EFT is a simple technique to solve any problems

Today I want to share with you a wonderful technique that I actively use for consideration of all current negative emotions. This is a very well-known and popular method of addressing personal problems called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or EFT (emotional freedom Technique).

Just want to mention that this short article in no way can not replace a visit to a seminar on this technique, or training under the supervision of an experienced processor. And the technique I'll tell you in a simplified version. But even in this scenario, it is just great cleans all the emotions and slight psychological problems that prevent us from living. And with prolonged use can be removed and physical problems along with other serious injuries. To use its a pleasure.

A bit of theory, or why EFT works


EFT belongs to the class of so-called energy therapies. They are based on the theory that all of our emotional, psychological and physical problems are also reflected in our energy body. During therapy we vozdeistviem on the energy meridians of the person and thus piggable first, the energy body, and go along with this and the problems with which we work. By the way, acupuncture and acupressure are based on the same principle.

In fact, there's no need to believe in this theory or not. Simple method really works great and gives a resistant and strong enough results. So go ahead and get on Board.


Technique with EFT


Work on this technique consists of 5 parts

1. Definition of the problem.

At this stage, we formulate the problem. In principle, all that comes to mind "I'm hot", "I Have a very sore head," "I just hate my job", "My husband is a parasite", etc.


2. Assessing the problem.

Now we evaluate this issue on a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 is not exist, and 10 being it manifested in my life to the fullest. This assessment we will need further to understand that the problem decreased and then went away.


3. The formula for antagonistic motivation.

This step helps to accept the problem and to remove all resistance to her decision. Also it's very simple. You need three times to repeat the phrase: "Despite (the wording of the problem), I love and accept myself, my body, my soul, and (the formulation problem)". In this case, the pads of the index and middle finger need to tap on the karate point:

4. The tapping.

Here we come to the main part. The same two fingers, or pads, we gently tapped on the points shown in the figures below. On each point it is necessary for 5-7 taps, but this conditional number can be more or less. It is necessary to concentrate on the problem. Ie if you feel hatred to the neighbor, it must actively feel. If it is a headache, then focus on it etc.


EB = beginning of the eyebrow
SE = side of the eye
UE = under the eye
UN = under the nose
Ch = chin
CB = beginning of bones
UA = armpit
Th = thumb
IF = index finger
MF = middle finger
LF = little finger


In this work there is a small trick that accelerates the process. Explain it with an example. For example, you work with what you do not obey your children. If 2 point and feel that nobody listens to. Then change what you're focusing on a new thought: "I have no one listen." Then another 5 points, you're feeling helpless, here and concentrate on this new feeling, etc. With this approach, you will quickly be able to work out the problem.


5. Correction.

When you got round at all points, then you can have 2 options:

a) you feel a positive emotion or just a tranquil feeling. Then go back to my initial problem, and assess it. If it is 0, then this process can be stopped. If 0 or not she was pereformuliruem (for example, "I'm hungry", and now — "I want to gum their problems in personal life"), then just go to step 1.

b) you continue to experience any negative emotions or think negative thoughts, then just move on to step 3.

That's all. Usually 10-15 minutes is enough to deal with disturbing thoughts and emotions.

And how to work with big problems will be considered below.


How to work with complex problems


Let's first understand what I mean by challenges. First and foremost is a physical disease, then the problematic relationship with the people, also they can be attributed just for chronic psychological problems (constantly nedodelal case, very quickly freak out when you see... etc).

Such tasks are usually not taken on impulse, and they should be approached in stages.

1. It is necessary to write out a list of aspects of this problem. Just write everything you think and feel about it. For example, if you have a bad relationship with his mother, write...
— mom does not understand me
— she never loved me
— she's a bad example for me
— as a child, she raised me badly
we are very different people
— and she a foolish woman
— how can you hate me
— etc.

Write lots and lots and lots. For such problems 3-4-5 pages is not the limit.

2. Now consistently for 30-40 minutes per day working on every aspect. The day may take 3-5 aspects. The part itself will fall off (be irrelevant) and after a while you will see changes in their behavior, and, oddly enough, in the other person's behavior. Or will your old disease etc.

It's not an easy job, but it can really change your life! published


Author: Irina Tikhomirova


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