do not let the abundance in my life or out of fear that it's not safe for us, either due to beliefs that we don't deserve, or for both reasons at once."

Emotional freedom technique will allow you to get rid of limiting attitudes and to attract into your life whatever you wish.

Session of TES-therapy consists of several parts:

1. Identifying the problem that will work. Describe it. What is the situation? For example, "I have a headache", "upset quarrel with her husband, he does not understand me", "annoying boss", "I don't believe that I can achieve my goal" and so on.

2. Assessment of the extent of your feelings on a 10-point scale. Just determine how strong your feelings about the current situation at the moment. How much this situation engages you.

3. Setup the session. It is that three times, you repeat a certain phrase and rattle gently with fingertips of one hand on the "point karate" on the other hand (this is the point on the edge of your palm, which is applied to a punch in karate, see figure at right). The phrase you repeat while sounds so: "Even despite the fact that _________, I deeply and completely accept myself." Instead of a space you voiced your problem. For example, "Even despite the fact that "I have depression", I deeply and completely accept myself." Thus is the setting for a session.

4. Tapping – tapping with the fingertips on points on the meridians. This is done about 7 times, but essentially you start from his inner feelings. Over time, you will feel when you have to go to the next point. Tapping the points, you repeat the problem (preferably out loud). You can quarrel with this, you can get angry if the situation irritates you. For example, "I Have a headache" — go to the next point: "I have a headache", the following: "this headache is killing me", next: "why it hurts all the time, it's impossible"... and so on. To better understand, look at videos that are in the end of the article. They are very useful.

Rattle all the time on one side of the face and body. What doesn't matter.

Consider the point and the sequence of exposure to them.

There are several versions of this technique, several schools. They are equally effective, so you can safely use any of them. A full session involves sequentially tapping the following points:

1. NB= Beginning of the Eyebrow
2. KG= the corner of my Eye
3. PG= Under the Eye
4. PN= Under the nose
5. PB= the Chin
6. KL= Beginning of the Collarbone
7. PR= at Hand
8. PD= Thumb
9. Ck= Index Finger
10. SP= the Middle Finger
11. MZ= Pinky
12. TC= Point Karate
-. TS= the point of the Ligament (figure not numbered, but it is shown on the back of the hand by 1.27 cm below the midpoint between the bones of the ring finger and little finger).

Please note that the points pristukivajut (stimulated) in order from top to bottom. That is, each subsequent point is below the previous one. It will be easy to remember. Go through these points several times and they're yours forever.

5. Elaboration of the point bundles. While tapping on the Point of Bundles is the following set of actions (to repeat the problem at this time is not necessary):

• Close eyes
• Open eyes
• Move your eyes as far right as possible down
• Translate eye to the left down
• Do the eyes full circle in one direction
• Do the eyes full circle in the opposite direction
• "Grunt" any tune for a couple seconds
• Count to 5
• Again, "grunt" any tune for a couple seconds

6. Then repeat the procedure of tapping (tapping with fingertips on the relevant points), as described in paragraph 4. Together this is called a "ham sandwich" — two of the procedure of tapping is a type of bread, and the tapping point of the ligament and the breaching action is the type of ham between them. This thing is one "round" or "cycle" power plants. The whole session of TES and consists of the cycles.

7. Deep breaths, and assess the problem again on a 10-point scale. It can not decrease (rarely) or be reduced by 1-2 units, or disappear entirely (it happens). If has not disappeared, but has decreased (decreased intensity), then continue again all the procedure from step 3 in the setup (when setting up) say the following: "Even despite the fact that I still feel the headache, I deeply and completely accept myself" or "Even despite the fact that I still have this problem, I deeply and completely accept myself." Now working with the remnants of a problematic situation.

8. Again assess the condition of the subjective scale. Those are the evaluation compared to the initial state. If there is some emotional tails, some deficiencies, something nedolechili, i.e., assessment of non-zero, it is necessary to repeat the whole cycle, i.e. the "sandwich" until then, until it is zero. It is IMPORTANT! You should always bring the issue to full resolution, i.e. to zero. If you had a fear of rats – the complete zero will be able to pick up a rat and not feel any unpleasant emotions. This is all it is really is achieved within 10-15 minutes of technique work on emotional freedom, by the way.


Aspects of thermal power plants from Masha Bennett (where to start, how to determine the key problem)



This is the whole session of TES-therapy. It really is possible to learn is literally in 5-10 minutes, only need to remember a sequence of actions. And this is very useful to watch some videos running the session. This is interesting. Typically, the session is accompanied by a specialist and to assess what he or she asks questions as leads man to the correct understanding and so on.

I want to add from myself, that I have not used ever full session because when I got acquainted with this technique, I had an abridged version. It included only the points on the face and body, as well as the point on the top of the head. In addition, there was no insertion point of the ligament. But despite this, the results that I received stunned me!!! With the help of this technique, I easily coped with the strongest negative emotions! It really works and works very well!

Below is a small selection of videos. Read, watch, learn the technique deeply, interested, and be sure to apply in my life. It works wonders, and I sincerely wish you more miracles in your life!

Session TES with Mary Bennett


Session TES with Masha Bennett (fall 2009)


Joe Vitale on the TPP (EFT) — How to be happy "here and now"

Another incredible documentary made on the principle of the movie "the Secret". It shows footage of training, during which different people are working on their problems, freed from years of physical pain and severe psychological trauma with the help of TPP! Also in the film very clearly shows all the points and what to do! You will like it!

Try It on Everything



Psychosomatics: Aperture — fear, anger and pain that we swallowed

"Point" Confucius: a special place of power on the human body


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