To whiten teeth at home - easy! The popular ways to get rid of yellow enamel.

« Share your smile, and she to you more than once will be back ... em>» But what if, because yellow teeth hesitate to give your smile to others? They are worth a bit of bleach, and this will help you «website»

Do not rush to flee the expensive procedure your dentist - to make snow-white teeth, and can be at home. However, there are a few nuances which we detail rastolkuem. You have not shine smile? Then quickly become familiar with the tips!

To start you need to get approval from their dentist. Unfortunately, not everyone can deal with such a procedure. If you painfully sensitive teeth or on the front teeth are crowns or fillings, we do not advise to get involved in self-bleach enamel.

If the dentist is still OK, then we get down to the basics. And whether you even brush your teeth? Maybe the problem lies in the wrong care ... Look, how to properly brush your teeth

And now is the time to start home teeth whitening Bear in mind, the effect will not be as spectacular as the following professional services, but will cost you many times cheaper, and the damage will be minimal.

The methods of teeth whitening Strawberry
Strawberries contain malic acid enzyme that magically helps whiten teeth. As an option: you can mix the strawberries with ordinary flour and apply the mixture on your teeth. However, the method is good only in the summer. 9337a40fd4.jpg

Apple cider vinegar
Effective remedy for teeth whitening. But to rinse their teeth is once a week. 9b67c25c3d.jpg

Table salt
To achieve the whitening effect wipe the enamel fine table salt. bb9ce63cfe.jpg

Bay leaf
Grind sheet with lemon or orange zest. The resulting mixture can brush your teeth. 0717f0bbdc.jpg

Coconut oil
It is an ancient method of teeth whitening. The oil contains lauric acid, it kills the bacteria, because of which the teeth turn yellow. Apply a little coconut oil directly to the teeth and rub for 15 minutes in the gums. Then just spit oil, and brush your teeth regular toothpaste. e4ad25fdda.jpg

Hydrogen peroxide
Type in your mouth and rinse your teeth peroxide about 10 minutes, until a foam. e5c3d8f4ee.jpg

More specifically, it is useful to wipe the inside of the teeth of banana skin for 15 minutes. When the teeth are covered with banana paste, wait 10 minutes, and then brush your teeth regular toothpaste. 8a0fe60013.jpg

Basil leaves - a natural remedy for teeth whitening. If you add mustard oil to the dried basil leaves, and then the mixture natresh teeth, it will strengthen them and add shine. 48fb5d984c.jpg

Perhaps the most famous way to whiten teeth. Apply on toothbrush usual pasta and lightly sprinkle the top with soda. You can add a few drops of lemon juice. Brush your teeth a couple of minutes with this mixture, and then rinse your mouth with cold water. This procedure causes unpleasant taste, but very effective for whitening teeth. 8ba2ec80a4.jpg

Do not forget also about the nutrition a smaller soda, caffeine and sweet - and then the effect of whitening teeth will be much more noticeable. Also remember that the best way to keep your teeth healthy - Regular tooth brushing and the use of thread. This prevents stains on the enamel, and fast removes plaque

Give white smile your friends every day! For now, just to share with them these tips.



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