7 of the best recipes of toothpaste and teeth whitening

Everyone should keep the teeth clean and tidy. And probably few think about the fact that the same contain the usual tooth paste in their ingredients. But it should sometimes, and to think about such substances contained in toothpaste for the benefit of his health. It turns out that any toothpaste sold in the store contain toxic substances (mainly three of them), which are harmful to human health is parabens, sodium larium sulfate and triclosan. Besides, everyone knows fluoride contained in toothpaste is not so safe for humans.

But if you cook eco-friendly analogue of the toothpaste on their own, at home, of course about the chemistry, ingredients purchase toothpaste can be forgotten. And it is no secret that every day of a person "eats" with the washing of the teeth chemistry. Make toothpaste absolutely just and, it will give your "natural" fruit. After all, Nature itself, its ingredients can help the human teeth. The essential oil contained in toothpastes home cooking, and will help the teeth, and person in General.

Useful to know:
— clove, which is used in the ingredients of toothpaste are homemade, may well soothe and toothache;
— Clary sage – useful for bleeding gums;
— rosemary is able to improve blood circulation;
— thyme – great kills bacteria appeared in the mouth of a person;
— tea tree oil – helps get rid of tooth decay and gum inflammation;
— peppermint – perfectly removes inflammation and pain caries, able to give freshness to the breath of man.

Collected here are recipes alternative natural replacement toothpaste. We offer you to choose the suitable for you personally of the following options collected on the Internet.

Prepare toothpaste recipe 1.

— pinch of cinnamon,
— a pinch of fennel (powder)
— a pinch of salt (sea),
— two spoons (tea) baking soda
six drops of tea tree oil (you can take the mint ingredients in the same quantity),
— one teaspoon of coconut oil.

1. All prepared to combine components (except coconut oil) – mix thoroughly.
2. Coconut oil should be added only immediately before each brushing, and then considered, the paste is ready for use.
In such paste, no chemical fillers and harmful for the human body substances. In addition, the thus prepared toothpaste has a very pleasant aroma. To store home-made a toothpaste recommended in a sealed package.

Toothpaste on a budget – recipe 2.

— 70 grams of white clay,
— one scoop (teaspoon) of honey
— two drops of essential oil of sage,
— two drops of essential oil of chamomile,
— from five to ten drops of propolis in a water base.

1. Clay with water to blend to a paste.
2. To add to the clay propolis.
3. Take a teaspoon of honey, put in it two drops of selected essential oils.
4. All components connect and mix thoroughly.
5. After cooking this paste can with a clear conscience and clean teeth.
— prepared toothpaste removes plaque and bad breath of a person, in addition, it also has whitening properties.

Toothpaste recipe 3.

— half a teaspoon of sea salt (it's important to only use fine salt),
two teaspoons of baking soda
— half a teaspoon of myrrh (powder) – can be replaced with bamboo powder or licorice,
— half teaspoon of white clay,
— two spoons (teaspoons) of glycerine,
three or four mint leaves, essential oil, and no matter what, it is recommended rosemary, lemon, orange or sweet mint – from ten to thirteen drops.
1. All the prepared ingredients mix thoroughly until smooth paste is ready.
Keep prepared toothpaste are required in the hermetically sealed container (jar).

Beauty tips:

1. When you use homemade toothpaste, you need to follow a few simple tips:
— baking soda as an ingredient for pasta, we recommend that you add when washing only once during the week, in other days, you should clean the teeth without adding it. Frequent (daily) use of baking soda can teeth hurt. According to the dentists, abrasive really whitens tooth enamel, but this is only due to the fact that he is able to clean only the top layer of enamel. However, periodic use of this procedure can bring harm.
2. In order for the teeth to whiten, it is recommended to rinse them with salt water. With the help of salt whiten your teeth Greeks.
3. Whitening helps lemon acid. It is important to remember that after rinsing your teeth with the citric acid is not recommended for one hour to brush your teeth.
4. Will "feeling" and human teeth, and he himself, if after eating a bit to chew on cloves or rinse the mouth with decoction of oak bark or thyme.

Prepare toothpaste – recipe 4.

1 Ingredients: base — white clay, spring water, 1 tsp. honey, UM sage, chamomile, propolis, water-based.
How to make: mix the clay (approximately 60 g) with water and drip 5-10 drops of propolis to a teaspoon of honey add two drops of EM of sage and chamomile, stir with a toothpick and add to the clay.

Mix everything until smooth, put in a jar and put on the shelf in the bathroom. Two or three weeks, definitely will stay not to spoil. The taste of the pasta is very soft with neutral-sweet flavor, whitens teeth and heals wounds in the mouth.

Prepare toothpaste – recipe 5.

For those who like complexity is another recipe: herbal (made of herbs) powder. For its preparation you will need: powder erect cinquefoil — 2 parts airy powder — 2 parts and birch bark powder — 1 part. All the necessary ingredients can be found in the herbal pharmacy. Mix the components in the specified proportions, mix a little warm water until a thick creamy consistency and use the mixture as toothpaste. Within an hour after brushing, this toothpaste cannot eat.

Prepare toothpaste – recipe 6.

For those who understand chemistry, suitable wood ash. It contains potassium hydroxide – a compound which is absorbent and an excellent bleaching agent. The toothbrush should be dipped in wood ash and brush your teeth. Can wood ash mixed with toothpaste or powder.

Prepare toothpaste – recipe 7.

Bake eggplant (cut into small circles) in the oven or fry in a pan until charring. Dip your fingers in this black powder and spend them on the teeth for 3 minutes — the longer, the better. This unattractive in appearance powder not only whitens teeth but also strengthens them perfectly. It is desirable then for hours nothing to eat.
Do not worry that the finger will remain blurred eggplant "soot" is easily washed off with plain water. Naturally, the preparation this tool requires some time, so it's best to cook it with stock for a few times.

Without leaving home you can cook more simple and effective means for care of teeth.

Tool first: coarse salt, preferably sea. It is necessary to lower a clean toothbrush, and then brush your teeth.
The second remedy: thyme — finely milled dry leaves to dip the brush and brush her teeth. The disinfectant properties.
The third remedy: activated charcoal — a finely ground tablets.
Tool the fourth: from tooth decay will help the horsetail collected in a damp place. It is necessary to dry and grind into flour and brush your teeth with the mixture.
Tool five: from the blackened teeth of smokers will help the iris root, which should be cut into small pieces and dried in the oven.
The sixth tool: also from blackened teeth will help finely comminuted charcoal.
The seventh remedy: lemon — it is able to whiten the teeth if to wipe them from time to time lemon.

Paste Shivananda
How to cook pasta Sivananda?
the paste includes 3 ingredients:
sea salt,
an peel
olive oil.
To prepare them you will need a grinder and some ceramic cups.
Sea salt can be purchased at the pharmacy, please note that the salt must not include additional ingredients, for example, glycerin or fragrance ingredients.
Take an ordinary coffee grinder and grind sea salt to the state of powder.
In the absence of eggplant can be used in the paste Shivananda skins of bananas. They must bake in the oven until Prepodobnogo state.
Once they become firm, you need to smash them and grind in a coffee grinder to dust. As well as sea salt. As a result, you get two cups with the ingredients for paste Shivananda.
That would make a week's supply of pasta, you need to take 2-3 tablespoons of ground sea salt and a bit of banana ash. This ratio is chosen according to the taste and eventually you will find your ratio, more suitable to you.
Next, thoroughly mix salt and ashes, and then pour the resulting powder with olive oil. Oil is better to use unrefined.
Olive oil you need to add in the amount of one-to-one with sea salt so that the oil closed the finished pasta Sivananda a small film on top.
Mix thoroughly and pasta is ready!

Not to repeat often the procedure of cooking ingredients pasta, you can cook a large amount of powder (sea salt + ashes of eggplant) and mix everything in the correct proportions, and to store it in a jar in a dark dry place. This powder can be stored for quite a long time. And the pasta cooking weekly, adding powder the required amount of olive oil. The very paste Shivananda should be stored in a ceramic dish. To cook the amount of pasta more than a week is not advisable, as the oil oxidizes and acquires the characteristic odor.

Brush our teeth Sivananda
The only drawback paste Shivananda is an increase in time spent on brushing your teeth. Instead of the usual 2-3 minutes brushing your teeth to increase to 10-15 minutes. This is due to the fact that in house conditions it is impossible to grind sea salt to a powder state, therefore, the paste contains grains of the salt crystals, which as the abrasive material will scratch tooth enamel. That this would not happen, paste Shivananda necessary to completely dissolve in saliva. This is not a large number (m. b. 1 teaspoon) of the paste is placed under the tongue. Within 10-15 minutes the salt is completely dissolved and the resulting brine can brush your teeth.

Usually brush your teeth with your finger. First, the solution is rubbed into the gums, and then in the outer surface, inner surface and edge of the teeth. About the quality of cleaning said characteristic "squeaking clean glass", which is heard as cleaning when you move your finger across the teeth. After brushing, you can rinse your mouth with water.
Use your health!

— The paste is so salty that it seems bitter. Get used to it.
— At the initial stage of cleaning, if you have receding gums and teeth sensitive to salt, it is possible that you will experience unpleasant sensations they gradually pass away, as soon as the enamel will be filled with salt.
— If you put the paste Shivananda under the tongue to dissolve it, and go watch TV for another half-hour may burn mucous membrane of the tongue and oral cavity. Be reasonable about 10-15 minutes for cleaning is enough.
— Tartar begins to disappear roughly after a month of daily use toothpaste morning and evening.
— Oddly enough, the paste smells like chocolate. Take care of her from friends and family!
— Instead of olive oil you can use ordinary unrefined sunflower oil.
— After you brush your teeth with your finger, you can gently try to clean them with a brush, but only very carefully.
— To strengthen the gums, you can rinse the mouth with decoction of oak bark.

Recipe toothpaste Srila Prabhupada

sea salt (fine ground)
mustard oil
(each ingredient is equal the number)
Method of preparation:
Mix everything together very well!
A mixture of sea salt and olive oil (get rid of periodontal disease), apply and RUB with your finger, and propolis to use in the "inflammation of the tooth"

Recipe whitening and dental treatment in Neumyvakina.

It helps in almost all diseases of the gums, and it almost instantly whiten your teeth, dissolves the stone, and heals small wounds in the mouth. Helps against periodontal disease, gum inflammation, from black at the roots of the teeth from Tartar and any painful condition in the mouth and bad breath.

Need to do a simple paste: 0.5 tsp of baking soda add 10-20 drops of hydrogen peroxide (pharmacy) and a few drops of lemon. The pasta is ready!

How to apply:

Dip a cotton swab into the paste and RUB the teeth and gums from outside and inside of the paste. The lemon will neutralize the soda and gives freshness, the baking soda cleans the teeth from plaque, and the peroxide disinfects and whitens.

After this cleaning I teeth are so clean that Shine like pearls, and the delicate scent of lemon gives a joyful mood.

Can prophylactically to rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide:

1-3 tsp. of peroxide to 50 ml of warm water at all painful conditions in the mouth.
It taste good! But it's very useful... then the whitening effect of the teeth is fixed, and they remain white even if you don't already clean them with a cotton swab. But to consolidate the whitening effect is to do it REGULARLY!

Yet, those who decide to clean their teeth "on Neumyvakina", remember — after brushing your teeth 15 minutes no rinsing, nothing to eat or drink. Cotton swab wipe the remaining teeth soda, wipe with a dry cotton swab language, and then all the "collect" saliva and vypilivaem. Topically lips and around them washed away with water. Here, perhaps, and all. published

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